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Lead or Die – Marketing Horizonte 2015 – 2 Keynote – Herausforderungen für das Marketing

Thank you so much I think that was very very interesting, very exciting kick-off for today's event Many questions have already been raised which we also quite explicitly will be discussed in the three panel discussions that will take place today in addition, of course, now probably all the information already seen about the program for the panel discussions here in this program booklet if there is Any other questions are somehow there is a problem or so you can address yourself just contact the information booth outside, otherwise you will find them everywhere Simply speak to the friendly helper with the white t-shirt and then you will helped so but now I would like to use leighton to become a very wonderful one lecture i am really happy that he is here today he is the patron of the marketing horizons 2015 interestingly enough he also has his career as a bwl student at the university of münster started though of course, known as the former chairman of the ag, welcome you please come with me, gerhard berssenbrügge I'm really looking forward to my stage i am very happy that we are celebrating the event today with a keynote I don't want to be open for too long chatting the stage is yours ok, please thank you first for the friendly words, I'm happy here to be allowed to be with them I was about to believe such a person year here too we had an event on the occasion of the 200th birthday of heinrich nestlé the rest of the frankfurter was what the At least everyone knew that so the nestlé probably comes from somewhere from switzerland but that's not the case so he was born here in frankfurt and a frankfurter boy and we took that as an occasion too Its then to remember and to celebrate here with many friends of sponsors partner of the company yes you have already said i am a patron was in front of you year also became chairman of the scientific society for market-oriented company management and therefore also because I am based in münster studied and it's so nice for me to see my former too professor professor heribert meffert you, too, are everything with us followed and of course always looks at how is moving marketing what is behind marketing what teachers professors what do entrepreneurs understand by marketing and my topic these days the increasing demands placed on the marketing digitization I could of course also say through The increasing digitization, of course, it is very difficult to say 1 1 the main point digitization is probably the biggest change that we will find in marketing, above all, companies a lot has changed in the last few years america a little more we are actually seeing changes all levels in all functions business areas very special Of course, completely new business models also exist in marketing would never have been possible because digitization did not advance we experience that every day you just have to open the newspaper there you see what is happening again the 3600 nerds at the oktoberfest have celebrated everyone got together and everyone had again a new business idea and a new business model But what is also added is the way of working that changes and me go into it because you can that is also quite a trap you have to be a bit careful through my presentation which one would like to go through First of all, there are the requirements for marketing I have to be a little quick now because we're a little outside of that time is why marketing has also lost its importance At least that's what I think, or in comparison to others what are they the core competencies of successful marketing then come to digital transformation as an opportunity with examples including nespresso that's why i was ceo for nespresso in lusan for six years in this respect, I didn't just notice a bit was allowed to design was allowed to make something smaller out of these back then business has become a very big one, but I really want to start with this elementary quo vadis question namely what influence had marketing in the future on the company management and when i started at jacobs in bremen after finishing my studies, coffee was for Everything is clear to us in marketing we are the engine of company we will make sure that we are innovative that we drive we become part of the corporate management we therefore have marketing as a clear philosophy understood to respond to the wishes and needs of consumers recognizing them at an early stage faster than others and also our advantages for that To advertise the product accordingly is less than just the function and the discussion We of course and it got through the examination but if you did this discussion must also be asked to trust trust from people to a company and there has become Of course I want to change a few things.

