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[Music] okay hi everybody I'm John Lincoln and welcome to another ignite visibility University today we're talking about Facebook I'm going to give you an overview of Facebook pretty much everything you know you need to know about how the platform is broken down so some really good stuff and here general stuff but stuff that I think that you'll be interested in and probably some nuggets of information that you've never even heard before so Facebook you know billions of users on the platform definitely a way that you can make revenue and drive leads to your website and use it in a very successful way for marketing so let's dive into it so with Facebook it's basically broken down in the following ways there's pages of course for your business right and that's one of the main ways people use use Facebook but in addition there's also groups and groups are actually used for a lot of businesses as well there's there's some some subtleties between the two in some cases you might want to choose a group over your page actually for your business I'll talk more about that then there's of course apps and then there's fundraisers events and payments okay so when you're looking at all these things when it comes down to business marketing you're looking mostly at pages right as a way to promote your your business or yourself or whatnot your groups for business apps you can actually make an application for Facebook and I've made near fifty different apps for a lot of different purposes and then fundraisers if you want to get money and then of course events if you're a local business in payments all that does is it just tracks the payments that you've made on Facebook so not really anything you're going to be super interested in then of course there's also moments to now when it comes to moments all that is is just an app that that Facebook has created that allows you to share photos with your friends and families so not really super important for businesses okay so let's jump into pages so when you when you look at you know Facebook from a business perspective you're generally looking at pages as the most important thing now pages are broken down by local business company organization brand or product entertainment or caused or community so those are the different segments of pages now with pages though you really don't get a ton of exposure unless you have a big community or unless you have a really good edge rank score okay so edge rank is critical for Facebook if you want to be successful if you want to have high engagement you have to have an excellent edge rank score I'm going to talk more about that in a little bit now what's nice about groups and the reason that a lot of people choose them is because if you're in a group then you get a notification from the owner of that group if they do an update unless of course you've turned off notification so so really you know pages it's like you have to do advertising or have a great edge rank score with that individual user in order to really get your information in front of them right unless of course you're doing live and that shoots to the top but for for groups you automatically get those updates in front of them a lot more engagement a lot more notifications okay so when it comes to groups there's a couple different types there's public groups right and that's anybody can join there's closed groups where anybody can see it but not anybody can join unless they're invited and then there's secret groups where you can't find it in the only way that you can make it in is if you're invited and somebody sends that to you and then there's one other type of group on Facebook that not a lot of people know about and that's a buy and sell group and that's a group where you can basically buy and sell in trade things with other people for money and there's some pretty active ones that go on there okay so that's kind of the main difference between those two when you get into apps what people are doing a lot of is they're using applications to run contests they're using applications to build interact of games I remember I was working with a very large jewelry client and we built an interactive game that was really really successful on Facebook so it's very easy to create an app and to launch that and you can do it something as basic as just a little form or you can do something as advanced as an interactive game that people will enjoy okay so now we've talked a little bit about the difference between these most important things I'd like to get into ads for pages so one thing that you need to know is that if you're going to be doing a page unless you're just an incredibly you know popular public figure or a brand that people really really want to follow you're probably going to need to do advertising so I highly recommend that anybody have an advertising program one for building the size of their community and then another one for acquisition now when I say acquisition I think you should be thinking about macro and micro so what I mean by that is that if you're an individual business and you're looking to drive revenue to your website then you should have an ad strategy that does that through Facebook ads and in addition you should and that would be a macro goal so looking to accomplish that that sale you should also have a micro goal and when I say micro I mean something like capturing somebody's email address we're getting somebody to their website just so you can do some remarketing to them later on and you of course should have KPIs with all of those things so Facebook is awesome for capturing emails and you can use emails for so many different things mind you you can use emails to remarket to people right throughout the internet you can use emails to create look-alike audiences on Facebook where basically if you upload over a thousand email addresses it will create a profile of your demographic and then you can basically replicate that over and over and then reach out to more and more people so email adjusts are really powerful you can even use them to target people through Gmail target people through Google AdWords you can use it for your content remarketing so if you have Facebook posts you can all these people it should be a blog post you can email these people over and over so that they see you as a thought leader in the space so that would be an example of a micro goal that you'd use Facebook ads for so when you're running Facebook ads you're going to do that through the business manager right and they basically break it down in a couple different ways right so generally you're either doing ads for your page or you're doing ads for your apps or you're doing ads for an individual post okay so that's usually how people are looking at it now if you get really advanced with ads or just you know semi advanced really you're going to be using the power editor so the power editor is one of the main ways that people manage Facebook Ads unless of course they're using a third-party tool okay so when we getting to ads basically they've broken it down like this in the system so you've got awareness consideration and conversions and Facebook's actually done a really good job of breaking these things down into buckets okay so when we say awareness we're looking at ads that boost posts promote your page reach people near your business create brand awareness or increase retention and what's really nice is what Facebook is done is they've laid it out in this way so that when you're choosing your ads and you're setting it up you actually get to pick the intent that you're looking for from the awareness perspective now on the consideration side they've got send people off of Facebook right that would be an ad where you're driving somebody to your website or to a landing page to accomplish a goal right you can get app installs you can raise event attendance get video views or collect leads right they've done a good job all of these are around goals and any good marketer needs to have goals conversions increase website conversions increase app engagement get people to claim an offer promote product catalog give people to visit a website store so what I'll say is they've got all these things but the most important thing is you know anybody can go on and set up an ad on Facebook and anybody can lose a lot of money do that you actually really have to be have a lot of expertise you have to dial in all of the the individual things like your demographic