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Hello everyone, you are watching the WordPress feint channel and Artem Abramovich is with you in this video we will talk about the settings of the all in one seo pack plugin it is like this analog of the plugin ios 7 well, someone use this plugin here and the theme needs them all there are not so many such plugins for sowing so he sat down while he is such one of the most basic plugins I myself with this plugin I don't really like to use some functionality it doesn't have which is here, but how to set it up in this video, I'll just tell you version of the plugin we will consider 2.3.4 one as usual you will find content on the video under this video and right now you can go to the desired you customize parts let's start configuring it means that you have a plugin already installed so I went to the main settings of this plugin and here the section we have the basic settings here, in principle, here is the basic setting such as there is practically nothing to change, well, if you go over the items the date the first point is you do not need it, roughly speaking, as I understand it, it is sent the developer of the site what kind of said thank you and some money was sent to him be sure to check the canonical url and prohibit the nation to mikage for canonical urals further include custom canonical urls but this for such experienced users who like to prescribe himself and here for each records for each page its own specific canonical url if you need it no need but leave it automatically, the plugin does ok the protocol, again, we also leave it automatically, let it determine how the rule is http and well, you never know what, let him determine to use the header by default but usually turns off this case because temple all headers are prescribed separately uses on schema.org markup turn it off here the markup is clearly crooked and for Yandex they are designed to and log events again, it also makes sense only if you have some obvious mistakes this was the main settings now settings main pages means that we see here here we see exactly what will be prescribed for the main page and now I will just write this in front of you and that is, we write the title and write descriptions from the title and descriptions, you can immediately update this case and see it means look here I am I open the main page of the site hook love and if we open the source code yes well, we look and here it is descriptions here he wanted to be registered everything is fine now there is such an interesting setting here enable disable this line says that if your main page is static the page can be like this yes there are many on some sites make the main page static there already some of its content conducts then naturally these settings will turn off and all settings for exactly according to the description of titles, descriptions will have to be written on a specific page but this is all logical in this case, I leave it as it is, we had it customization of the main page so header settings are waiting for a funny thing means in principle, you can enable it because in this way you can configure yourself how your headers will look and so on these two settings are not at all then a fig is not needed from the headings of headings with a capital letter and headings tags from the pages search with a capital case, what for I don't know, well, leave it in In principle, there is nothing terrible in this, and finally the display format of the headers is what we really see you see yes now, like this, we can write for example, in principle, all the tags are here which can be used, you can actually look under the help and so we write the title block on the main thing, that is, the title this title that we wrote here and through the separator well here in this case, the separator is a vertical stripe, as I understand it, you can use any html symbol well, for example, well, that's a star and write here description is what we have specified in the site settings again, you can update see what happens here see the main page because he appeared as an asterisk, that is, but again, yes, that is, you must understand that all these wanted tags will appear over time, in principle, you need it or not you have to look, yes, the eye clings to them.

