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Hi everyone its Ricky again from Shopify dropshipping lifestyle lovely to meet you all today It's currently just before 10:00 in the morning lovely day I presume a number if you can probably see my dog In the background her name Suzy. She's very tired. She's been Nearly 2 years old. She's a beautiful dog. She's a stuffy Border collie and she just loves sleep loves the Sun as you can sort of tell Today's lesson is all about Clemmy Oh, so as I said, I am slowly teaching you all more and more and more about the backend of Shopify again That's where I spend a lot of my time doing a lot more here and there and Passing that on to all of you. Ok, so let's just get straight into it. This is An account that I from ages ago that I had and I just wanted to use it. I want to run over it It's basically everything obviously as you know has a dashboard You can It integrates with Shopify once you install the app from the App Store It guides you through your put in your shop name, you can put in your logo your social media links very straightforward If you already have a club account, you haven't done that You just go under? Setup wizard and it'll take you from the beginning and take you through that So if any stage you want to ever change anything as well just go through that setup wizard Ok, so you here you can see your view products place products.

It's really cool. I love how it's integrates For me, I'm actually looking at outsourcing email marketing email marketing isn't cheap, but it's a very good source of revenue I'll be honest the downside with clavia as opposed to something like MailChimp Potential I'm not I can't remember how much market hero is and a lot of other email service providers Is this a bit more? Expensive but you do get I find a lot more of a premium and as I explained in previous videos I absolutely love how it has the native integration with a after ship and I absolutely love how I can You could actually not do your email marketing through after ship if you really wanted For your updates and you could do it all through clavo because every step gets pushed to klaviyo and just a pen What you want I prefer to use clay video just for the more promotions weekly emails Abandoned car sequences.

I'll make another video on a band cart sequence. I can't take full credit for it was from someone else but It converts really well. I'll give that all to you. It's really simple that'll be in tomorrow's lesson cuz I want to sort of explain that to all but anyway, so I Want to explain a bit more about clay vo secret the email performance again This is all just your dashboard your analytics. You can see here. I don't have any of these turned on These are by default you'll have these floats so So abandoned cart if someone abandons their cart and you capture the email you it'll auto respond to email them Okay saying hey, we see you've whatever you want to define that as okay.

There's a lot to it. There's an infinite number of strategies it's up to you browser Bannerman again, if you if you Capture the email and they've started browsing it will record that that's what's cool about clever and I'll explain how it does that in a moment customer win back is if they bought something after 30 60 something days email and we can say Purchase from us in a while.

Come back pretty cool app. You can do all of this and you can segment your audiences I'm not gonna go through them all one of the very important ones is Welcomes up newsletter or welcome series someone signs up for your newsletter on your website jumps into we Leo you privy you sign up Push them into that again. I give people a 20% discount code on my base email on my latest store I think it's generate one and a half thousand dollars in revenue just by people signing up for that and it's on autopilot I've literally done nothing and and that's what's amazing to me in our marketing It's it's another whole skill I will be honest.

It is something that I am still What I believe to be an advanced to do that. I can't say that I'm an expert so I'm not gonna lie to you about that. So and I don't you can list some segments is really cool So again you got here you can make as many as you want So if you want to be really granular like with Facebook Ads like with Google Clever your has all of this you can see open rates. You can see the device you can see all of this in formation It's actually really cool That is what's amazing about marketing nowadays. Is this data driven information? So you got your newsletter.

You've got your preview list You got your subscribers you can add different segments So if someone if you're finding a cluster of people purchasing the same part cluster of people Adding a product to car you can segment and then market to them based off that Because email marketing people say is dead. It's it's really not How many times a day do you check your emails? Just think to yourself.