I want to show that ten times using the next chart and here you can see different industries different areas can basically be said to be in the there has been an enormous shift in terms of trust over the last 20 years trust in church trust in authorities trust government politicians that is also a big topic, but trust in superiors and other things have shifted significantly and you can see handicraft still has here very high values ​​ask the automotive industry what do you think it would where Today the trust stands so if we still have values ​​with 70 71 something Do you think like we would have a survey today, where would you roughly stand any idea 60 50 yes it will certainly be clear go back I think it's a big jolt has gone through the landscape that consumers are really shocked are because the car was the Germans' favorite child, that thing now is something like that it was made that that was already that was too much at the adac, that has already brought something, you haven't got it either can understand correctly because he was allowed to say rc 34 years ago what he wanted every team believed that is no longer the case So we see a change here and I have the topic again food manufacturer pointed out because of course I have been watching for many, many years food industry was active to my person so i started at jacobs in bremen first made coffee then jacobs took over the company then i was allowed to do milka and toblerone in marketing a little later than you returned from southern Germany to northern Germany moved there we had no sales people and then I was allowed to open the key account I didn't actually have to make a key account manager for tomorrow studied and was a bit unsure once, which of course was scary I was told back then that it will be a good decision so if you are not proficient in sales you will never become a trainer and manager and I have to say that of course you have a great void In addition to the fact, 400 people later became the sales manager I had to manage it and knew how to set it a good 1 and then I'll be closed later last gone so i was general manager for coffee again but then after england was there for four years and then lusan for nespresso and six years and then eight years market has for next germany and just now food manufacturers, of course, i know the subject well enough because you are yourself the heart and the credibility must really work for it to win back and when there is a scandal in the food industry horse meat then it really pulls down for everyone who is there and everyone tries to do the homework but of course there is still too some black sheep that must not exist because the overall food industry is the fourth largest we have in Germany that is four million jobs is actually not just right that many of these people actually have such a bad image because when you are 45 you have trust you have to say that is not a good question why it is natural diverse, want to go a little bit into another team and me I think you all probably know a big mac here if you are hungry see here there is also the crispy chicken and also another big mac now i think you all know the product you are aware of the question that it does not look like it or not quite like it in real life not so he doesn't look like that he doesn't look like that either de facto is different and of course the consumer notices that and then says yes, marketing is a little bit of advertising on top of that not quite true so they have something else from the advertising and that in the bad sense of the word without what behind what we mean of course really suffer and accordingly believe less people at advertising like to see each other again and at that moment wherever there is advertising, go to the next channel, which of course is a shame fact and a food industry we live very strongly with these facts whether that now a soup can also be vegetable soup live the proportions of vegetables very, very little, these things are of course complained so if you so This trust does not have to do with the company to build where whom trusts man and I think you all know that because of course she is also doing and such experience trusting others in the first place of course yours friends friends is right at the top so what a friend says counts almost more than parents say that decreases so he gave me that said what should i do, take the corner that brings yes Of course, we have something in the second place and that is bigger with friends that the exchange in the social media they will all be in there, probably to find out more to give each other a tip then the bloggers are already 20 years ago she really did her craft there on that It's the job of informing other bloggers that goes ahead and then have it Of course they are also product tests by independent institutes and some are very credible foundation warentest another place eco test not quite like that because the methods may sometimes be questioned can ask but they are still up there as well as market research test one can clearly say the effect of the station has decreased overall the recipient should be someone else and it gives him new opinion leaders and to put it quickly, people form communities that you see everywhere so on the subject there are fugees who bring together and exchange recipes who talk to each other about how well my media eats food or thai food is there you are very close to each other but also how do you cook the best form of cooking which is pleasant because on the whole there is less cooking in germany so especially in the evening people have less time we anyway like in Germany are plagued by stress because of course the woman too is much more involved in working life, especially in the evening, people cook less just then on the weekend but of course there are so many in this community besides the fact that of course an immense number of have cookery programs and of course you all know your preferred cook everywhere but it doesn't mean that people really cook and have them of course much more community sharing instagram is just one example where people want to exchange ideas with each other to get a lot of tips give so i was amazed i say then my daughter married this this year which more pictures she had of how ideally brides should look like the tables are set so i always have great advice seen there and took over a lot of it So it was enormous what happened to him with the advertising yes Of course, there must also be advertising and I am now talking about almost of that classic advertising it also has to change so we will sooner I once took this picture of the marketing of the smart cowboys alone ridden on his horse into the arena that is no longer an adequate picture that is not something that will appeal to young people, they actually see there you are with several people the same applies to for jever the man who There in the dunes you will definitely need a new product To say something other than that I am there alone now, we see that very clearly do you know this somewhat older man well for many should know him of course one of all management pope it's peter drecker and maybe that interesting and peter drecker has in the year I think it was 1931 here at this university where he got his doctorate