• Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

Make your Move! Damn people! It's Romain (Inshape), and it's a pleasure to speak with you, today. Fuck the discomfort. Alright, so today folks I'll teach you to succeed in a drop shipping, even if you are starting from zero and you are in trouble, financially speaking. But, before setting foot in the dish, as we say in the Bouchonnois, I have a little surprise for you. I am organizing, under this video, a competition with € 500 up for grabs. Non-fake guarantee, the results will be verifiable by yourself, and the modalities will be very, very simple. Yeah, at monseigneur, not only are you not going ridicule by putting a hashtag #yomnation under the video, but, in addition, it gives the opportunity to earn, almost, half a minimum wage, while staying at home, cushy from your Ikea sofa. More seriously, the modalities, I will specify them a little more late in this video. It will suffice to make a somewhat special comment. That is, an SEO comment. To spoil you a little, we will all together try to do explode the YouTube algorithm, but I'm really going to need of your help to make it work.

So please stay focused, Joe. I assure you it might be funny. I don't think anyone tried that. Not even in the USA, to my knowledge. Here we are. Whether it works, or it doesn't, in the worst case scenario, I would have made one happy. It's good for karma. Unlike most people who already have up close, or by far, touched on drop shipping, I have completely automated my shops so that, whether I work or not, in fact, I have a constant and recurring income that goes into my business.

When I started the drop, I quickly realized that I had not want to become a slave again, of my own business, this time. I quickly realized that I didn't want to spend my days running Facebook campaigns, running behind influencers for bread crumbs. I know most infopreneurs, they'll scream at scandal, but … Fuck you. I go back to my house. A little parenthesis dedicated to all the fragile who are already starting to react in comments. Already, it's your opinion and I don't give a fuck, because, your rage, it doesn't change my reality. And then if I make this video, honestly, boy, it's for you, it's not for me. And know that I would have slaughtered an army of baby seals with hands naked to fall on a video like that, a year and a half ago.

If you have a complex, you put your red thumb, because it's there only computer manipulation that you know how to do. Stay well until the end of the video, because maybe it could change your life. And there, you are saying to yourself: "Great, he will finally reveal to me his secret to getting rich, easily, without investing anything. "False. True, because I will start to reveal my method to you, but, wrong, because there is something that you will owe invest. Don't worry, no need to open the wallet just yet, because we've already dealt with you enough racketeering like that. But, there you go, if you think you're gonna get rich, and you're gonna be part of the 0.1% fan-shaped toes, poor boy, you're in a fucking parallel universe. You are going to have to invest the most precious thing on earth.

Ironically, this is also the most wasted one, as the vast majority of the population is totally unconscious. As Seneca said: "The most precious thing of all, nobody cares. "This great man, he was already preaching the right one say 2000 years ago. We sit down, and we shut our big mouths when the millennial patriarch speak. And guess what is that famous thing he's talking about? I'll give it to you in thousand, it's your time. When you start entrepreneurship, you are a bit of a hassle, and in cash, but you still have a precious resource to invest: your time. Whether you are rich, poor, white, black, green, yellow, vegan, non-vegan, 18-25 member, Zeus disciple member … I do not know. Straight cisgender, non-binary, LGBT, QXYZ, and all letters of the alphabet, you really need to become aware of one thing: it is that we are all equal in the face of death. Except maybe Leo. Him, I'm seriously starting to believe he's a sent cyborg from the future to end humanity.

We humans have a certain amount of time, more or less long, which is imparted to us by God, Allah, Zeus, the Grand Monarch. In short, you understood the delirium. And a very small part of this time, I assure you it better move on to build a business that will put you, and your family, sheltered from want, rather than spending your whole life to run behind pennies. Conclusion, instead of believing that your success depends on some guru, you just found out that success is up to you, of the effort, and of the time that you are willing to invest in your business. Because, yes, you have to move your ass a minimum, if you want to do part of the 1% of the population, or even of the 0.1%, who live a destiny, and who doesn't just survive month after month. Again, this is great news because, one, you eliminate all the sheep unable to start entrepreneurship. Two, all the vagina men who will give up on the first obstacle. And three, all the losers unable to provide the slightest effort. In the end, there are not many people anymore.