From point of view appearance, well, maybe it makes sense to use but by the setting itself yes, but the main one is usually the main thing I display the title of the site in the format headers I only leave the page title in the pages and the posts year too this is how this business is just a merchant what is the format of headings well, you can basically leave the date and heading of the category and the title of the site but again, here use some more fun separator, for example, here here's a heart so the format of the headers to the archive well, we leave the same thing as it is format header of date archives here nothing spa do not change anything here because as a rule, if you do not have some a specialized grid of mashed potatoes with dates works he you use this will not be the same for the second if you are the only author of us it makes no sense so the only thing here is the 404 page format you can write in Russian yes that is, nothing was found but here 3 quest portion is search words format navigation but again yes this is what pagination navigation is about but leave it as it is you can fix it at any time actually local of course in search this will only appear after perry has indexed all articles Well, let's update, for the sake of interest, let's see what they look like before why did they give us a heading, yes, in my opinion, before the heading format for the heading, let's just for the sake of interest, let's see what the page looks like in a heading catch crochet creative crochet little things, well, yes, that is, how would you see everything here these rue are not on our heart, she appeared so you can customize the whole thing as you want and where you want it we had customization of headers or what is called in his youth template header now we are setting up to use these types of posts if you do not use this case, then turn off the principle and that's all and not worry here by default already stands for the entire page and is normal for those who have there are some arbitrary records for example the same comer is worth or plug-in reviews yes that's how I described there too the most tract stimulated here additional records will appear and you can set some well, you need to register for them or not, we do the same for the option I set my headers so see for yourself if you have use means turn on and don't worry about display settings display in the admin panel from manage the top panel well, the admin panel is here this water is a separate section and the top panel is this this is that if you disconnect something from you just simply will not go further went verification webmaster is one of the ways to add your site in the cabinet and here is the wizard, but I usually use just adding files site root well see for yourself and in my opinion it is not a very convenient option since the plugin changes and the site is just the muzzle is easier to the root of the site by adding the same google settings and settings google this is how I understand it so that the plugin can track exactly the behavior of your site in google search engine well, again google plus, but since now from google plus and authorship of google plus from this google refused so it makes sense to configure the whole thing there is no need for you to see a miracle went into the master's office looked like this that I see no reason to set up something here at all, but see for yourself that's important indexing settings section what to index what not to index so here we put media files, there is no point in indexing them and here, the media file does not mean pictures, namely pages media files the so-called attachment and that is so this is a big difference, do not confuse it, so I am not including this case indexing well, these are the uses in directories in directories before different leave as is will no longer be from this no worse no better so I usually leave what is used on the index for headings no headings are usually indexed to the archive yes yes no indexed by archivers not indexed see the archives of tags for yourself, that is, yes, if your tags are used as one from the ways of the page of labels, that is, they also move, you can you can put it off, well, in this case, I'll put it because there are no labels extra pages will be used in the search for such use my index for search pages but the search page itself why display in Yandex in I also don't understand the search engine at all, if you know the answer, write to comments, but I will leave as usual not to index and 404 pages, we also do not indexing and here's a good setup to use noindex for post pages the decline of a nation, that is, when you have a very very long article on which which develops on under the page that is, this way if you tick put food then you will not have unnecessary duplicate content plugin will tell search engines what to index on only one there page and all the rest are not related to this, so put this case well, these yahoo directories and the open directory project are such tricky services bourgeois who, in principle, do not work now, they themselves work and use them it makes no sense so leave it as it is google will figure it out now the smart search engines have remembered yes, let's save the whole thing and drove on so we configured the indexing settings now in our advanced settings, these settings allow you to enable disable all sorts of functionalities there and let's analyze them here the first two settings here is to avoid excerpts from the descriptions auto generate description they somehow know each other exclude, that is, if you have arts generation description then i should be turned off here i don't know why the developers did not include because to customize each other exclude avoid use jack description is when the plugin itself will substitute the description well in the discription before in the description will supply the first quote from the article that is, on the contrary, that is, it will not do this until the auto is generated just he will do it so see for yourself that is, you need it, you don’t need it, I usually don’t put some kind of auto generation or because everything is necessary anyway register if you want you to have normal traffic from the search you need prescribe the film by hand using keywords well that is, as expected as recommended by the same search engines so here I am removing remove the description from the pagination page put it because there is no point in the pagination page is also such painful virtual pages which there is practically no and there is nothing superfluous there no data is needed tell the search engine never shorten a long description it says the fact that well, google itself, for example, says that the meta description is the same the discription must not exceed 160 characters Yandex has something more than 200 in my symbol in 250, this setting is will not crop to that is, to write a long such description there put this checkbox and you have it this long description all the description everything will be but there is no sense in it because one hell from google all the same the female cuts herself and in the snippet will still have the amount of description that falls just so that we do not put this tick, these unprotected poplars are also not put it there inner such a thing don't know don't become so out page to configure to such that allows you to link to