• Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

Wednesday wrap-up November 27th and marker hey I'm Rebecca Gordon I'm still be a Gordon happy Thanksgiving happy Thanksgiving this episode we're gonna talk about what what we are thankful for [Music] so we've had this show less than a year we started in January of 2019 so I'm thankful for the 4,400 people that subscribe to our channel thank you thank you we put a lot of energy into this I would love Evan if you could come in front of the camera yeah yeah some of them she totally show our crew yeah because this is a lot of work I mean I I don't think anybody would think it's not a lot of work but and we give it away so we do a lot to train our competitors agents and in the carrier you're welcome you're welcome hey thank you guys they make it they make the whole show look good but we do have the biggest channel and we're kind of a big deal life annuity and Medicare ACA insurance when then and then short we went to LA and then the YouTube conference and they're like you know who are your competitors like well we don't really have any competitors yeah so we actually go to big conferences to learn how to do this and yeah so I know that this looks like developed good kind of know what we're doing but we like study what we're doing total study it we do so we're working hard that's our goal for this year so our goal for this year we're gonna we're gonna refresh so we're gonna have less of the fun quirky stuff that some of you like unless you don't want it unless you want that quirkiness to continue to hit us up in the comments on that we've been told that a lot of people would like us to up the game so we can do dry boring we can do be boring be the man and insurance done that for years it's painful but so we're gonna refresh the channel but basically you know we've got a really good response that people like to know they like to play this in their car or play it on the treadmill way to get your find out what's going on and so we're gonna launch a new channel we are launching a new channel life and annuities and we are thankful for mr.

Randy Pearson and we are we're gonna launch that which is going to speak completely on life in annuity to a different changes in the market yeah so you may have a colleague that will make our daddy happy who his first love is life insurance so that'll be coming this year yeah and a lot of people that do Medicare with us don't realize that as far as the Medicare FMOs we were one of the biggest in the nation in the life in annuity market we had top national contracts and Todd King love you don't know you but ty King keeps slamming me on the insurance for the same we don't have national contract we only have a national country with United Healthcare 100 national contracts which Todd doesn't Todd's under a mere life Todd doesn't become a days you need to be nice we're gonna have our mom preach a but up we do have we do have over a hundred national contracts and we have a lot in the life and annuity it'll be a great show we're both really excited for the before to launch that so stay tuned to that I want to say that I'm thankful for my sister and did you know she is a renowned published authors a Sylvia so cool you've been published in the CSA Journal about the super confusing topic of under observation what your clients and Medicare need to know and this is crazy confusing and yet they just look bad six pages and it is amazing that you know you know your stuff so look if you guys want to get a copy of this of this white paper please put it in the comments but the information you're getting from her is rock-solid golden so unfortunately congrats a fashion might make you think that I don't really know what I'm doing but I do the fashion the fashion more here problem thanks so much and I'm sure you're thankful I sister ji is just Thanksgiving I'm thankful for my sister to pan our mom and and I'm definitely thankful for our mom keeping us all together there's 13 members of us in the same family working in the building and she keeps it all running keeps it all together plus we also made mom the face of our consumer channel which we have the consumer channel called the Medicare family so those of you that want to get into that market to try to generate leads which I highly recommend you become you want to be main Medicare expert or a Tennessee Medicare expert there's room for somebody to go claim those domains and claim that business and so we're doing Indiana with and using my mom's face and my mom and dad and they're having a blast we just started that channel a month ago I think this is golden to have two seniors on the channel as the logo as the mascot this is fabulous it's a great channel how much has it grown so far so we have 387 subscribers and we just launched this channel so I expect this channel to be will have five ten thousand consumer consumer subscribers this will really take off because there's a lot more consumers than there are agents but this is also some place you guys can go for ideas to make your own videos or to show your own clients and I know a lot of agents that don't do a lot of Medicare they'll go watch a video to kind of bone up on it before their client comes in so that's so smart right that means you'd be crazy not to do that right so grateful for you to forgiving us this opportunity to have this reach to work with Ages all across the country super fun club yeah it's been fun and we have some we have some more marketing East and sup our sleeves that we're looking forward to launching this here so just stay tuned we're always trying to push the envelope find different ways to get information to you to make you better to make us better so I'm excited for this year and if anybody would like to be on the show so this is a carrier rep somebody that has a product that they might want to push that's insurance related or an agent like you want to share your experience been trying to get Mike to come on to talk about revel and and I always I'm trying to get Vicky to come on Zach about veterans benefits but we can zoom you in so you can do it off a webcam in your office and you can join the channel and impress your grandkids so cool are your kids so cool and kind of help other agents because that's really what the channel is about is just like agents helping agents let's get better you know to raise our stature in the community by doing our job better so happy Thanksgiving happy Thanksgiving see you soon [Music] [Music]

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