Do you check your emails? Yes, you might get a heap but there'll always be those few that you'll open Okay, and those are usually brands that might be your YouTube channel, etc I mean like I hope that when you get your youtube email about my videos that you open it anyway, um, so basically that that's the One I'm getting out with the segment's again. It's like your split testing with Facebook, except you're doing it with email marketing You can split test your audience for different objectives to try and get different results Okay, it's all about split testing and that comes down to the individual and what you wanted to do activity.

Nothing really there what I did want to show you though was the Set up web tracking This is really important so that you can actually you can get this data about you know Did they get to checkout leave your browser abandonment? This is different per theme, okay? so for For Brooklyn, it's really easy again, you literally just follow this copy the code in to your theme doc liquid So right-click your theme edit code go your theme liquid Before the end body tag copy that in and then do the same with your product drop liquid template Copy that in it doesn't matter where it is. I just put down the bottom and then put in your website URL It'll verify you click a link and then it's connected.

Alright, so what that's doing is it's doing some JavaScript code That'll run on your back-end that gives you in-depth analytics for your Clemmy. Oh, so it's very important that you do that Okay takes only 30 seconds. Alright, so if we go back to the main part of klaviyo So I've shown you showing you all that. I'm in your account as well. That's where you can generate API keys There will be an API he option Just jump in there generate an API key copy the key, especially because if you're using privy if you're using klaviyo Anything that you want to push that email automatically to Clavijo you need an API key. Okay, so Just use the API keys you can have as many as you want I use we leo. So we leo I have the api key in there it picks it up. It's got an option in there just follow the prompts. It's very straightforward They also have really good support there the guys there are amazing. Remember really? Oh other ones who made the conversion pirate guys. Okay, so they're the ones that you know have been sending Shopify hack They're the same guys.

These guys make a lot of money. They had their own drop shipping stores And I envy them because they're absolutely amazing marketers. But anyway, or I should say I look up to them So here you can create campaigns. So if you want to make a new campaign, it's like a weekly promotion or weekly How are you or something you can? Email these people and that's where you make your segments.

Okay? So if you you make the campaign, you make the template it'll auto populate based off variables, you know like their name What they previously purchased all that and with the segment, so if you want to send it to people and previously purchased To keep them in the loop try and get them to come back. Then you make a segment for everyone who's previously purchased Okay and then you just make this campaign you buying it to that segment at list and then you send it off and it will do that and it's really cool what you can do like I actually has a tip and I've learnt this from People expensive mekka me. He's an affiliate marketer absolutely amazing guy. I might add but um, You send you can send the emails and I love this Hey, you can sin you can schedule this in your emails at like 9 o'clock.

Now why you want to do that? it's very important because think about it in between 7 probably about 7 to 9 o'clock is when you wake up You want your jump on your phone you jump on Facebook a little jump on Instagram and you'll check your email as well Yeah as they'll be around that time. It's very important to get the timezone right, so you can actually choose the option and most of this but you can choose the option so that 7 o'clock their time zone so they'll pick up their time zone and send them.

I I think that is just absolutely invaluable Because it means high open rates the more open rates You have the more chances you have of a click the more chance you have of a click the more chances You have your sale? Okay. So always think of that so titles are very important. You want to catch them That's why email tiles now He's starting to use emojis big words to really catch you in a couple of words cuz you get so many emails Okay, so it's important to psychology very this up very much the same as Facebook marketing but a bit different, okay Rather than catching them with AD copy you're catching them with the title. And then you catch them on the rest with the body Alright, and it doesn't have to be the most amazing email my being cart sequence, which I'll go into tomorrow which as I said Isn't fully attributed to me.

I can't deny that as I think 50% open rates and it's all on autopilot And it's just text. It's just text It's just text and it works. You know why it works because text based emails don't go into spam or junk I've just gotten a number of people emailed today. They haven't received their receipts because their HTML receipts and Google and outlook at times they classify that as spam. They'll put it in the spam folder. Okay, so you will encounter that It's a pain in the ass There are ways around as you start to get bigger. This is what I'm looking into It's trying to make it so you can actually contact Google and outlook I think to be white listed So any of your emails from this specific thing won't ever be flagged as spam All right.