This severely limits the number of potential competitors. And if you feel concerned, don't worry Joe, i will do my best to boost your testosterone and swell your balls, in the videos to come. So far you've heard all these dropshippers preach exactly the same church on loop, like old NPCs. "Annoyance, Facebook advertising, annoyance, Instagram posts, etc., etc. Why ? Because they are talented guys, too far from reality, and who are content to stupidly translate content that others gurus preach in the USA. They have led a lot of newbies in error. But don't worry Bro, I personally take care of their case.

The method I'm going to recommend is the one that worked for me. It is the one that allowed me to achieve financial independence at the end of a few months. And this famous method is quite simply drop shipping, combined with SEO. So, SEO, I already talked about it in my second video, it seems to me. If you just arrived, I really invite you to go there watch beforehand. In short, SEO is a term that may seem a little scary, but, in reality, it is a method which is very very simple, and which is made up of three very distinct stages. The first is to provide quality content in the eyes of your customers, and in the eyes of Google. The second is to structure this content. And the third is nabbing street credibility by catching quality backlinks, themed, if possible.

One thing you really need to understand is that the web, it is a universe made up of words and images. And your customers, you, they will formulate their requests on the Internet with words. Nowadays, users are more and more demanding. They need the best possible response, as quickly as possible. And uncle Google's job is to satisfy these eternal people dissatisfied by selecting the website providing the best possible response to human demand. Example, you want to buy a panda t-shirt, you will type your keyword "panda t-shirt" in the Google search bar, who will redirect you to e-commerce sites offering this type of product. Google will not redirect you to blogs that talk about pandas because he knows, anyway, that behind your research, there is a real intention to buy.

Remember, the goal of any search engine, is to respond in the best possible way to the demand of the user. All these words searched in loop on Google, by a number more or less users, these are called keywords. In practice, the keyword "panda t-shirt" is searched 390 times a month. Your goal will be to create a universe of keywords in your awning, revolving around a single niche. For example, if you run into the panda doghouse, you will have to create a maximum of categories and subcategories of products revolving around pandas. More concretely, you could create a pandas clothing category inside which you would have subcategories like t-shirts panda, panda sweatshirt, panda pajamas, panda slippers. Anyway, you get it. You could also create another category, panda accessories, inside which you would have sub-categories like "key chains panda ", panda mugs, panda soft toys, etc., etc. And within each of these subcategories you would have product sheets with long tail keywords. The long tail, I already spoke about it in the last video.

So, I invite you to watch it. Or, wait a few minutes, and I'll give you a quick summary, in this video. We call it the semantic cocoon method, but I'll come back to it. in another video, because I already have enough topics to deal in it. In this video I'm going to go deep into hell doing the analysis of a blind straight out of the bowels of Satan.

You know what ? It is a still largely untapped niche on the French market. Return the favor by subscribing and sharing the channel as much as possible. In short, the shop I'm going to tell you about is nidieunimaitre.com. It's a shop that makes money off nicknames activists, vegan style, anti fa, feminazi, LGBT, QXYZ, etc. Identity-seeking shits that make militant people on their keyboard. Personally, I would be incapable, but then incapable, to make a blind on this niche. It's a thing to go crazy. Even if make circles on the backs of these garbage collections humans would make me laugh. While remaining objective, it is nevertheless an untapped niche, with a lot of potential because, firstly, SEO level, there are a lot of keywords with no competition in the face. Moreover, the administrator of this site is a real (tench) in natural reference. Two, you are dealing with a real niche of enthusiasts. Have you ever eaten a kilo of steak in front of a vegan? You already ordered a feminazi to go do the dishes instead to open its big mouth? I do.

And the discomfort, it was so palpable, that I could touch it. And three, make designs in print on demand on this genre niche, it's super easy. You can even involve your audience if you want, in mode "create your own feminist t-shirt and contribute to the cause big ugly ones with blue hair. "Because, the basis of business, it's exploiting other people's time to make you climb. By the way, I swing other niches of the style, in the living room, cave-Alibaba, from our Discord server.