right where are you where are you targeting these ads and that's really the next step so what you'll be doing in the next step picking your audience your placements your budget and your schedule and then the format the media and that you're going to be using the format of the media or is it going to be text so with these things for example if you're doing a Facebook ad you you know you might want to launch a video right that tells you that says how amazing you know your product is and then that pushes you to a landing page that landing page then you know tries to capture your email address you didn't be thinking about what your goals are and then working backwards and then making sure that you have picked the right ad type you've got the right audience you haven't gone too broad and you're not blasting it out all over Facebook where you're you know you've got really low you know cost per click or cost per impression but you're not getting the conversions and then you've got to have a really good ad and format because otherwise you won't have a good engagement so that's a little bit about Facebook Ads for pages again you want to be building the size of your community micro and macro goals through Facebook all tied around ROI for your business okay so with that being said I'd like to talk just a little bit about things that you want to think about inside of Facebook so first wrap your head around this inside of the Facebook search box right people search inside of Facebook and that's becoming a bigger thing and you actually can run search ads inside of Facebook but they've got results for latest people photos videos shop places groups apps and events and that's kind of how they broken down all of Facebook so those are the types of content that you can create okay so when you're reviewing a Facebook page okay what you want to look at is the type of content that's been created for that page and then the overall page community okay so now I'd like to talk about that so if you're reviewing Paige okay what you're going to be doing is and I call this a social media sentiment analysis where you kind of get the whole the feel of the brand and what they've created via Facebook and how they can target better things but when you're doing a social media sentiment analysis you're going to want to look at the sources of traffic through Facebook Insights that are coming to the page so Facebook Insights actually tells you did you get a bunch of traffic to your Facebook page from Forbes did you get a bunch of traffic to your Facebook page from your website and then based off of that you can modify the content that you're creating so that it can be more adhered to the type of contour the type of traffic that's coming to the page make sense you also want to review your tab analytics so inside of Facebook it's going to show you each of your individual tabs and how much traffic each one gets if these two are really highly trafficked and people like it you're getting higher engagement focus more on those if these ones aren't getting any engagement cut them and you know melt build a tab that's better right it's going to show you your demographic of people coming to your page right not your community on the page but people coming to your page from these other traffic sources and again that can be really helpful one of the things I like to do is I like to go inside of Google Analytics and I like to look at the demographic reports and then based off of those demographic reports take that information juxtapose it with the Facebook page and then look at your overall kind of social media demographic and then use that to create your personas and your content so that you're you're targeting things effectively with internet marketing it's all about these little subtleties you can see your actions on the page so on Facebook any page has the action but right here right and that can be for any type of call to action or goal that you have for the business right so you can see how many actions are taken on the page and what demographics are taking actions on the page so with a very large client recently we saw that people 18 through 24 we're taking the most actions on the on the on the Facebook button that they had so based off of that we're able to refine that strategy for the Facebook banner and for the content so that we could squeeze out more revenue for the client this good is very successful and something that we as part of our program here and something you should be looking at you can also see where your fans are online you can see the best post that you've had so if you go inside of Facebook Insights what you're going to want to do is look at your best posts right and and filter that by engagement right filter that by virality and look at the ones that have performed the best then take that and use that information and apply it to your future editorial calendar right this is the name of the game if people are seeing that your posts and they're clicking on it and engaging on it you're going to rank higher on Facebook you're gonna have to pay way less for Facebook Ads and you're going to have much more higher organic reach so these little tweaks really count so look at your best posts look at your overall demographic and then make sure that you're using the right tags and hashtags so that you can have a higher edge we kind of like hint to that edge rank a couple times so what is edge rank okay it's the algorithm that Facebook has in order to show your posts to your community right and so this is what it's made out of right so edge rank they say it's euw d right that's how you look at edge rank right so the U is for affinity score right between the creator and the viewer right so for my Facebook page or for John link and marketing Facebook page or the Ignite visibility Facebook page I have an affinity score between the person who's seeing my content and then my my own individual page right and the more interaction that you have there the higher the score is the lower the lower right so that's the affinity score and then there's the wait for the edge rank type right so videos have a certain way right text has a certain has a certain way text with a certain type of tag has a certain weight images have a certain weight right so based off of this way in the affinity score Google is calculating those excuse-me Facebook is calculating those things together and then and then determining where this is shown right and then finally there's a time decay factor so when was the post sent out and they look at when the post was sent out the weight and then the affinity and all those things together and then based off of that that's determines what's shown there right so you see how important this social media sentiment analysis is to your EdgeRank score it makes sense okay so this is a basic introduction to Facebook there's a lot to this platform you can definitely make revenue on it if you're just looking to get started these are my five steps for you here okay with with kind of like any given new page that you're evaluating or even starting from scratch so when you get started make sure you pick the right platform right make sure your your on the right one you could be wasting your time I'll tell you I see so many of these like multi-level marketing or franchise in some cases it's better to have a group than a page you might be on completely the wrong thing and if you're on a page are you using the international Facebook pages Facebook page global or are you using you know multiple pages for location or just one main page right these are things you need to think about Facebook has a huge local aspect so take the right platform once you've done that build a community of course you know through a variety of ways such as ads and then a hopefully organic analyze your data constantly every week be tweaking it know your demographic who's on there you know these are real people who are seeing your stuff right and if you've got 10,000 followers you really need to take a look at those analytics create an ad strategy and a content strategy at micro and macro conversions right as well as the community building side and then tie it tie the entire thing around the website goal so that's that's how you want to get going so this is an introduction to Facebook I hope that this was interesting to you I'll cover more advanced stuff and go more in depth in future videos and I hope you have a great day see you next time

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