the page to exclude both in general and from the search we are over this sometimes and someone needs how as if it is not necessary, well, a contract and add headers of posts and add headers pages of this all this is such a kind of template and so I understand how how how it will work, to be honest, I don’t know I will not check it now, but to experiment and there is nothing terrible in this if you especially have a website new new here here is the site new just so you can experiment but better leave it as it is and do not worry, and this is how we examined the advanced settings yes that is, once again, these two checkboxes are removed, remove the pod nation again and in principle there is nothing more, and finally the key settings this is just Hayward so called fame keywords I'll show you now here I go edited entries look here we have this whole box is big where it is prescribed here this record and yes, but there are no fields for inserting keywords, that's how since this little thing, the setting of keywords just includes perhaps includes the appearance of this word in which the keywords are spelled use honey key and generally don't recommend dynamic generation keywords from the post, but this is not at all clear, especially since how it will be no one knows to work with Russian text, so turn off everything this is code map 0 settings principle basic settings we have done everything now look what we get on the record, but yes, that is, here it is the keywords here you can write there let's say well, that is, here it is exactly to sing the key there are three four keywords that you speak those words that you like think your article should be found by a simple user in the search principle there is no need to write a lot of them; search engine is there anyway to its algorithms, all this will look relevant irrelevant your article and so then the process is difficult, well, if we have already entered the record page, let's just and let's see what we have here as usual yes, that is, about writing the title of the description of keywords and a bunch of points with with which you can disable indexing of this particular record and tell the search engine not to index this entry in some cases it is necessary, I do not know in this some kind of entry that was not written want it to be indexed there some kind of service page you have something is needed, but let's go back to the settings before the main we made the settings saved now let's see what modules in general there is still here not like in youth but there when everything is at once but here here are additional modules on the one hand, this is probably convenient because it is not nothing can conflict so xml sitemap for dinner the social meta is what the authorities call the social meter headings on my social data here is the same that is this markup is ingar for search engines for social networks turn on robots.txt, in principle, turn on the necessary thing, the file editor is also well because so that you can immediately edit the files, this is what instead of the file editor tool is called this is the same thing you can edit the genus robot and ost xs immediately from the admin panel import-export well, in principle, not needed but if you don’t transfer something from anywhere bad bad blocker nah such a thing, well, I don’t know, to be honest, on one site he tried to put it not but nafig collapsed, that is, something must be done with caution use the whole thing, but let's turn it on here, let's see now well to begin with, as usual, xml-sitemap which most likely needs to be configured well in In principle, the description is all in Russian, you can click to update the sitemap to see sitemap now it has already been formed, but here I see that there are some extra things in the room the mirotic cop climbs it played so we need a little bit of it under set up and so prefix the sitemap file let there be a notification from google notify bing heard from diets this update sitemap on schedule that is it will be either on schedule or just as new articles appear auto update can be left off enable map indexing the site does not require this, but this is such a button is written here in separate files but this is when there are a lot of sites you need to get 350 thousand Urals you should have at least 100 articles and a shitty mountain of pictures therefore, you can not include and so now the type of record that is included as itself I usually don’t include the site map because I don’t need to say search engines and personal data well, the same applies to ix and the number and how rule not all taxonomies make sense to drive into the sitemap not all taxonomies it makes sense to index, as a rule, these are only categories because the format and building in tags well do not use the archives for the day page the authors are all the same, you don't need to compress you can compress the map link, too, you can add a dynamic map to the robot site made here, it seems that everything else does not make sense to arrange like this in one he will select the necessary data depending on how often you publish articles and so on there, how often do you update them based on monsanto define a person update the sitemap let's see the year it seems cleaner yes that is, the main two posts are the abram page and the page headings well, it seems ok so the sitemap is now social meta here, too, apparently a setting is required this is a crown shortcode in total this is use header shortcode data but sometimes yes that is, as a rule, if you are rarely seen in headlines what is so insulting devil does he know here the same description de service and describes chances can be especially if you have automatic discryption and that is, automatic the quote is taken and added in the description yes yes yes there may be a joke given from some kind of yes well, for example, I have the same good example video on creating automatic updates and so automatic the update is usually caught well there it is displayed either by a shortcode or entered functions and so if it is displayed as a shortcode this data will be to be included in the discription, that is, see for yourself I am dependent on insertions about your year on what specific record in this case, but for now I will include because on this the site until there are no shortcodes there will be nothing this can be enabled from and generation of the corners of the description, that is, an open graph description this was just how it was pulled out just a quote, the first there took three sentences from the record and substituted to write out yes let's go further the settings on the main page use you can put you already remembered the meaning of which 350 times the whole thing is to use here the image can be placed so that it does not pulled out which one it is not clear which one to put there for you images well, let's say in the library at once 325 everything is given there is a library further image setting read selection dispute default image better me I think the thumbnail of the recording is usually used to blame about the recording if watermark moment you have not used thumbnails in the theme yes of course you will have the headquarters of the default and then he will pull out the first picture from the post, but in my opinion it is better to use a thumbnail, well this is same yes use the default image that no other was found i.e.

