• Sun. Feb 28th, 2021

when I put out a notice that I was
making a birthday cake for dogs he wouldn't believe the number of
applicants I got and look at our winner it's Finn
hey Finn happy birthday and today we are gonna make Finn not only a healthy cake
for dogs but I believe her not is edible for humans to you and I can share cake
one shared cake we can share a cake okay we're gonna need three eggs okay so I
know you can't help me with this but eggs are good for your eyes there's lots
of protein and we're also gonna put in half a cup of peanut butter I'm using an
unsweetened peanut butter and you have the best part of this Finn is you can
lick the spoon party time we're gonna add half a cup of coconut oil and the
nice thing about coconut oil is that this is the fat we eat but also coconut
oil has a certain type of acid in it that's really good at boosting the
immunity for dogs we need some water so we're doing 2/3 a cup whisk this all
together and then I asked you to bring some friends for your birthday party and
I see only you showed up wearing a hooray
it's cake day this is meant to be shared but it's okay it's your birthday you do
ever you want okay so fan the next thing we have we
need to make the cake part into this we're gonna put 2 cups of whole wheat
flour baking soda 2 teaspoons of this we're adding some carrots 2 cups that's
about two big handfuls it has all that beta-carotene all that fiber I've got 2
cake pans see that I just take a little bit of the coconut oil grease them and
then we take this batter and look at that whoa by the way how old are you you
are you don't look a day over 4 that's crazy
at 350-degrees we're gonna cook this for aprox be 20 minutes
but Finn and I already have one that's baked in the oven and cooling down so we
don't have to wait for this and then we have to make next
it's the frosting right it's just equal parts Greek yogurt and peanut butter and
then we just mix it together what's great about yogurt for dogs is that it's
got probiotics and protein and when you mix this together it actually creates a
really beautiful frosting doesn't it it looks pretty good
Jen take a look a cakes finished looks so good they're nice and cool you don't
want to serve a hot cake to a dog you can see the pieces of carrot inside now
at defrost it I'm gonna put a little bit on this layer like hi
run it along the sides you can decorate the top with the dog biscuits alright
then you need your hat and now let's see if Finn likes this cake there you go
happy birthday fed and happy birthday to all of your dogs at home and hopefully
you'll make them a cake just like this and have a really festive wonderful day
happy birthday

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