That's what I'm looking into once I find out more info then I'll update you but basically here you got your flows Again your flows. I'm really cool I'll show you like this isn't abandon cart one and the green light means it's on the orange light means it's paused So, okay, so I do have it on this one. Sorry, so I tell her Okay, so here you can see the analytics for last 30 days you can manage the flow You can back populate not doing that. But here you can do triggers so you can do triggers So when someone has initiated checkout 30 minutes after it'll send them this email Okay, so I can change this I can change 30 minutes.

I can take it out and send it instantly I actually have it taken out. So it sends instantly after all right now I just do that. That's just what I do You can do conditional splits meaning that if they click yes Then it'll just go down this one if they click no, it'll send them down.

You can make an insane funnel of email So if they go, yes, then they keep going down here if they go No, you might send them a different email with a different title And if they go, yes, then you can send them back to your main one and back and forth So on the back end no one will ever see this, but you can make this Absolutely Ridiculous maze of emails where yes/no statements you can send them here send them this and there there there there there there there It's absolutely cool.

Isn't it? Like and this is what I absolutely love I Love technology that does it and it doesn't on fucking autopilot I mean, I'm sorry for this language, but it's just so freakin cool. All right, and you can see here that this is actually The the email that I was telling you about which I've got going to further detail tomorrow, but if we've previewed it Obviously, I'll have to grate their crap here but You can see here that it's just simply text. So it just picks up the name someone's name we known as blah blah and and this won't populate because it's a Preview but there's a check it out because it's integrated with Shopify.

It'll have their unique check out link so they click it They come back there by now. You won't believe how effective that is. You're not offering them a discount You're not offering them anything you offer them a discount on Facebook because that's very different. That's social media. You've captured their email This is a lot more personal in that regard. You just send them a link say hello. Look Hey, we noticed you were halfway through ordering, but you didn't end up completing it Just want to let you know we have a limited amount of stuff remaining So we reserved your cart for you for the next 24 hours.

I Think I may have done that wrong Anyway, but so they see it. So it adds a little bit of urgency. It's very personal comes from your business email I presume you will have a business thing. That won't recommend you do there's G sweet. There's AI pages heaps out there plenty of choice And you know you make it look like it comes from a person so I use the word I use Sophie Sophie Just a made-up name You can make up any name Some people have actually told me that I'm doing marketing wrong by doing that but I don't care That's just a name people do it Like you don't know who it is anyway, and so you can see on my first one on my latest on the latest store I'm working on I think as generated over thousand dollars in revenue by that first email and you know Why because it can it comes down to? mothers fathers whatever or pick men women Their phone could have died.

They got called up for work. They were at work who knows and this is just a reminder say hey look we See that you will close come back and then then you send them through another one and You know, okay, so they didn't do it twenty percent discount code. Please straight away twenty percent and again this here These are the titles so the subject you can split test this so you can add a variation which means that you can split test the title and see which works better and keep making it so you get Larger click open rates larger click rates more placed orders and you just keep doing it The problem is and this is why you start to outsource is that it does take a lot of time I mean a lot of my time is focused on the backend of Shopify getting a lot of that running SEO Is a focus influencer marketing.

I spent a lot of time obviously in the ads manager and Helping people now and these YouTube videos. So my time is pretty strict. So I outsource this, but I want to give you all an idea of what you can do and It's not hard. You just need to spend a bit of time. It has the default templates there You can turn them on they may not be perfect, but they'll work Alright and one of the things I've also found and I hope this is because as all I haven't up Ted using the first name variable increases your open rates romantically because you've gotten their Email address and most the times. I've gone to check out you've gotten their name put their first name.

