• Sun. Feb 28th, 2021

What's up you guys Jason Wardrop here and in this video I'm gonna break down the number one free real estate lead generation secret and how you guys can actually go through and implement this so I Actually got this idea a few months ago and I'll be honest Well, I'm obviously I'm not an agent I just help you as agents go through and generate leads and grow your business And I got this idea and I was like, you know what? I'm not an agent, but honestly, this will be pretty fun So I was gonna do it and then obviously you guys know watching the channel and all that stuff I had my knee surgery and all that and so I'll probably start this back up in about a month or two Once I'm a little bit more mobile But this is seriously guys the number one free like and pretty easy Way to go through and generate leads and get massive exposure for your brand and your business in this video I'm gonna break down exactly step by step everything that you need to do the exact strategy and I'm gonna show you guys some examples of agents that are doing this who are absolutely crushing it, right so This strategy will literally make you the go-to agent in your community And if someone's looking to sell their home they're gonna want to list and sell their home with you and you guys are gonna understand why I'm saying all this and why I'm Like talking such a big game about all this strategy once I break this down and share with you guys Exactly how to make this happen.

So here it is guys So if you think back I remember watching this as a kid, but to the show and TV cribs, right? so MTV Cribs, basically MTV would get somebody going into all these famous people homes, and they'd be that like There's really cool homes. They do walkthrough of the inside the outside you'd be seeing all the cool things of the home And so what you got to think of is MTV is kind of like YouTube, right? it's kind of like this network where people go through and they go to watch things and then cribs is kind of like You know your own youtube channel alright that's a show that people jump on to the network right YouTube or MTV to go through and be entertained and watch things and so they're jumping onto your channel They're going through and watching cribs and they're they're watching these walkthroughs of different homes. So what you can do and this is a awesome strategy guys and I'll show you guys here in a second some agents that are doing it and Before they could doing it their channels were were nothing and then they started doing this and I'll break down exactly how I would do it to save mounted a ton of time and Just the really hook people Here in just a second, but their channels before they were doing this.

They're like nothing they have like zero subscribers they post videos they would get zero views they started doing this and it was very basic and simple and Within just a few months their channels absolutely exploded They were getting tons of views tons of subscribers tons of leads and it was just a total game changer, right? So here is exactly the strategy of what I would do right and the cool thing is guys if you're like already kind of turned off by this video because like well Jason, I'm camera shy I don't want to be on camera cool thing is you don't even have to be on camera like right now This was two years ago. I was definitely not one to be on camera It has taken a long time to get used to it and still it's even kind of sometimes weird just like I'm literally just talking to myself right now with the with the with my phone right in front of me, but I know Hopefully at least some people watch this right so you don't have to be onto camera at all.

But what you'll do you'll go find some of maybe your listings or It doesn't have to be your listings Right if some other agent will first make sure you ask permission But if some other agent has a listing and you let them know you're gonna go through and help mark and promote it Typically, they're gonna have absolutely zero problem with that, right? And so what you do is you go find your listings or other listings that are like, you know Kind of cool listings that are going to be that that hook to draw people in and then you just spend one Saturday one Saturday a month. Alright, that's that's all it takes It doesn't take a lot of time or effort or energy and go and do a walkthrough of three to five homes Right, so three to four homes probably Because then you could do it all the next month and then you've got four new homes, right? So you go through and you spend 45 minutes to an hour showing the outside of the home showing the inside of the home walking through and all you got to do is just hold up your Phone and just walk and talk right like so okay here.