So, if you're interested, join our community on the server. The link is in the description. Don't forget to download the app. Last small precision before moving on, because I see guys doing anything and shielding keywords everywhere, I will give you a universal rule. You are targeting only one main keyword per page. I repeat, you are targeting only one main keyword per page. Whether it is the login page, the product sheet, or even an article blog. There, for example, I go to the feminism collection page, and LGBT, QXYZ. In short. There, in my opinion, the admin, he made a lot of SEO errors. Already, the (meta-title), and the meta description, are absolutely disgusting. He combined two keywords and two collections into one and same category. Even though it's pretty much the same target of bulb degenerates. Personally, I would have separated the category in two, by creating a collection feminist t-shirts, and a collection of LGBT t-shirts. Because, in addition to targeting different communities, in theory, these are two distinct keywords which each meet a certain audience. Feminist t-shirts, say nearly 320 searches per month, and LGBT t-shirts, that's 140 searches per month.

And that, without taking into account the many matches and keywords associates. So, that's what it gives at the shopify level. I would have made a collection of feminist t-shirts. Feminist / nidieunimaître t-shirt. At the URL level, I'm going to modify a little bit, because that's good to vary. So instead of putting on a feminist t-shirt, I'm going to add two E's, because, in French, there are two different possible spellings for t-shirt. In terms of the meta description, you really have to do something something that is between 148 and 155 characters long. You have to try to fit in a keyword, even if it doesn't really matter on Google. But, in fact, the meta description is very important to maximize click-through rate. Suddenly, you have to do something engaging, and write well. Me, I quickly put on "quality feminist t-shirt, for a strong, independent, militant, and committed woman ". Each sale is another small step against the oppressive patriarchy. For the second collection, it's LGBT t-shirt. We have LGBT / nidieunimaitre t-shirt. At the URL level, same, I varied a little, I added two E to T.

And in terms of the meta description, it would look something like Claim your belonging with this quality LGBT t-shirt. Don't let the system tell you who you are. Lesbian, gay, transgender, let's unite. "I promise you, writing such bullshit, it made me want to decide fingers raw. But the advantage is that this kind of example, in fact, it will stay engraved in your memory. In conclusion, if I had to shop on the list of nicknames activists, I would make a collection of feminist t-shirts, and a collection of LGBT t-shirts, keeping the two separate. Then, inside each collection, I'll add lots of products to contribute to the semantic cocoon, by targeting a keyword per tee-shirt. I'll take the feminist t-shirt collection, for example. Inside this collection, you will have lots of t-shirts claiming the cause of ugly with a negative IQ. There you have el famoso t-shirt with "we can do it", by Rosie the Riveter. So I'm going to take a look at Google and, there, I see that one recommends me the key word "Rosie the t-shirt Rivet.

”The easiest way to find out if a keyword is sought is to ask Google. Ah, yes, by the way. You have to understand something. It is because Google is trying to make our life as easy as possible. And it does that in particular thanks to its auto-completion tool that we calls Google Suggest. The search engine, it will just make you recommendations in relation to the keywords entered in the bar search by other users. If he offers us "Rosie the Riveter t – shirt" as a suggestion for search before I even finish typing the rest, it means that the keyword is validated.

Even though Keyword Everywhere, the extension I told you about, tells us the opposite, our keyword meets an audience, because Google offers auto-completion only if searches have already been done on this keyword by other users. Personally, I would have added two different t-shirts with Rosie on Feminist T-Shirts Collection with the following keywords. Here is a t-shirt with a first design, to be able to stall the word key t-shirt Rosie the Riveter. We have Rosie blablabla / nidieunimaître t-shirt. In the URL, I modify it a bit. I put two E's after the T, because there are two spellings different in French. And in the meta description, a feminist t-shirt with the effigy of the famous Rosie … You are trying to reach between 148 and 155 characters.

