• Mon. Mar 1st, 2021

How To Attract Architecture Clients (Instead of Chase Them)

hi I'm Enoch Sears and in this short architect business tip you'll discover how to attract clients instead of chasing them this is the business of architecture when I first started my architecture firm it felt very awkward for me to try to call up a contact even if there was a friend even if there was someone that knew who I was and arranged that meeting to go over and talk about trying to get work from them it just felt kind of awkward because it felt like you probably know the feeling it's hard to scribe but I felt like I was needy it felt like I was imposing on them or I was gonna annoy them it came down to a reluctance to sell my services right there's one very cool thing you can do to flip that around and make those meetings a joy rather than dreading them there's a way you can get your clients to it be attracted to you instead of you having to chase them and I'm gonna call it becoming in your local market a preeminent thought leader ok this doesn't mean you have to be an author it doesn't mean you need to go out there and write encyclopedia what it does mean is that you need to be on the cutting edge of research in your particular project type so whether you do healthcare projects whether you do retail projects if you do educational projects do some research by talking to your existing clientele find out what exactly is it what are the problems they're facing in their business it really comes down to business and you know what if you understand a client's business they will respect that they'll appreciate that and they will continue to use you and be attracted to you as an architect so internalize this idea of becoming a preeminent thought leader find out how can you add massive value to the clients that you want to serve that may be through research and maybe through writing articles and maybe through recording little videos like this where you're sharing tips about how they can get their projects done more successfully because let's face it architecture is facing commoditization architecture is being outsourced to foreign countries one thing though that they'll will never be able to be outsourced is your creativity your skills your knowledge and your experience so the only way people are going to know that you possess those is by getting out there and sharing them and today with the digital world we live in there are a lot of platforms to do that you don't need to wait for a news company to tap you on the shoulder and interview you you can start a blog you can start writing articles send them to potential clients and just try to help them the more you help them I guarantee it will come back to you so to get clients to be attracted to instead of you having to chase them to get those phone calls and make sure that they're ready and willing to work with you ahead of time become and try to figure out how you can become that pre-eminent thought leader that preeminent advisor and consultant to your clients if you enjoyed this architect business tip go to architect business tips comm and I'll send you more information about how you as an architect can succeed earn a better income run a great business and get freedom now get out there and conquer the world you

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