It says hey Ricky what happened? You're more inclined to open that because it's more personal. It's not like ah, here's a flash sale is it? It's like Ricky have a look at this. Ricky have a look at Okay, so it's a blood of psychology involved in it as well, okay remember marketing is psychology Marketing is psychology. That's why there's marketing psychologists marketing at the end of the day isn't actually that hard people think that it's hard It's really not it's just psychology You just got to think how you would think and how others would likely think and you try and put a logical basis to it It doesn't always work. But keep that in mind. So here you have all the other flows So if I wanted to turn on this browse Abandonment float.

I just simply go in here. Um, and I Sorry I said from manual to life So now it's like one thing tip of advice turned smart sending-off. It's a piece of shit I absolutely hate in klaviyo. I turn it off What it does is it uses its? Algorithm so that they doesn't flood their mailbox with email so it gets into turns Decreases the chance is all likelihood of someone classifying you as spam so that your emails aren't hidden Basically, but I find it it doesn't work.

Well, so just turn it off tip of advice I had that and I lost a lot of money when I had that on and I never knew why and I remember as if Someone said turn it off and I turn it off and then I started it's not working really well I was like what the fuck but anyway That's that's just it experienced a lot of failure. Okay, um another cool thing once you so With Clay vo as well You run it in free mode. Once you're done start costing you $50 a month Once you start scaling up you get five hundred free emails month It does come with live support once you are on free paid which is pretty cool as well. So they've got all that email templates So by default once you integrate with shop fight, it'll pull your email templates in So with that what the email templates are is under your general, sorry settings Notifications all those notifications are these here? Okay, so you shipping update and it will pull this in and what's cool is you don't need to know coding language We don't need to know coding language.

So this already by default the template looks much better than the one in Shopify There's one in Shopify are crap I am actually going to be overhauling all of mine just to really push the brand really You know it they're all one offs once you set it then it's done for life If you ever want to change it, you just spend five minutes and change it so I can change all of this so, you know, I just click this box and say Hi.

Yeah, I'd save been Done. It's drop and drag, you know, so and then you can preview of course if I want to add an image I just click there and then I can add an image So if I wanted to add an image I can so slick and there we go. Got an image you can And then safe And you can obviously delete this as well. So if I go delete delete block then technically define this blocks This you don't have to change this is cool It will actually pick up your tracking URL, which if you set it properly an old below your unique partnership tracking URL That's what I recommend or drop a fire putting it'll then pull that in So I'll just click that and it takes them straight to your tracking page with your tracking product.

And that's it How cool and it's on autopilot? So and a little add more than one product. So it just does that if they have multiple products I'll just keep adding them Ok, so don't worry about that. Ah Clabby oh by default here and it'll have that step In free mode in pain, it does disappear. I kind of like it though. I Have come to the opinion since been doing all this but having these stamps are authoritative your payment provider stands at the bottom to have the Shopify payment Stan powered by Shopify you have powered by after ship power by klaviyo Because there are people out there who will look at this and they'll say well this is legit. Ok, this is legit these people are just Some small crappy business, they're legit. Alright, and I don't care what people think I only look at that as a good thing All right. So what's also cool is I can change this? it won't work for that well because of the orientation of a path you can obviously, you know You can change the text.

You can insert tags properties. So these different properties that will pull in from shop fire unsubscribe you can do all of that you can you know change the Orientation alignment of the text you can do all of this. You can add your social buttons You got your block Styles being button colors things like that your blocks being if you want to an additional block so if you want to add products you're doing a thing like a promotion you can add this a little dynamically go from your Popular your catalogue being a Shopify store because they integrate you can do all that You can change the colors. You can change the tiles. You don't have to show the product name You don't have to show the product price If you don't want it, it's up to you.

Every email marketing is different Remember marketing is always different per person What I'm trying to teach you is the fundamentals to understanding that okay, and you can obviously check it on mobile, too And that's where you probably want to check it why they all everyone uses iPhone for that? It's like I haven't Android anyway, that's just maybe petty but so if I go save in return Obviously, we'll see here that it's updated so we can see it's updated Now what's important is this doesn't automatically push to click on a Shopify. You have to manually do this Okay, so you have to then go Class or not clone export and then generates the code Copy that code go into the notification paste the code in there save and you're done.