Then, a second design, to be able to place a second keyword. So it will be pretty much the same image. But OK. Try to vary it. And we'll have the we can do it t-shirt. With the we can do it t-shirt, I also vary a little in the URL. And in terms of the meta description, it gives "screaming feminist t-shirt loud and clear the famous "we can do it", by Rosie … You know the song. After optimizing your meta title, url, and meta description, you will have to optimize your description.

But, that too, even if I'm gonna get hit, I'll talk about it another time, because I don't have time. Now, we will have to optimize the product image. First of all, you will download the image to your computer, and you're going to rename the filename, because Google reads absolutely everything. Then you have to go download a good application automatic image compression, to avoid slowing down your site. The more images you add, the slower your site will be. You can also compress images by hand in sites that are made for that, but you risk compromising the quality, and it's way too time consuming. The chinetoque work that eats your brains out is better delegate it to an application, or to an Indian assistant, or something like that.

Or a Paki. About this I gave a Shopify app for image compression, in the tips section of the Discord server. Take a walk, if you're interested. Once the image has been downloaded, you will have to take care of the alt text. So what is alt text? Well, it is very simple. You, like me, we use images on our blinds, but i'm willing to bet you don't know that google he is unable to read an image. In any case, for the moment. This is why we must give it a little help by naming images.

But it should not be done just any old way. The text must always make sense in relation to the photo. More concretely, on Shopify, you just have to press alt, and you will come and paste your meta title. Here, I will paste Rosie blablabla t-shirt, on this image. If you have multiple images for a single product, you need to diversify alt text, with synonyms, for example, and avoid repeating ten times the same. You also have the tags to fill in. But, honestly, I'm too lazy to explain it to you. I will talk about it another time. In my previous video, I started to discuss the principle long tail. I really invite you to pause, and watch the game 1 of this mini drop shipping training course, if you haven't already. And because I know there will always be lazy people who won't take no need to do it, I'll give you a quick summary. The keywords I told you about earlier can be divided into two categories.

So the first category is the short tail category with shorter keywords, no more than two words, popular, and competitive, such as "Buddha statues." The second category is the long tail keyword. These are longer keywords, three words or more, more targeted and not very competitive, such as "garden seated Buddha statue". The long tail generally consists of keywords that are little used, or at least little-known synonyms, which due to their low use by Internet users, they will be much less competitive. If less research is done on these keywords, it is on the other hand much easier to place yourself in the Top 3 results of Google is lagging behind, hence the interest. The long tail and the short tail, it's a bit the same difference between running a race with your grandmother and running a race with Usain Bolt. A keyword like "T-shirt" is a short tail keyword very competitive.

No chance to position yourself there. "Men's T-shirt" is fun, no chance. On the other hand, "Unicorn death metal t-shirt", there, there is way to do something and position yourself on a store which deals only with unicorns. The stupid and mean strategy, but that works, it is simply to add a maximum of products relating to your niche in well-organized collections. You do the fun little SEO blog. For the blog, I will devote an entire video to it. You reference a lot of short tail and long tail keywords. You will look for the right backlinks, themed if possible. And bim, it's the jackpot: first place your fingers in the nose.

Especially since a store on such a theme, you really have to be a damn mongolian not to reach the 1,000 visitors per day after a few months. In short, in short, in short, why dropshipping is ideal for long tail keywords? It's very simple. "Buddha statue", even if it is a keyword that will still meet 3,600 searches per month, that corresponds to one and the same short tail keyword. Next to this short tail keyword, you will have hundreds or even thousands of long tail keywords, "garden Buddha statue" style, "wooden Buddha statue", etc. And the thing is, on the volume, it's all these little keywords which will bring you more traffic, because they will be present in addition large quantity.

And more money, because they will bring you back much more qualified visitors. The guy who searches for "Buddha statue sitting in garden" has better luck to convert, that the turkey which simply hits "Buddha statue". Dropshipping allows you to add an unimaginable number of products in your store. The methods that I will teach you will allow you to find the keywords that match. Do you see where I'm going or not, Joe? If you don't understand, let me clear it up for you a little bit. More products = more keywords. More keywords = more traffic. More traffic = more customers, and therefore more money. And all this completely for free. This is the magic loop of SEO. And if you combine that with a well-managed block and good backlinks, so there is no competition, especially on the French market which is full of Mongols and which is 20 years behind.