if suddenly does not find a picture there, a thumbnail of the record, use it for default expression default image you can set again Directly from the site you need to take a picture there; defaulted well by default height and by default expression but in principle it makes no sense to put us the plugin plugin and the search engine there these social the networks will figure it out on their own and you, the same thing does not make sense and no longer use custom fields so it doesn't make any sense here image settings made so winx social profile but these settings are already specific if you have any profiles and you have there big data yes there are records all this can be set up here it is specific under facebook but I hardly use facebook badly, so see for yourself but here twitter cards can be customized by the way a big image came out here you can put a non-link to twitter just somehow call it right idid roughly speaking that is this one put it like this here but this is mine if it comes down then you can put update settings here there is some interesting setting scan social meta and what will search for duplicate meta tags not found well, it’s good, since the duplicate is not found, well, it seems that all these should be reconsidered that it turns out here i'm updating the record i got a second here you see the tab for social settings here again, that is, you can register Specifically, these are the data needed here is the image appears but here is the default image 1 and this image is what he took from the miniature you can add your own for a specific record like this that actually works, that is, we will update here, see up to 5 steps for Cinderella then it is in the description of how I found myself a hobby and so it went here they are open graph and twitter maps so basically everything works fine pictures there is a description there is everything works like this since then that you set up social methods and even that is, for example, when I I will select the link and start going to separate there, let's say on my I add to the page here it is immediately picked up just due to using the open graph note these are social so let's go further to robots.txt, we understand that here is a robot that I need to configure I'm not a robot specialist as usual, I will leave in the description a link to the article to my partner Vladimir alexandrov they have and a wonderful article in this robot read look at build yourself a robot as you need it because there is already a holivar about five years so you don't need to write like rambus and so on but also tout editing files yes, that is, you can immediately change me here like this I understand that access can also be configured right away, but again, if you don't you know what it is for better than nothing use the beginning the site will fall so bad bad blocker here too a lot of settings I say on one site the settings turned on the site I fell at all I'm sure that the data is actually needed by the module because, well, first of all search engines themselves know where and what and which bots he will block here we are sure that it will not block mail.ru bots there or Yandex there I'm not sure of this, therefore, in my opinion, it is better to disable the module altogether nafig well in in principle, everything for everything considered everything looked what is not in this plugin what is the entrance firstly the capacity is, let's say, protection nose and built-in shutdown setting with such a car there are duplicates appear duplicate pages this is the first second into a rage and there is immediately an exception of this word category and links to all this can be done with functions but when there is already the country is ready to plant a vegetable garden in the third in his youth, one works better graph in markup but in principle a plugin as a plugin nothing complicated nothing like that special actually of course orchid amalko xml sitemap i am here guests she is completely different to make different principle and some is used and how it will work here drawing to be honest, I did not check it on my website, the art region.

I also had one one seo but I moved to ios for a long time one and a half or two probably since then I am not overjoyed, but you decide for yourself, write in the comments how do you if you use this plugin write what results yes how vastu what is indexed what you use why thinks that this is the best entrance and so on and on this I’m all I say goodbye to you subscribe to the channel put Likes everyone bye bye.

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