We're are in the kitchen. Look, this is cool Like look at the granite countertops are you know? Look at the vaulted ceilings just talk about the home so you don't even have to be on camera You don't have to hire a camera person doesn't have to be expensive And I'll show you guys here just a second a channel that does just this and he does I have a camera person Okay, he just basically holds his phone and walks and talks behind it. And he's it's blown up he's got some videos with several hundreds of thousands of views and It's literally this exact strategy which I came with the idea a few months ago And then when I stumbled across his channel just the other day I was like man, I got to get back I got to do this I got to tell everyone else about doing this because you know most agents watching this video Most of you guys I know you just won't do it one it just you know, you might not be interested You might not have the passion But if you do do this, I guarantee you it's gonna completely blow up your business So you spent one Saturday you go through four different homes and so you've got all this video content right you go through the inside the outside all the different parts of the home and Then you go and spend a little bit of time on iMovie or whatever video editing software.

You've got on your computer Okay, and really is not that hard and for you if you have questions You're on YouTube right now Look up some YouTube video tutorials on how to edit videos or you can even I know on my iPhone they have iMovie Where I can just edit the videos right here on my phone, so it's really nowadays It's so simple to go through and do and then what you do is just release these videos Once per week like maybe on a Friday every Friday People there subscribe to your channel know to expect a new video of a cool home in the area alright And you don't have to live in a super expensive super crazy place like an LA or Miami or Dallas or something like that Even if you live in a small town of small area You can go through and still get the traction the eyeballs of people going through and checking out your videos So kind of a quick rundown you spend one Saturday getting four walkthroughs, right? And then you go and edit the the videos and you upload them one one at a time once it once a week Okay, and then what you want to do is you want to get a pretty I catching thumbnail image right you to The big thing about YouTube is making a thumbnail image that people are actually going to want to click on that gets them excited Right and then in the the actual headline the title of the video? It could be like a home for sale in your community Right 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms, you know 1 million dollars five hundred thousand dollars, whatever whatever it is And then that's just basically it it's super simple doesn't have to be anything crazy unique But literally one Saturday filming for videos release them once a week Get a an eye-catching image and then basically have that as your headline and stay at this stay Consistent and the key with YouTube or anything where you're doing free organic? Strategies to grow your business generate leads is just patience right just like it might not explode in the next week It might not explode next month But I guarantee you in six months if you stay consistent with this and do this every single month you do for new homes Launching those videos once a week and do this exact strategy.

I'm telling you guys. I Guarantee you in six months You will be in a completely different spot than you've never even Imagined and that's just because the power of YouTube guys you're getting so much exposure You're getting so many views you're getting all these subscribers and then it when someone wants to go through and list their home And they see that your channel gets all these views and all these subscribers. You're gonna be the go-to agent You're gonna be the only person people want to go through and sell their homes with and even the more expensive homes Because they know that you have this audience you have this network of people That if you go through do a walkthrough of their home, and you post on your YouTube channel He's just gonna get way more eyeballs is going to get way more attention Than any other agent that you're competing with in your community.

All right, so it's gonna completely blow away all the other competition and Guys, I know a lot of people are gonna be listening to this. I'm like, oh that's a great idea You're not going to take action make right now pick a Saturday. Okay, whether it's next week or next month or whatever it is It's a Saturday right now. Okay, pick next Saturday two weeks three weeks from now and then find out Okay, do you have listings that you can go through and do this that you can just go through your own listings? If not connect with one of your agent friends saying hey, here's a concept. Here's what I'm thinking They might be like you just you know, you can kind of like joke about it They might think you're crazy, but it's like you know what I'm you know? I'm just gonna do I'm gonna try it and then go set a date a time That you can go through and go through some of their list scenes, right? Or maybe they'll give you the keep Maybe you know Who knows just chat with them see what you can do see the possibilities there get a plan in place and then if you don't know how to go through if you're worried about Video editing and all that stuff literally just do it in one take right a lot of my videos I literally just do in one take I don't edit them at all.

So just go Hold up your phone stand behind it. If you're camera, shy and say, okay Here's a home and you know in Las Vegas in Dallas or whatever and it's you know, five thousand square feet It's the asking price is this here's the outside Here's you know the front lawn we're gonna go around to the back or maybe you're gonna start out going inside and then go into the back yard later and That's it. Just do it in one take if it's twenty thirty forty minutes It really does not matter how long the video is right just go through walk through It's cool because like if you're going through it for the first time That's even more excited because you're like seeing things people can hear your reaction To different things in the house for the very first time so it's pretty exciting All right. So let me just now that I've broken down the strategy. Let me jump onto my computer.