In the previous video, I also told you about the tool free Yooda Insight, which is ideal for galley slaves who do not have a circle in their pocket. I'm gonna be good lord and throw you another super cool tool to make you a big list of keywords. This tool is keywordshitter.com. This thing is a real bulldozer. He will give you keywords like a nag, not to know until make. I give you the example with "Buddha statue". Let it work a bit and voila, look at all these keywords, it is really abused. And you know what ? I have a method to sort all this by category in a nice table Excel. I can also show you how to quickly list all the keywords of your competing sites, and classify them by name and volume to save you hours and hours of Chinese labor. I don't know if you realize the trick, but it's real analysis market that will allow you to detect promising products in your niche and the categories to be implemented.

But like I said in my first video, I'm not a Samaritan, and if you think I'm going to give you everything for free, you're in a fucking parallel universe, Joe. I remind you of the existence of the Keywords Everywhere extension. It is not the most accurate tool on Earth, but it has the merit to exist and it allows you to discover nuggets here and there, without breaking … There, I take an example by typing the keyword "Buddha statue". You can notice that thanks to this tool, you know directly how much people search for this keyword per month. In this case, 3,600. It's definitely worth it to position yourself on it. And on the right, the tool will recommend you another list of keywords. For those who want the extension, it is in the Tips section from the Discord server.

In fact, I already spoke about it earlier, but in addition to the different tools available on the web, you can simply use Google's suggestions. Here, for example, on the word "Buddha statue", we have "Buddha statue cheap "," garden Buddha statue "," wooden Buddha statue ", "sitting Buddha statue", "standing", "laughing", "gifi", "stone", "exterior", old wood ", etc. In the same vein, you have related research. You just have to scroll down the page to find them. Personally, it allows me to find enough keywords regularly. And once the keyword is found, I just have to grab the product that matches it. Or if it doesn't exist on AliExpress, you can create it in Print on demand. And then, boom, let's go. It's silly and mean, you click and you go search associate in associated research to nab a maximum of keywords to give you an idea of ​​the market.

There are still a lot of methods to find keywords, whether paid or free elsewhere. But the same, a magician unfortunately never reveals all his secrets. I prefer to be direct with you from the start, it's not enough add lots of products to your store in one and the same disgusting collection if you want Google to take its site seriously. All the products you are going to add, to nab as many keywords as possible and to expand your range, you have to sort them correctly for two main reasons. The first reason is that if your shop is a huge mess poorly arranged that goes all over the place, Google is not going to enjoy it too much.

The second reason is that your e-commerce must be ergonomic and fluid if you want to have a good user experience. It will be much easier to lead the user to the product that could interest him if your Store is tidy by categories, rather than balancing all your products in one place in the mode: "Go ahead, (pelo), get away with it, I don't care fuck. "I'll take a controversial example, because it seems to me that Fortnite is licensed. I prefer to warn in advance: avoid this kind of product by dropshipping, you might get into trouble for nothing, and the game is not worth the candle. And that's a tip from a guy who already plays with fire regularly. But it turns out that the guys who run this kind of shop are very often tricksters more or less gifted in SEO, because they are banned from Facebook and cannot use traditional ads.

Be careful, I repeat myself: I do not recommend this kind of niche. There, I chose this store because it has well organized its categories, more or less well organized. The first thing I notice is that it is a PrestaShop and not a Shopify. And there I wanted to come, that's it: look how he organized its categories. He didn't throw that out in a storage room at all. He separated his products into several sections to facilitate the work Google, and to give a better user experience to potential visitors. I take the example of the Clothing category. You can notice that the site administrator did not put on all his clothes in one category, he separated that into three sections.

There is the section Men's clothing, Women's clothing, Children's clothing. In its place, I would have added Clothing before, like this for SEO. But OK… Same for the subsections elsewhere: I would have made T-shirts men, men hoodies, men sweatshirts, women t shirts, Women's hoodies, Women's sweatshirts, Kids' T-shirts, Kid's Hoodies, Kid's Sweatshirts, etc. for the rest of the subcategories, it's better for SEO. After that, it's true that you have to know how to juggle optimization for Google and optimization for users.

