• Wed. Feb 24th, 2021

You want to rank number one on Google. How do you think you will achieve it? Most people say that you have to build links. Most say you have to do SEO on page. But where do you start? Hello everyone. I am Neil Patel. And today I'm going to share with you seven free tools to help you to position yourself number one in Google. My first tip for you is the Quick Sprout Analyzer. Quick Sprout is a free tool. You go to quicksprout.com, you write your url; is a gamified SEO application, and he will tell you and explain all the things that are wrong, and will guide you step by step on how to fix some. For example, if you are not entering the correct keywords in your title tag or your description or in your image alt tags, Quick Sprout will tell you.

And you just have to click on a button, and it will show you too which keywords to add and where. And you know what, the best of Quick Sprout, is that if you do not have technical knowledge, and you want to post these changes, you don't need to know code. Quick Sprout can publish them for you. The second tool I have for you, if you are using WordPress, is the Yoast SEO plugin, it is one of my favorite tools. It has a free version and a paid version. I personally used the paid version, but you can choose any. They are both amazing. Now with the Yoast SEO plugin, every time you make a blog post, will give you a score and tell you, how can you make your title tag, your meta description, and you can choose different keywords and show search engines something different what your users see. And the best thing about the Yoast SEO plugin is that you can optimize each of the your blog posts to get the most traffic. And every time you post a new blog post, it will even update the sitemap automatically.

Which brings me to the third tool. The Google Search Console. Well, what the Google Search Console does is, every time you post a new blog post, or a new page, you have an XML site map. The XML site map will probably be created by the Yoast plugin, that's what I use, and it's what most experts use. Then you send that to the Search Console. Additionally, the Search Console shows you how many impressions are you getting, how many clicks, which pages are popular, and it even shows you which keywords are getting a lot of impressions, but not many clicks. You can then optimize your content by adding those keywords, adjust your title tag, your meta description, to include those keywords and maximize your CTR. This will increase your rankings without you you have to have even created a link. The fourth tool I have for you is Google Trends. Let's talk about the automotive industry. And there is General Motors, and BMW.

They both have millions of dollars to invest in SEO. They both have millions of backlinks. How does Google decide? Should you position GM or BMW? One of the factors on Google is brand searches. And Google Trends shows you that. As you can see, BMW is more popular than GM. So more people are looking for BMW and all other SEO factors are very similar. What will they do then? They will position the car company more popular, above the other. The fifth tool I have for you is, websiteresponsivetest.com. Did you know that more people are using Google from their mobile devices or tablets that from your computers or laptops? It's amazing, but think about it for a moment. Today's phones are not like the old ones phones that looked like bricks. Today, they are small and with a lot of power. Sometimes they are more powerful than some old computers. So, you want to make sure your website is responsive. and that people on mobile devices can load your website very fast. And using this free tool, will show you how other website visitors and of the mobile version are viewing your website.

The sixth tool I have for you is Screaming Frog. Screaming Frog is a super technical SEO tool. You write the URL and it shows every little detail that is wrong, from the titles to the headings, the keywords and the links. Analyze every little detail from a very advanced technical framework. So be sure to check out Screaming Frog. And finally, Google PageSpeed ​​Insights. Google PageSpeed ​​Insights shows you how fast your website loads. And if it charges slowly, that's fine. They give a detailed list showing what you need to improve, both for the desktop version and for mobile devices, so your website can load very fast. Because, this is what happens, if someone is on your website, and it is charging slowly, like today more people are using their mobile devices, what do you think they will do? They are going to leave. Sure, there are fast internet connections and there is LTE and 4G, but you know what? Some areas still have poor reception. So, make sure your website loads extremely fast. Now, check out those tools. They work really well.

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