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a lot of us use their lovemaking doomsday predictions that aren't algorithm updates like some sort of tech a Rain Man and every time I read their productions I do something share myself do you hear me was that around my underwear what we honest we see all this stuff about like Google cracking down your rankings getting smash but and yeah it's kind of more like this definitely twenty definitely yeah uh-oh indeed hello everyone and welcome to this week's Chronicle Chronicle the meme infused SEO news that stops your rankings from tanking in this week's episode we dive into rumors of another algorithm update that adds gain from google running organic twitter is now no longer they let you retweet anything unless you actually read it and last but not least we examine some of the moves google of taking this week to clamp down on bad and backlinking practices and we're gonna give you the lowdown on why good link is and what a bad link is and actually what you can do to actually get these things so without further ado let's get into it okay so for everyone out there with the attention span of a PPC consultant he does this week's SEO and use rapid-fire firstly it looks like conferences are gonna be a thing of the past according to a study carried out by search engine lines in-person conferences are not gonna be happening this year at all due to social distancing restrictions which is a real shame because SEO conferences are a place for SEO to get together and learn new tips and tricks and techniques for you know getting shit-faced in a fancy hotel lobby perhaps going fill with Nona radar klepto on the free pens and the beer mats doing it is actually some footage of an audience member from my last conference talk and my favorite conference Brighton SEO French of course that seemed fun followed me to the after party what he said this do you yeah you're doing a great one also this week Google announced Prabhakar Raghavan the old AdWords chief is now gonna replace Ben Gomes as the person in charge of organic search so if mr.

AdWords is unfamiliar with organic here's a quick primer it's the bet underneath the ants no keep stroke keep going keep scrolling no more fair organic pranks I'm only kidding but the last ten years as he was trying to show their clients organic les things has been lying [Music] I'm kidding I'm kidding I'm kidding like whom we dig into he's actually the most qualified guy for the job he's been publishing papers on information retrieval and search algorithms since 1986 I mean that is literally three years longer than I have personally been alive you know I thought I was getting into the old guard of the SEO industry clearly not I'm 29 years old damn it and I want to sit in a comfortable chair and watch television and go to sleep at a reasonable hour so how do most SEO is used where no no I'm only kidding we don't do that we do this [Music] that's right we find something recording or – Mel makers sound a little bit more intelligent and we have retweet now I'm like oh where am I last week's canonical Chronicle shared a must 88 thousand impressions on Twitter with 19 retweets and 24 legs but the video that it was actually promoting yeah only got solid 500 views or to put it another way a solid 0.6 percent of you actually consume the content the rest of you just retweeted it throw up hey I'm not being ungrateful my fragile ego really really meets your likes you choo-choo choose me so notes we're actually gonna suggest to Android users that you actually read the article before retweeting it in order to stop the spread of a clickbait headlines so if you see a drop in your social reach but an increase in the actual clicks to your website that's why so Google recently published their web spam report that says that they found 25 billion spam pages whoa they can find 25 billion spam pages I can't even find the clip so the most impressive part of the report is how they are using machine learning to crack down on link schemes and kid links to make them much less effective a spokesman for Google said our machine learning solutions combined with their proven time-tested manual enforcement capability have been instrumental in identifying and preventing spammy results from being served to users so it seems that Google is actually using more search quality raters to train the algorithms up using those search quality guidelines making them really more important than ever canta like a crowd-sourced mr.