That's it. That's it And then you can do that to all your notifications. I wouldn't suggest doing it straightaway It is a bit time-consuming. Once you start getting off the ground. Okay look into it then again these are our methods of building your brand doing upsells to do an and Essentially getting free sales is the whole goal. Okay and and stopping these customer service emails because they're paying the ass Stuffs are such a pain in the ass customer service emails Yeah outsource them. Okay. Um Listing segments as I said, so if we wanted to make if I wanted to make a new list See how it does this by default. I haven't touched those So if I wanted to make a new list and segment I can just go create Episode I'm just gonna remember is so for list being you know of emails a segment being of Already what you have and you segment him.

It's like a filter. It's like what you do want Facebook? Okay, you're doing the same thing. You're filtering when you're doing interest targeting. You're just stacking it. It's a filter That's all it is at the end of the day. You're just getting the data and you're filtering through and then pushing it this way If you want to feel to it this way, then you push it that way That's all it is the Different terminology at the end of the day whenever you're doing marketing and that it's all just really filters filters here filters air filters bloody everywhere Anyway, so let's go test Edition Um, I don't know what to do this on I didn't think this far ahead It's pretty much actually probably an advanced thing, but basically anyway You choose the folder you can make as many folders as you want and you to choose the condition So again just do that.

Um That is pretty advanced. As I said, this is where sort of like, even I sort of struggle a bit I can do it But I'd have to think and I don't want to waste your time Profiles we have all your emails. I would say up to blue that layout but you know, I've only got one here, but you'll have Thousands I think on the last the store I'm working on at the moment I have like three thousand already something like that and it's just gonna keep blowing up the more emails you get then you just you've Captured their email you it's technically you've gotten sales from these people. We've gotten their email which that is valuable Those emails cost money to actually have and those emails you can send to forever very important That's why you'll see the big guys always doing the email marketing know when you know what everyone says email marketing is a very viable very real strategy of income All right Metrics again, you can have a closer.

Look at metrics based on various things You can look at you know, your best people you cohorts the Activity Feed This is what I need to look into more myself, but this is all just again reporting reporting and analytics. Have a look yourself You'll pick it up. So, you know, if we go chart it'll have blah blah, you know like those nice charts but obviously I don't have anything so and basically That's pretty much how that is Integrations, this is here. Well, I wanted to explain so this is obviously where you have your shop fire You can add all the other integrations after ship. Ok after ship integration follow the instructions There's a web hook URL you can do that. You can integrate it with heaps of other apps as well I am looking at doing it for Facebook advertising It is So you can actually for your leads. Your custom audience is actually integrated Actually really cool so it's just one Sorry about that, so yeah, basically I want to use my custom audiences and it's just another form of marketing That is a highly advanced strategy not something I'm planning to do right at this instant But I just wanted to show you that's what you can do.

So the integrations pretty straightforward Your data feeds is if you have Webhook data feeds you can add your product data feeds which is from your Shopify store and you can make and segment these as well Pretty straightforward that one this one here is where you have your coupons Okay, so I wanted to show you this because that integrates with my being car club. Yo is the only email service provider? I haven't done it actually, but it's the only service provider where you can now haven't done it right but you can make a coupon lets they call it abandoned and You can make it twenty percent off that lasts 24 hours and it will dynamically generate a unique one for every person automatically It'll just do that. Not many really do that.

I only know clay vo I learnt this from someone else and It's absolutely handy to have Drop a comment and like below if you want to learn more about that I'll go into an entire lesson tomorrow If you do wish to know more about the whole just a minute cut sequence emails because it is very actually very important I just wanted to give you a general overview Sorry people messaging Basically sign up forms. You can have your your pop-up signup forms as well. So if you if you are You know again, I haven't installed properly, but you can at the bottom this is what I would suggest is every theme like Brooklyn that will have a Sign up thing and by default won't push to club' Oh you need to actually hard code it.