get for international der 2 i believe him like public and international as far as I have that in my head but also has a very interesting sentence given as a quote culture it strategy for breakfast what does it mean when it's still so good to have a strategy when the culture doesn't allow it then you will not get away with this strategy and neither will professor church has just mentioned a well-known company from wolfsburg the question will be what is going on there in terms of culture and which culture has only allowed something in the company culture is often not so much but discussed is so relevant I have always said in the company that ask what culture do i leave behind what do i have to do for it is the culture like that that it is dynamic that it evolves that was actually a very important point for me and it just happens on the willingness of companies to change one can say only with the help of a holistic and consistent corporate culture can act and think together of all employees in in a media landscape that is becoming more and more complex again, a further expansion, especially due to the increasing cooperation different disciplines thus have the possibility of one another to learn and to create a sustainable company structure I was able to determine very differently those with many functions together I've been working on what is important to me afterwards I may have core competencies for a successful one Marketing in the future pointed out these are priorities they certainly are not 100 percent correct but we seem to care about these First and foremost, and that was always a topic aimed at the consumer keep because it's gotten harder a lot harder than it In the past, this consumer could be won over to my product to convince of my product advantages as I said at the beginning has the second and I think there must be everyone has to adjust to the fact that they want leadership intimate structures to learn first and then to prove it thirdly, you mustn't be afraid of technology do not see it as something extraterrestrial but invest she also shows the time as I was back then, but now the sales have improved it is up to me to understand the cashiers do not try to understand master because otherwise you are there in that area So you have to understand something about it but have to master it don't let that be the digital transformation that you should be with Push and in any case accompany very, very closely, as I said Keeping consumers in sight It is no longer quite banal enough spoken and once you spoke of the four ps calls for price place im Promotion also speaks of communication, of course you have to be the consumer's advocate because the consumer does not call he doesn’t call the company and says i'm here actually you still have me in mind he doesn't and people are busy with e-mails one another everyone pays to do a job but the consumer sometimes moves into that distant and that is so very important to really target it says that the consumer wants and so our company has to be geared towards it it is very clear that the importance of hierarchies and experience is declining thank god in some areas it will be said that experience is disadvantageous because some thought patterns even have digital transformation, of course completely new examples one could probably have imagined a 60 year old facebook or apple developed at the time So that would have played no small role but it is so important that they are clear make it clear what is relevant to the consumer what does he want and what we have to do for it and how informed he then must never let go of that again and again at the top But there are also traps that I see in our company I would have liked to have had another one yesterday other kathrein can bring and maybe it will still be today I saw that in a presentation yesterday with uli veigel it was also about digitization but also the question of automation and a week earlier in a presentation on the occasion of das marketing of the brand association meeting in berlin in fact, in germany alone we have around 1,400 turners providers who can tell you something on the subject of social media on the subject of pointed e-mailing how do you best what pictures you want to send over classic media agencies anyway pr-agencies search I operate around that on my mobile so you have a large number of companies and of course you experience more that you have this specialty needs and accordingly a lot of people are busy doing that give up and lose partial overview so I see that very much clearly building in the company is good ideally if you are 40 hours Of course, managing today takes a lot of things with home but they really happen in a hamster wheel permanently new things the lamas from there you found something new someone speaks you have to do that and in many cases you no longer have the entire overview Much more problematic if the person is a marketing woman or a marketing man after two or three years ago another job because there is no longer anything like that an obituary what do we want to do where are the documents where are the pictures etc much is lost there and much is there scattered and you have to be very careful that you are not in this hamster wheel is in it and only with many agencies works together but no longer knows exactly where it should go I move forward very strongly, we come to the second point, I think it's a very essential that i would expect from marketing that you can take a leadership there and feel intimate Structures can of course no longer function solely with how silos not at all otherwise you definitely won't get the best from all over the world chain you create a lot of teams and good marketers come when I work as a heroes from it but you have to master the different ones functions to be able to speak to involve not to listen from to say in advance that it has to go but to bring them all together and to be able to perceive leadership here They also have to be challengers and people definitely want to be a challenge just have to do very well and we have to give up some control But you will see that my credo is always my if you want to go fast only if you want to go far next to several and have that again and again experienced when you tie several together you get a lot further and it is also how it is not structured the questions I then we have and the the subject is technology, or I would say more on the subject of information technology i was a classic marketing man to keep up with a technician I can tell you that our central elections we had a so-called climate conference that is then So the twelve most important markets in the world because it was about 80% association discussed about it as I said yes we have to develop further we have to being dynamic everyone has silicon valley where the trends are going and In fact, it was discussed that it is easier to have a taxi Marketing learns or can be a marketing man who has more of technology has a clue and opinions were indeed divided I can say they were really split where people said it is Easier to teach this tech i more about marketing runs time is the other way around and that's why I think it's scary important that you also understand something about this area Understanding the