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7 Steps to Differentiated Marketing Strategy – part 1


Dec 7, 2020

♪ [music] ♪ Hi. Today, I want to talk about 7 Steps
to a Differentiated Marketing Strategy. Now, we'll be talking about it in two
parts, and today is part one. Let's talk with where you start. The best place to start is with a good
understanding of the business situation that your firm is facing. Understand the business context you're in,
and that will tell you what are the primary goals. And we'll help you figure out how to track
your success along the way, as well.

Now, your second thing is to research the
client segments that you're trying to understand. And this is very helpful,
because you understand the motivations of your clients, the issues that are
important to them, the things that make your firm stand out. Because once you get your differentiators,
then you're also going to have to promote them. So, as much as you can understand about
your target audience, it helps you with the differentiators and
will help you later on. Research reduces your risk. The third thing you do is to position your
firm in the marketplace. In other words, look for what are the
things that are setting your firm apart that are of value to your clients at the
time they're making the selection? Don't make the mistake of only focusing on
what your long-term clients value. They may come to value you as a trusted
adviser, for example. But they didn't start out looking for a
trusted adviser. They started out looking for someone who
could help them generate more growth, or improve their tax situation. In other words, they chose you for your

Position your firm in terms of your
expertise. Now, next time we'll get into more. But in the meantime,
if you're interested in learning more about differentiating and positioning your
firm, I'd recommend the course in Hinge University. So, go to
hingeuniversity.com/differentiation. And good luck. Thank you. ♪ [music] ♪.

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