• Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

What's up guys Jason worktop here in in today's video. I'm going to show you exactly what I'm doing to get my first 1000 Instagram followers alright guys so if you guys been following my channel you know that I have gone through and I'm working on some personal branding stuff I have Gone through and built my business primarily in 2017 on Facebook And now I'm branched off onto YouTube as you guys are right here on my youtube channel and then I'm also going through and leveraging Instagram to get more followers to come to my youtube channel and to Basically get more exposure and more personal branding now. I've done some miss Graham stuff in the past I hope my brother grew up to 10,000 followers on Instagram in just 90 days helped another friend get 2,000 followers in the first I think 3 weeks it was it was crazy on his third post he got over 2,000 likes by using some of these different strategies of using hashtags and tagging people and all that stuff which I want to show you guys in today's video and Some free or these are all 100% free organic methods to go get your first 1,000 Instagram followers right now guys remember that the important thing to remember is it's not all about the the followers It's not that vanity metric because I actually have a lot of friends with over a hundred thousand followers And they are not necessarily making the type of money that somebody with 5,000 or even 10,000 subscribers or followers Have right it's more about the business model and the structure of how you go through and structure all of your back end products and what your offerings are so we'll hit that we'll cover that in another video but As far as today as far as getting started with your first 1000 Instagram followers Let me jump onto my phone because I want to show you guys the exact app I use it's a hundred percent free and what? I'm doing to go through and organically get those initial followers alright So you guys can see I'm right here on my phone So let me just show you really quick my Instagram account so I've got about 675 followers You can see right here, and so one second.

I want to show you guys this captivate app This is exactly what I uses a hundred percent free so I'll click on the search And I'll type a name like Gary Vee and I'll click on in and then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go and copy all of his followers. You can see he's got 2.8. Million followers hit actions I hit copy user followers, and then a process it's gonna pull about 150 to 200 people and I want to follow these people because he's similar to what I'm building my brand with so I'm gonna hit select Non following, so I'm not already following these people you see it says selected 177 then what I'm gonna Do is come over here to the Settings section, and I'm just gonna click on actions and execute locally all right? So now I want to show you guys a quick tagging and posting technique That's really helpful, so if you go in here and let's just select any one of these posts Let's just select a random one We're gonna click Next and then What we want to do here is we're going through and building out the post is we want to go and we want to tag People so we want to tag the top influencers in our niche that we want to go build our following rounds like get grant cardone At I Lopez at tony robbins lewis howes gary vaynerchuk all these different top influencers So that people that follow these influencers when they go to the explore tab our post is gonna show up right now another one That's really key is going through and doing different tags so we can go through and type in like entrepreneur life entrepreneur technology or tech and just different hashtags That are also going to allow us to pop up in the explore section of other people that are following people Related to the people that we want to follow alright This strategy right here is what we use you'll get over 2,000 likes on the third pulse of a brand new Instagram account alright guys so there you have it right there the Captivate app go through find the top influencers in your niche, and then go through and copy all of their followers And then go through and slowly follow them over time now just quick recap typically what we see is about 10% of people Are gonna actually follow us back of those that we go through and follow all right? And then as we go through and we're making a consistent posts each day And we're getting likes and Facebook and Instagram because Instagram is actually owned by Facebook as their see we're getting engagement We're getting likes.

We're getting comments on our posts They're gonna show our posts in the explore tab more than some other posts right then also if we're going and tagging other top influencers in our niche in the post Then it's going to say okay people that are following ty Loeb has a PEZ or Gary Vaynerchuk or Grant Cardone These people just because they're tagging this post they're probably going to want to see a post similar this or because they're using similar Hashtags or something like that Then they're also going to show that more often in the explore page right so that's gonna get you more exposure and then now when people go and click to your Instagram profile because you're doing some of these following techniques with the captivate app so it's just Capt IV 8ee and go search that it's a hundred percent free in the App Store and Because you're doing some of these techniques with that and you're getting a little bit of a following then people are actually going to go through and follow you because if you think about it like if you have a great post and They click to your page, and you've only got like you know 50 followers or 100 followers.

It's it's gonna Be hard for people actually go through and follow you because we're like it's a brand new account I don't know if they're gonna keep on posting or I don't know what type of content they've got or all that stuff so you want to be able to go through and have a decent following and One last thing that I want to share with you guys if you're starting a brand new account completely from scratch Before you go start doing some of these techniques go make about 12 to 15 posts There are the types of posts that you want to be able to have Continuing on so if somebody goes through and clicks to your page then they see those 12 to 15 posts and like oh I like this style of post they're more likely to follow you as opposed to If you just start your account doing these different techniques And they go to your account And there's absolutely no post and they're gonna be like oh this person doesn't post I'm not really gonna go follow them so Make sure you have some posts in there and then try to post at least one time every single day Which you just go through map out your week and plant it out and get some good Content for the whole week then they just make that one post per day make sure you're doing the tagging strategies the hashtag Strategies and then keep up with captivate and you should be able to get to a thousand followers in no time alright guys So hopefully this video was helpful on how to get your first 1000 followers on Instagram in 2018 if you guys found this video helpful go ahead and like the video also make sure you subscribe the channel if you guys like Videos like this where I launched a new video every single day of how to go through grow your following Generate more leads make more money and grow your business right so thanks so much guys for watching today, and we'll see you all tomorrow

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