Miyagi wax on wax off we can also see them doing things like just ignoring bad links instead of penalizing them so that way the webmasters are like burning through more cash buying rubbish links and they eventually give up the thing is it's a good strategy like every day I'm seeing people like going Phil join Wegg with their s you spend when it comes to links what do you think you're going to do with all of that this here's the thing after burning all that money rankings they don't move so versus video let's dive and to backlinks specifically well it's a good backlink and was a bad back loan how you can actually check what bike links you've got how you can take something that is a bad backlink and also how you can build good backlinks for free so firstly let's get the SEO dogma out of the way there are some issues that believe that all links break in Google's Terms of Service that you should just build it and they will come for the sake of this video we will call these people simpletons hey what's going on on this side now there are also other se owes that believe that you should smash as many links as possible to your site and that Google is nothing more than kind of a beg text reader for the sake of this video we will call them su burrows what brah sup brah take a swing Brown right here bruh and then there are those understand that links and s you're part of a wider business ecosystem and that everything you should do online should fundamentally bring value to your audience and we're gonna call these people the red pills you take the red pill you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes so the following advice about links is aimed at the red pilgrim okay so first and foremost let's not think of links as either good or bad let's just think of them as useful or not useful for example a link from a guest post isn't bad and it isn't good it's the context that dictates how useful it is so if you publish an article called like 10 things you didn't know about carpet cleaning services in London or something like that on a blog with really little traffic and no real topical relevance to the theme that you're trying to promote in all your social media following you can probably work out that it's not going to be useful and you should probably avoid it but if you're gonna pitch for let's say a guest post on this stockist which is a floating trade magazine with the article keep calm and be inspired by nature I'd say that's useful because this site has traffic it's got your core audience are reading all that content and they have a very good social follower so in essence we're not seeing that guest posts are good or bad we're just determining what is useful to the business he next up how do we check back lines well when it comes to checking backlinks we need to do this with backlink checking software yeah I know I know you already know that so there's Canal like three big players in backlink checking you've got majestic hrs and also semrush so I'm actually personally affiliated wet semrush there's a link down below if you want a cheeky little deal on it I just like corporate shell but we also use majestic in each that's our agency as well so instead of looking at usual backlink tools I'm actually just gonna give you tips to check it manually so firstly as the site indexed simply do a site colon search to see if Google's actually showing up all the pages on the same do they have a social following and is it real and is there a blog getting comments and so traffic so doing this one say a time is really slow and really tedious that's why I use a URL profiler essentially I can just drop in all of the domains and what they're gonna do is gonna get all the social profiles all the traffic and I'll even grab their email address just in case I do want to touch these people a story I don't need to do any extra work next I would check to make sure that it's definitely no a PBM so a pbn is a private blog network so essentially as you would buy these expired domains with really good link metrics and then you reanimate the site and use it to build links from their to their money sites so to check it to say is a pbn or not simply go to archive.org and check what they say it used to be if there's always I'd like the same branding and same topic fantastic it's probably a clean URL if it's completely changed over time it's likely that it's a PBM the only reason we want to avoid pbn says they can have fake metrics and if you do this stuff at scale it's really easy to detect and then penalize so what backlink metrics should you actually kit about well in a word I would actually see just traffic so if their sakes got good traffic it's likely that Google thinks highly of this site and therefore it's a good bet to get a link on that same so to get the traffic of the domain you just simply put the domain into semrush it'll pop out that organic traffic as well as a bunch of other metrics if you're using the domain all of you to know back in the day it was all about PageRank and then dat A's domain Authority that was the Moors metric and nowadays it's dr which is the HS metric and all of these are kind of trying to algorithmic work out like the potential of the domain you know they're a good rule of thumb but not really gospel so when you're deciding at link value please do not just look at dr or ba and decide is good or bad okay so how did you actually build good backlinks for free well there's actually loads of techniques for doing this and you can go from competitor analysis to broken link building reclamation but to be honest we're gonna get the best responses from creating data journalism content now this is as close to the Google doctrine all make good content as we can actually get without being a complete simpleton as we discussed earlier so essentially involves using your own internal data about your business or your industry to make an interesting story that's actually newsworthy for example recently we had a client that is growing their business against all odds during the pandemic and they're actually hiring people in a local area so we put together a press release using their sales numbers and we took a quote from managing director about employing new people in the local area and we ended up with the local links in one national newspaper linked just from that one story I don't you're thinking but Ross like what if I don't have any good data i sell like door hinges or I'm like a sole trader or a consultant like what do I do well in that case you should probably conduct some original research or perhaps a survey the cool thing is there is loads of free data sets available from the government and you can start using that to base your research and actually make a really interesting story around your industry and here's the thing the great thing about using a data set to make a story is that you can cut the same data multiple ways and get totally different angles so you can go from consumer to trade to local to national and all you're doing here is waiting out the amount of people you can picture your story to so it's more lately you get more lengths no I actually went first last year on my break and SEO talk and I'll link that down in the description below if you want to have a look well that's everything for this week's canonical Chronicle we hope you're late and we hope that shared some way on what good and bad links are and until next time we will see you later

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