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Fundamentos de Marketing: Introducción. Irene Cuesta

welcome to a new course in this case that of marketing fundamentals in introductory course to everything that is the area or the marketing strategy of a company so important to put people and the consumer at the center of Everything we do in this short video I will present the key aspects of this course and therefore we will talk about why we want to learn marketing or what is the evolutionary line of the concepts the main competences of learning in which we are going to focus the methodology that We will see that it will be very collaborative and very participatory as it cannot be otherwise in this type of subjects the evaluation system that as always defines a bit the learning process as well and finally what is the main tool in which we are going to support the tool technology 2.0 in which we are also going to support ourselves by starting to put the beginning and with this image as a little peculiar surely somehow tried to visualize that the learning process of an area as marketing as in any other area of ​​the company is going to be evolutionary in this course and with that name of marketing fundamentals what we are going do is lay the foundations is as if we were to be the little gray matrix that little by little she will be joining the rest of her travel companions.

therefore to lay the foundations the concepts the roots of a very area important within the company such as marketing based on which in future courses as more advanced in marketing as it can not be otherwise way we will have to resort to these concepts in which we are going to work entering fully into those concepts and therefore in the competencies specific to this Marketing Fundamentals course I would like a little focus on one sentence not my goal is that at the end of this course people who follow it are able to define a company from the point of view of marketing and that which may sound very obvious very easy or very very simple in which therefore focuses on three fundamental things to specify well and with detail with sophistication the market segments that a company wants be directed whatever that company of industrial products and services of consumption does not matter organizations even without the intention of profit and your needs, always focusing on the needs of those segments from there and when we are clear what are those segments and the people we want to serve we have also to identify and we will work hard on it your main competitors from the most immediate visible and obvious to the most complicated or longer term and from there be able to differentiate ourselves or propose a strategy of differentiation of our product brand or company and thirdly proposes that positioning strategy by which we want our product is recognized by our consumers these are the three fundamental elements of marketing basics for which We will also develop other areas such as market research importance of what is the macro environment the micro environment and other elements also like wool, forgiveness analysis of the behavior of the consumer that in some way will also help us to define those segments and the deep reasons for buying a product or brand such as only I summarize a lot in class in short it is about seeing to see but with marketing eyes we are very used to talking about products in companies but sometimes it is difficult for us to think that this product it will make sense it will have more or less sense of success we talked in some occasions as long as a consumer perceives in that product a value a value associated and differential to the other products with which it also can be found and for which you want to buy there are very clear brands and that serve us today as the first approach that they have been doing for a long time time I know they are brands because obviously very mythical cocacola we speaks of happiness has always told us about the spark of life he is simply talking about a cola soda with which he is considering that there is something else behind buying that soda and we also have to research it in marketing when we talk about manzanita it is not necessary nor putting the brand no me is also part of their marketing strategy and We talk about atel because there are consumers queuing on the eve of the launches of their products as in the most common image magic we have of the sales and it is not a product of sales precisely but without always going to the best known or most common brands or what else resources may have the idea is that regardless of what our product or our brand or our company does not matter what our products are oranges are travel tourism products or services or are products like the less glamorous pasture cops but also much needed in some business situations in any business situation and not business and even the marketing concepts I mentioned earlier segmentation positioning differentiation etc.

Are fundamental in everything we have to do to that I call seeing with eyes of marketing and in that we will work throughout this subject in short going to the concepts after this course I will try that those who follow it are able to focus a business in terms of marketing are able to identify all variables the four basic tools of the marketing mix are able to make a proposal also of research of market to better make those decisions and all that leads them to segment a market of real companies we will work with real cases such as otherwise and to position yourself in it also in this course we will work a generic competence no less important and very also very important in the world of the sea in everything but in the world of marketing also in particular that is teamwork and we will work with method guidelines methodologies that allow at the end of this journey that the teams that arrive at this course because they are consolidated or we are able to communicate better connection to your objectives with an internal work and debate marketing is not an exact science and how and therefore requires debate requires discussion requires opinion and teamwork is Let's go is a fundamental pillar of any decision making regarding the methodology we will do everything possible to make learning meaningful the one that remains forever not the one that is forgotten the next day and Therefore, above all, we will be applying concepts promoting the debates and actual participation in class will have to make oral presentations on teacher the teacher in this case try to speak little or pay the voice to students and we will also have an element of incorporation of is social is where we can get many good examples of marketing too some less illustrious we will talk about everything a little and we will also work on solidarity component within the subject the evaluation will be continuous with some components of evaluation in team with a global work a oral presentation and also some guidelines for improving teamwork and also with a series of individual components in that assessment with tests concepts and also everything each student will have to face a case to Resolving in a private and private way, participation is fundamental in all this and collaboration and therefore there will also be many elements in many moments to assess and regarding the 2.0 tools that we are going to use, in our case, we will continue to use the platform 2.0 in where in addition of course to be all the materials and we pay for exchange of work and discussions as we will create a forum for doubts and It will also serve as a collective and private communication channel between teachers and students but also collectively we have to take advantage more and more of all the tools that we have at our disposal also the option to participate in certain spaces on social networks closely linked to marketing but if on a voluntary level and last or almost last not always I like to start these courses with an inspiring phrase in a person who me at least inspires me a lot since a long time is a being known to all and is from a phrase from his book Road to Happiness when he tells us that happiness is hidden in the waiting room of happiness that means that obviously we are working to obtain good results in this case learn a lot about marketing as it cannot be otherwise but the process is the fun and I hope the approach the structure and the methodologies that I have proposed as an area of ​​work in this course as we also enjoy the process to see if it is correct as You can always contact me I am always on the other side as well as at the level I am also on the other side well via email via face-to-face in the spaces that I am on the internet and of course my collaboration to the fullest I trust that the experience will be beneficial for all that we learn a lot and that those bases that little doll in which we are beginning to work today because little by little it develops until it covers all its objective and therefore not have some excellent professionals in the area of marketing that is needed thank you very much we will continue

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