• Sun. Mar 7th, 2021

hello dear internet here is alex berger and in this video i will explain to you how you can best plan your videos so that you can enjoy them more should bring spectators to the customers already noticed at conferences but also with professional providers many many videos at once then all videos are simply produced on put online the same day and then nothing happens for months why that is not the best way I will now explain to you what is actually the problem i'll show you an example now as you can see that is a lot of videos maybe the videos are too interesting but I come as a viewer who has subscribed to this channel just don't bother me with too many videos at once set that means I'll pick the two most interesting videos and the one rest I just forgot that it was sent, so to speak, that shows you sometimes here in such a small graphic here you can see in gray how many videos all in all, they were published in the first week eight videos cut out then nothing happened for two months four more videos were published so a total of twelve videos published but i'm not the only one of the not twelve videos want to watch all at once so it's so i might have a video or two watch two weeks later the videos are not more up-to-date I don't even see them anymore exist and I don't get to watch the other videos that means i have only seen three of the twelve videos although I was really interested in the topic, you would videos plan that a new video will be released every week you would have more views because I can have one video per week look and I am pleased that the provider has such great content means after the twelve weeks i saw twelve different videos and not only 3 this procedure has another advantage it not only brings direct views but it also brings indirect like it because the more viewers you have on your videos at the beginning, the higher they go the videos are also in the search results and the more clicks you get organic to it and it is undoubtedly so that your subscribers those who are most interested in your videos are also on longest watch if we are already planning then I'll tell you now the most important tips you have to pay attention to and then also those Finding out the perfect time and the perfect day of the week is there there is no general answer because depending on the target group, the perfect time is different when euro target group watches videos there is, for example, a difference between business and hobbies Students watch most of the videos during the week after 4 p.m.

students the perfect time right after school when they actually Should do homework at companies, it is so that depending on topic often very early videos are watched as early as 10 a.m. Breakfast will be drinking coffee or after the lunch break or in the evening that is Depending on the industry, you have to try things out and find a hobby actually almost exclusively in the evening and on the weekend and if you are on schedule then it has a huge advantage because most of your competitors will not plan that means you publish the videos as soon as they are online that means 90 percent of all videos are on weekdays during normal working hours put online on public holidays and at the weekend is pretty much legacy for it youtube it says it often does focus on the weekend or to publish in the evening during the competition freedom and yours videos I personally publish most of the videos on Friday evening the reason is simply following me noticed that most of the subscribers get together on the weekend and me assume that the people at the time they subscribe will also be on so most of the time I put my videos online on the weekend and then have besides all of the competition he has immediately when the video is finished the video is published if you want to know someone is planning a video then look you now have the right instructions for it there I will explain what you have to do and then you can start positioning your own videos better I also have a great newsletter in which you can join Register for free and you will get more great youtube tips like these here in your mailbox you don't have to worry about it and yes even in the google algorithm that a video no longer suggests my next one you will definitely have the info and if you have youtube professional then, however, 30 minutes of free consultation with me I look forward to seeing you next time

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