Everyone has their own tastes at this level. And there, in the men's T-shirt category, yeah, it's not terrible. Already, he hasn't made a personalized meta-description. And then he didn't optimize his Metatitle, nor his URL. I'll show you all this directly on Google, since he shouldn't have a lot of competitors. There you go, he messed up his SEO. Suddenly, his collection page is not even on the first page results. He is lucky, he still has a product sheet that is ranked. But suddenly, all of that bothers me. So I make sites: boutique-fortnite.com with T-shirt after.

There you go, that's perfect. We come across the children's part. At the metatitle level, I would have removed the "for" and I would have put a vertical slash instead of a dash, but that's detail. At the URL level, same, it sucks. We have to rework. It's a shame, moreover, because on PrestaShop, you are a little less limited in terms of URLs than on Shopify. All he would have had to do is put on a tee, "fortnite-kids-t-shirts".

Instead, he put on "38-tee-shirt". It's not optimized at all. And at the metadescription level, it's the same. You left it blank because that's the Google automatic selection, who doesn't really want to make sense. That, make it a personalized one, something cleaner. Same for your old two-star Rich Snippet: it's not phew conversion level. Conclusion: a lot of things to rework. Anyway, Joe, if you manage your SEO well, you can have your collection in first result and a product sheet in second result. It's great because you eat the whole market. Ah yes, you need to know that in theory Google attributes a lot more importance to a login page rather than a file products, so don't forget to work well with your collections.

We pass when you all expected: the famous competition. The contest is that everyone throws a (#iomnation) in comments. Nah, I'm joking. You're gonna have to post a comment, but it's gonna be a little more complex than that. There you really have to stay focused and mindful because that's that part which will allow you to participate in the contest. First of all, you have to understand that. So that Google is really satisfied, and this is particularly valid for blog posts, it will not be enough to shield 1000 times the same keyword in a page. Google is a spoiled rotten kid. You have to explain things to him very simply, and he will prefer always quality content. If you want to meet his requirements, you will have to work on your universe semantics, that is to say a vocabulary that revolves around your subject.

To put it simply, it is about adding terms in its content usually associated with the main keyword. For example, the keywords "Gotham City", "Batmobile", "Bruce Wayne", "superheroes", or "the Joker", are part of the vocabulary that Usually revolves around the main keyword "Batman". In SEO circles, all of these words are called co-occurrences. To give another example: you want to write an article weight training blog, it won't be enough to repeat 10,000 times the word bodybuilding in the article so that you are well referenced, it is quite simply spam which risks being sanctioned by Google.

Suddenly, you will have to add in your article a whole bunch of co-occurrences, such as "body building", "Arnold Schwarzenegger", "bodybuilding", "body weight", "proteins", "doping", etc. And the thing is, Google is able to identify these co-occurrences. If you want your page to stand out from the competition, you have to that you start by proposing a well-written text with a vocabulary well supplied. Without forgetting that it allows to work the long tail, but that, I will not go back over it. But what does this have to do with the competition with 500 euros at stake? It's very simple, if you don't know: Google bought YouTube for $ 1.65 billion. And the consequence is that YouTube's algorithm is to more and more similar to that of Google. So it all gave me an idea, but I really need your participation to make it work.

I'll explain the delirium to you. Joe, basically you're gonna have to write a natural comment below that video, using the semantic field revolving around "training dropshipping ". I'll give you an example: the main keyword, it is "dropshipping training". I add slashes around. I will put the co-occurrences between asterisks so that you understand, but no need to do it on your side. Moreover, for those who will make a mistake by adding asterisks and slashes, you will be automatically disqualified for non-compliance with the instructions. And yeah, Joe, this is the Gestapo. This is the kind of typical comment you should write if ever you want to hope to win: "Another great video from Dropshipping Reborn.