Um, It is a bit of a pain Personally, I actually just outsource it. I can do it myself, but I just found that just outsourcing it Yeah, it just seems a bit of time. That's all what we're about isn't it time so And there's plenty of support out there because you're using free themes. There's plenty of the support out there It's really that's not hard to do.

Just as I said pay someone five ten dollars and they'll do it for you then It'll push to your newsletter as well. Okay, so you can do that you can do You can so let's let's say we make a Bargain anyway, so you wanted to make a pop-up fly out form you wanted to make an embedded? So if you're wanting to do that bottom one the newsletter that you see on every footer and stuff that's embedded if you want to Do a pop-up So if they scroll thirty percent or something then it'll pop up if you want to do a fly out from the side you can Do all of that. Okay. They've updated this really nicely You should be really crap, but they'll have to end it and it's actually really much easier I don't use the flyer or pop up. I use wheelie Oh again. Okay. So is that purely for exit intent? I don't use a sign up.

I use just purely exit intent and the newsletter sign up at the bottom I don't have a pop-up or fly. It might be something I look into the future. But right now it's been working fine. So I haven't done it. Your preference pages is if they sign up they actually you can send them through, you know, the agreement terms, so Their preferences based on this subscription and you can change all of this. I haven't done a huge amount of work in it. So It's not something I've really ever really worried about It's purely just I want to capture it their email for abandoned carts and and email marketing in the future so It's not been something. I have put a heavy influence Sorry emphasis on but it is something I just wanted to show image library is to say there's just images that you've imported you can Upload as many images as you want to use for your email marketing campaigns. Are your templates, etc Okay and then you have your folders so you can delete folders add folders make your own structure to see how ideas and inspiration you can edit that and You got your lists and segments again all that's for is just purely just for your I just so you can see what's going on there, but Basically, that's pretty much how it runs.

The other thing that I did forget to sorry show you was if you go under profiles and Again, you can see that the very specific analytics, you know of this individual you know their check out if they've checked out what the lists and segments they're in there their contact details the time and date and You can delete their profile export it you can do a heap with it. And that's why in my marketing is very powerful It's never going to die And that's why I recommend clevy o1.

Once you integrate klaviyo with a after ship as well. You can do a lot there With as I said, I send an email at the end of it once their order has been delivered I do have a few problems with sometimes orders don't get picked up and after ship but once it water technically been delivered and then Push the webhook URL to after ship which then triggers an email that says hey we see that you've received your order Congratulations on your order. We're so happy that you've received it We would love your feedback and review on this product. Can you please give us a review on this product? Also, please have a 20% discount code. We would also love to see you wearing your your item you know around your neck or something like that, whatever, you know, your type of product is just change it based off that and and say and tag your Instagram page and put you, you know you handle for like hashtag whatever and you put that in there and you put that in there and then that some people will actually Take an image of themselves with the product and that they're giving you UGC user-generated content, which is Building your brand.

They're very satisfied with their purchase. It's a testimonial you can use it for remarketing It gives you organic traffic as well So this is why it's important to do your time in email marketing as I said I've got a lot of improvement to make there too. So we can all improve together, but I wanted to at least Show you all how it sort of works as an overview. That should give you a pretty good idea It is very intuitive for what it's worth.

It's always about learning the ropes And that's pretty much it from today. If you do like today's video, please drop a like Hit the subscribe button drop a comment below I respond to all your comments and I love to help and don't forget to join my facebook group shop fire drop shipping lifestyle I'm very active in there as well and help you all as much as I can. Alright, so I'll be dropping more videos tomorrow I drop a video every day, so stay tuned for more.

All right until then. Thank you very much and goodbye.

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