background You have to know what's going on there you are allowed to, as I said angeles not mastered but we need to know how to big data what can be done with the fact that the consumer data must use them a lot amazing that forza roma 2 3 cup in us how can i flow data roll here becker manager tablet analyze tablet so seeing is of course also a here competition but i think they understand a little about it there should last point digital no question that is a movement that we have and that I would change I would say I would have to engrave everything but a lot of force & company here Speed ​​is very sweet and you experience that everyone is afraid of the competitor maybe there before that he is better than in social media if you do some things you want to be in the front, for example we already have three years spent the thesis or times budget allocation spent that we So we saw 80 percent we still give for classic advertising but 20 they have to be in definitely be for social media for the 9th that has definitely gone to 30 in some areas that is to 50 Smaller brands, for example, have a lot more opportunities precisely because of that digitization you don't actually have the budget to get through With the consumer and there you can of course invest more But as I said, it is very important to consider where I want it invest because you have already said 1300 1400 companies who all like to ask for the money and invest there but it is certainly a challenge but i would say a huge opportunity a huge opportunity because it brings us closer to consumers we said earlier that marketing at one means im direct marketing you can express exactly what the consumer has so they are tailored to their needs much more precisely and that if you then also find out as a consumer you can feel that he is interested in it to do it if you want to be there, there are theses take selected strong digital trends emerged in silicon valley more than 20 years ago and since then have been rolling down the industry like shock waves of creative destruction industry these shock waves have numerous industries fundamentally changed established companies overturned as for example kodak preps nokia or if you see bookstores and challenge the banned away to the top of the industry we have seen this development in those so far brand industry monitors whose products are easy to digitize the eruption is now reaching the core sectors of the german economy digitization is driving fundamental change possible business model So innovation is absolutely right and we all deal with that but of course it is very important to all company leaders in marketing how can I tell consumers better how can I get there? better placed what is the big message or in which community can i put myself in there and nike, for example, has excellent there work done they are really very far in the sector just not only show the product advantages of your your products but actually there also connecting people as an example i have this neck so did not apply where they learned this and with many of them actually practice sports activities here that also report Say about how far you've come that you've run a lot more now can develop differently and the whole thing is communicated and it will this community has the result is that everyone is there in the community are in an incredibly positive mood are very sympathetic to apple sorry for for apple maybe but for going close of course First, look at new products they are also exchanged in this community wiedemann that means one doesn't leave them at all and might not go to reebok or adidas come and the community is enormous and you and they master that accordingly one speaks of that maybe one give two-class society he dominated one is not one Another example I can of course say that nespresso than me The last time I came to the press was in 2001, I was interested in one to make vision clear and we formulated it and said you got the icon from perfect coffee world Wahl and we were still quite small back then that was very brave to say that but he stood we never wanted to get weird the best coffee and the whole world as well as both bring the old one coffee experience and it goes nespresso is not one product that is a burning experience experience it with your own meaning and should you experience it that means all your senses are involved just by looking at the capsules you can see certain colors you can feel the haptics are completely different, the machines are also different out and also the boutiques you hear it is another you hear a knock the drop comes in when the capsule is opened and immediately see a one Chandler they taste so without now being a promotional event but the buyer at nespresso was not briefed on the cheap coffee but he should buy the best a price was not asked had to buy the best and i believe that good and of course they could smell it and that's especially a new business model a trilogy said if on the one hand intermediate products capsule then you have The machine and permanent new machines should be very important for the rest they say all the patents and all the machine developments are made by the press, so how many people believe that we are from de'longhi or from head no they only drive them to saturn hansa but they are put in another place and then you have the so-called club that ensures that you have the best service so that is maybe nespresso has a separate topic that's what i want created by digitization here to make progress Addressing consumers much better because you are the big data has one knows loves strong coffee lies in decaffeinated coffee Is the new machine running the gimmicks you can get everything out and people are not unhappy when asked about it I would have to offer a little now commercial so that there is a little bit of marketing here to do communication and then I would now watch this film if that is possible I start here once sweet Hi what fun would you do for fun well you can see that of course you can do it differently now then via youtube where people like to watch it then otherwise yes of course very very expensive good other examples can be in installments recommend that from Heineken, who also want great commercials have brought just for you there is a great commercial from the employer branding where people apply for a job so very, very interesting I come to the end we have a quote from immanuel things are never what they are they are always what you make of them I think you my ladies and gentlemen have it in your hand too doing what is necessary company management also has to do with it to have taken hold of the claim to make yourself here fate of suffering to take influence they all have a great education and I use the education believe then you will all have a good future together, thank you very much thank you so much for the exciting impulse i think this quote is also very important for him today because for you too, the day is exactly what you make of it all questions that you still have for mr.

bersenbrücker should be saved because we will see them again afterwards in the first panel discussion and then will also discussed the points you mentioned again, thank you very much ok Thank you.

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