I want to show you guys An agent who? Like I said for a long time, I think you start his channel. I went back and looked in his videos He started like seven years ago. He was getting absolutely zero traction, right like no views. No subscribers Nothing, then almost about six months ago. He started implementing this exact strategy. I'm telling you guys and his channel is absolutely blown up He's got like 40,000 subscribers, which is four times more than I've got right and then he's got some videos with like 300 400,000 views and so I want to go and show you guys that you guys can go check out his channel See what it's like see how he's doing it because really he's never on camera Well, I guess he's got some videos but those ones are not the house showings, right? He's always behind the camera So even if you're camera shy this is totally doable If I want to go through jump in and you can check out his channel link it below so you guys can go through check it out subscribe to it, you know see his videos and He's absolutely blowing up and I guarantee you guys if you do this as well, you will go through and grow your business We'll take it to another level that you would never even imagine like my YouTube channel when I started being serious with this six months ago or so I never even thought that I'd even have 10,000 subscribers now I've got 11,000 something at this point, so it's cool to see the growth over time with that patience And so if you do this guy's I know it's gonna work So let's jump on the computer and I will show you guys his channel.

Alright guys So this is the channel I stumbled across just like two days ago And so it was crazy cuz I had this idea a few months ago and I didn't really act on it like I you know Like I told you guys a little earlier and I saw he was doing this I was like man This is such a good idea. And then I started watching some of his videos just to put this in perspective guys of how With patience how the snowball just really starts to roll. Okay, so yesterday When I was on his channel, this was like yesterday afternoon. He had like 36 thousand 500 subscribers so in the last 24 hours He's almost gotten 1,000 subscribers in the last 24 hours. Okay, so absolutely crazy, but These are kind of the this is basically the style right? So he's got this eye catching image. You can see all these different homes Or let's go to videos right here You could just kind of see all of them a quick look but you've got this one is upto uploaded 12 hours ago And he's got three point eight thousand views already.

Okay, three point six 11,000 that was one day ago. So he's got like the really eye-catching image the really nice images on all these homes Okay And this says, you know He just got like bank-owned home for sale Summerland 1.1 million 5,000 so you can kind of see what the title is if you hover over it five beds den six bass pool. What? So you got all these different and you could just see like okay this one that's a little bit more eye-catching Image as opposed to this one And if you look at it This one has six point eight thousand views versus ninety four thousand views and everything else is pretty much the same Okay, so you can kind of just see like you take a look at a channel like this and you get an idea it's like this one like the desert II look, you know, obviously it's not that appealing that not that appetizing and so You want to see like which ones are actually gonna be like eye catching So there's somewhere that's like a shot of inside the home and then there's others like this one where it's like outside You've got the pool you kind of just see which ones really perform.

Well, right So this one like here, this is got the cool pool in the backyard Whatever and so you see like obviously there's some that, you know do a lot better than others But as you're looking through here like 135 thousand views Okay in the last two months ten thousand twelve thousand and guys This is all a hundred percent free organic lead generation Strategies that he's using to go through and get this out like he posts a new video like this one 12 hours ago three point eight thousand three point six eleven thousand like all these new ones that he's posting and It's really it's crazy.

Right? So if we come over here and we sort by We could say like we can check out the most popular Okay, so we can see like what maybe what were the keys of the most popular? This one's got four hundred one thousand views can was just three months ago Okay, three hundred seventy five thousand three hundred forty three you got you could check out Okay All these have really nice clean-looking thumbnail images is basically the same thing, Las Vegas Three-story home for sale or home for sale and Summerlin or wherever and it's got the price Square footage number of beds fast and then it's got a pool or something.

