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so what is the best kind of content for real estate agents to post to Instagram stay tuned because I'm going to share the four kinds of content that you should be sharing to the app to generate leads and close some deals and if you save a clean till the end of this video i'll share my free resources on building an Instagram presence that generates leads on demand stay tuned if we haven't met yet I'm Stefanie Ludo award-winning realtor in Arizona and welcome to tip Tuesday where I share tips on growing your real estate business if you're into that kind of thing be sure to hit subscribe below and stay in the loop with the latest what's working now strategies with the real estate marketing on social media and just a reminder you can hop down to the show notes below this video any time to check out links to resources mentioned ways to connect with me and more now social media marketing is kind of my thing and in my last video which I will link up here the types of lead generation on social media I mentioned how my husband Bryce and I built our six-figure real estate business within 12 months using social media four years later we've generated well over six figures on instagram alone and become the established authority in real estate in our market I've been able to teach thousands of real estate agents across the country how to grow their real estate business on Instagram and today for tip Tuesday I want to share the different types of contents you can post to Instagram my favorites and why they are the best you might be wondering why this matters well number one there are a lot of people on Instagram but we're a billion monthly users in fact Instagram is least second most trafficked platform behind only you guessed it Facebook who purchased Instagram 18 months after it launched in 2012 so yeah it's an important place to show up and if you want to find any in social media you gotta be there it's a great place to stay top of mind and connect with potential buyers and sellers in your market multiple times a day now for a free app there's really quite a lot that you can do with Instagram they give you a bunch of features that you can utilize but in my opinion not all are equally as impactful so I'm going to share the four content types in order of my favorites and the first content type we have is post in the feed posting to the feed is the original type of content on Instagram before they unrolled all kinds of new features it was just a photo app to share image posts therefore if you do nothing else on Instagram you've got to be sharing posts to your feed this is a photo or video up to 60 seconds long that you can post to kind of a gallery attached to your username they stay there forever unless you choose to hide it or delete it from your feet altogether these posts are what somebody will see when they go to your profile and choose to follow you so you need to make sure that this is good thoughtful intentional content I share a lot about how to make better posts in my free guide which is linked down below so you can grab that there but for now just keep going poor posts in the feed they can be either you can just put your post up on your feet and be done with it or if it's a really good piece of content that you think that you can generate leads with you could pay to promote it to be seen by a larger audience for the ease of creating this content and the importance of it the significance of having posts in your feed I definitely place this in the number one most important kind of content to produce on Instagram and you should be showing up there with at least one post four to seven days a week that's right I post seven days a week but you know four or five you're doing good now number two are stories so stories are absolutely number two on my list of the most important types of content that you can those stories are 15-second video clips or 10 second photo clips that are posted to a separate feed and they disappear within 24 hours so now you might be thinking what they disappear within a day why are they important then here's why stories is where you fit anything that doesn't belong in your feed that means the behind-the-scenes day in a life blog type of content because stories are fun sized and don't stay up for long you can do these on the fly there is really no production requirements here because you can shoot photos and video for stories right within the app and edit them there too I also love stories because you can do a bunch of cool things to them by adding stickers stickers are little functions that allow you to add a Jif tag location very important add hashtags and most importantly you can create polls quizzes or invite questions right into your stories now I'm not the only one obsessed with stories studies show that users on the app consume stories way more than feed posts this is also true for Facebook by the way they have a stories feature too that does really well now you cannot promote stories posts but you can create stories ads by paying for a story ad you get a feature called swipe up a highly coveted swipe up which basically creates a link in the ad to wherever you want to send prospects if they choose to swipe up on it story ads are incredibly effective and actually not very expensive so it's really worth looking into if you've got something good to share stories get far more views and engagement from posts in the feed and with how easy they are to create stories come in a very close second on my list you should be showing up in your stories every single day to interact with your Instagram followers and to build engagement in your community now number three on my list is Instagram life in 2019 the social media networks are making it pretty clear to us that video is where the ship is headed Facebook infield it's live feature years ago and Instagram wasn't far behind Instagram live can be done right within the app and it's exactly what it sounds like a live broadcast featuring probably you when you go into Instagram light it gives you a 3 2 1 countdown and then connects to the live stream then it will notify your Instagram followers that you're live and they can view the live broadcast as long as you're on then they can see it for 24 hours after you ends your recording they can also leave comments or ask questions making this a really engaging way to interact with your audience now it's not hard to get Instagram live set up and going but you should have an idea for what you're trying to accomplish on Instagram life users tuning in will expect to be educated motivated or inspired so you'll need to spend some time before the broadcast putting together some good content to share this is number 3 on my list not because it's the most valuable I mean it is you can do a lot of great things for your Instagram account by using Instagram lives but because most agents are afraid to go live scratch that most people on social media just don't love the idea of hopping on face to camera and sharing something on the fly so unless you believe that you can do this at least you know twice a week I don't know that Instagram live is where you'll want to put all of your time and attention into your time might be better spent with stories and being posts and last but not least it's IG TV IPTV or Instagram TV is a relatively new feature to the app and it is long form vertically formatted video this also has its own separate feed called a channel and again it's kind of works just like you'd expect IG TV videos can be bits fifteen seconds up to sixty minutes long think of it like a YouTube channel now when I Chi TV came out it was big like I was super pumped thinking this is it this is the next wave of digital content but it didn't quite take off like I expected it to one of the problems that I see with IG TV is that when it first came out there weren't a lot of mainstream mobile apps to help with editing and formatting these videos with ease this mattered because users watching IG TV a lot of times expected to see more polished production style videos like YouTube it also takes time to format that content in a different way from the rest of the content users share two instagrams so just for that reason the fact that it takes a lot more time and effort to get them produced and the relatively lower consumption rates I put IG TV fourth on my list so there you have it and the order of importance I read types of contents as posts in the feed first then stories Instagram live is third IG TV is fourth at the end of the day this is what I tell to agents we aren't digital marketers we can spend a lot of time and effort getting to use all the different features of these platforms provide but you have to know yourself and your business and your audience who should be potential buyers and sellers and then decide what the most important types of contents are to post for me that is a post of the feed every day and stories seven to ten times a day sounds like a lot but I plan out this content once a week and I'm very intentional with my strategy and the time is well worth it because every week I am lucky to talk to leads that come right into my direct messages inquiring to buy or sell with us and it's wonderful I'd love for you to try this out and start seeing results and if you want to take those successes even further be sure to download my Instagram guide for real estate agents I have it linked down below along with some other resources or you can go directly to WWE insta growth for realestate.com slash blueprint it's totally free and it can definitely help you start to go on Instagram as it has helped thousands of other real estate agents across the country all right now time for the question of the day what kind of content do you prefer on Instagram what has been working well for you tell me in the comments I don't want to hear all about it and I love jumping into the comment sections to support you and help you through the process and hey if you loved this video be sure to hit subscribe to stay in the loop because next tip Tuesday is going to be about how to actually post this content in a way to generate leads so if you want to know the simple steps to you generating leads on Instagram hit subscribe and as always thank you so very much for tuning in until next time keep on crushing it you

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