I better understand the use of Shopify and supplier to AliExpress thanks to you. Besides, I decided to launch my own e-commerce site in the week. I hope my online store will have maximum sales. What do you think of Facebook advertising as an acquisition channel? In short, your video on natural referencing is on top. Without a doubt, this is the best dropshipping training of the year 2019. Long live SEO. "I have enlarged the lines so that you understand better. But now, if you want to have a chance to win, you will have to lay that kind of SEO comments under the video.

And if you want to maximize your chances, you'll have to tap into the lexical field of dropshipping for more diversity. I have my own scoring system: the semantic field, spelling, keyword selection, text length. Anyway, I really take it super seriously. Rest assured, I am not participating for a matter of fairness. You have the right to post several comments to multiply your chances. But be careful, the comments must be logical and totally different. The person spamming the same comment several times will be automatically disqualified. Finally, yes, I will quote the name of the winner in Part 3 of my mini-training. Good luck to everyone. I could also have told you about the SEO blog, it's a real gold mine that nobody exploits, it is abused.

And if you don't think so, take a look at the Shopify site. I already talked about it in another video, but when am I going even repeat it. Even Shopify, an SEO blog to attract customers. Yeah, they're not gonna spit on a constant stream of free customers. A blog is a great way to interact with your visitors and to attract maximum traffic. But because I'm tired and the video is already enough long like that, I won't talk about it today.

(No rage). The big advantage of Shopify over WordPress and all other CMS, is that it premaches you the work by removing all the ultra boring technical part. Conclusion: with the right niche, the right keywords, a good store organized around a semantic course, and SEO articles optimized, the Facebook ad you can cut it for life and put a big (tos). Afterwards, you're not an extremist like me either. Don't forget to retarget on Facebook, etc., on visitors who have already visited your site, thanks to SEO.

Once you understand the principle of SEO, you automate everything, you duplicate, you just settled in Malta, and you put your big ass pachyderm on your hammock while waiting for Shopify notifications. Now it's up to you. You can take the SEO train right now, or wait to get knocked out like a noob by your competitors. And if you liked this video, subscribe if you haven't yet, and share the channel if you want me to post more videos regularly.

I really want to thank you all for your enthusiasm during the lives and under the comments of each video. Special dedication to the brother for video editing, and to (Gap) for mini-games. Thanks to all the Discord moderator and admin teams. Without you guys, I can't do it. Thanks to everyone in the community. I don't know if you realize, but we already have plenty exceeded 10,000 subscribers, and you know what that means: that means that we are part of the big leagues, now. Oh damn, that was (evil). Come on, swing the video. Give this snake charmer our answer. By the power of Ra, Mut, Nut, Ranoum, Ptah, Nephthys, Nekhbet, Sobek, Sekhmet, Sokar, Selket, Reshpou, Ouadjet, Anubis, Anoukis, Seshmou, Meshret, Hemsout, Tefnout, Heket, Mafdet, Râ, Mout, Nout, Takar, Sekmout, Sokar, Keket, Seshmou, Reshpou, Sobek, Nekbet, Heqet, Mafdet, Nefti, Nerfert, Râââ Do you think you have friends in very high places who have the power to shut us down …

So forgive our amused smiles, you'll know what power is when it's over. Small. You play in the big leagues now. You play in the big leagues now. Oh, that's pretty. All of our sleight of hand shows that we are aces. You play in the big leagues now. You play in the big leagues now. You play in the big leagues now. Stop this stupid mission. See a real magician demonstrate to you. Pick up your wand my little one, You play in the big leagues now! By the power of Ra, Mut, Nut, Ranoum, Ptah Sobek, Sekhmet, Sokar, Selket, Anubis, Anoukis Hemsout, Tefnout, Meshret, Nekbet You play in the big leagues now. By the power of Horus, you will kneel before our perfect power. Ah you rebel, you pull out your claws But as we are not resentful But since we don't hold a grudge, you can be our partner, but first you must bow. Unhook your grave, my child. You play in the big leagues, you play in the big leagues, you play in the big leagues, you play in the big leagues, you play in the big leagues, you play in the big leagues, you play in the big leagues, you play in the big leagues, NOW !

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