That's unique It's got that wrong there right right there. Okay, so then what we can do Is I just want to show you guys this just for just kind of like show you the example of how this can really? Explode things quickly so he started his channel about six years ago. And if you're looking at these videos like four for views 4935 118 like There's no views right like nothing 20 views on this one and then he's going through a little bit of like the little spammy Youtube type thumbnail things and then we jump down so you can see this is 3 years ago So that's you know, after 3 years time.

He's still not really getting that. Maybe you 62 maybes got one like 700 or so that maybe some of the jump up but then 21 21 nothing really. It's like too exciting And then is if we continue to scroll down We'll see he's got a lot of videos now, but you can still see like after all these videos. He's still only getting like 4127 to fit like he's not getting too many views But then once he switches to this strategy that I'm breaking down and showing you guys Just want to show you guys. This is taking a long time to scroll down here But okay, so this is only ten months ago So he's still not fully doing it because he's still kind of doing some of these random videos But you can see he's starting to get some more traction because he is starting to do it a little bit But he hasn't gotten the really eye-catching images quite yet.

Okay, so this one's 6,000 It's got a pool So like yeah kinda this one's a little bit nicer a little bit nicer, but then he's getting the hang of it down here Where it's like boom, like that's a nice-looking thumbnail image. That's a nice-looking image of that home 12,000 views. Okay, whereas like these ones 1.2 one 1.3 208th like these are not that great and they look he figures it out nine months ago gets his strategy in place and He stays fairly consistent with it. Right so fairly consistent, you can see how his views are just going up and up and up So like one like this where it's like it's not the the most appealing like I catch it cuz like on YouTube People are you know, something's gonna pull someone's interest is like a cool looking home It doesn't have to be a multi-million dollar home, but just gotta be like a nice image like these ones.

It's $400,000 home It's not like crazy, you know multi-million dollar home right now This one's four hundred sixty five thousand, but they've got the nice thumbnail images Looks like this one is like a million dollar home, but that what these will do compared to you Just your basic overall thumbnail image, right? So you come down here you've got all these you just see how it just really grows and takes the next level and you see this one right here this random guy 831 views the very next video 27,000. Okay. So anyway guys I'll link his channel down below go through subscribe check it out, but just to kind of show you guys even one of the more recent videos It's like let's say for example this one I'll show you kind of like how he does everybody when you enjoy a sweet sweet nectar mattress So he's gotten a little bit more professional looks like as time goes on he's maybe got a drone But for the most part like look at this King of Kings, I don't know if you guys can hear that but he's just like talking like walking through he's like I'm on camera type of kitchen I'm surprising you don't have that Just showing like okay like here's the backdrop So you could just like kind of check through his videos and see how he's got them set up So he's like showing different angles.

So this is basically like a virtual open house, right and you can go through get a lot more exposure and like me the viewer like I love watching MTV Cribs and I actually thought Exciting was like the master. This is cool. I like to check out Molds, or see homes my area and see what's really going on and then you could see right here the the way he titles it Home for sale in this area the price square footage beds baths car and then down here He's got his contact information, right so realtor his name his phone number email address his website This is all massive free amazing branding that you can go through and do for your business and Just get tons of free exposure, right? So anyway guys, if you guys like this video go ahead give it a thumbs up I would have greatly appreciate that because I helps You know more people find out about this channel and then find about about all these cool lead generation techniques and strategies Then also if you guys thought this was a cool strategy Drop a comment down below if you guys are going to take action Actually implement this also drop a comment.

Love to hear it And if you guys are brand new to the channel, make sure you guys subscribe also Hit this little notification bell right here because you'll get notified every single time I release a new training and sometimes I I do YouTube live to do live trainings to be able to go through and share stuff with you guys you guys can jump on ask questions we can interact and It's a good time. So anyway guys, thanks so much for watching today Make sure you guys subscribe like comment this video and I will see you guys in the next time

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