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Of course, we wanted to create a super cool
website that everyone will be happy to get – but got carried away a bit. My husband
is off to work, and my morning routine with Ted begins – at the same time, I’m launching
new promo campaigns Hi! Today we have a special guest – Anna who
works at AliDropship and runs our most successful Premium Store so far – the AutoMerch store.
She runs it together with her colleague Maria, both of them being on maternity leave, working
from home moms. Anna, could you please tell us your background story? How come you created
a store that brings such big money? Hey, I’m Anna and I'm a 28 years old marketing
specialist. I’ve been working for AliDropship since 2017, applying my digital marketing
skills in ecommerce.

I’ve been promoting dropshipping stores and testing various advertising
strategies since then. I shared some of my findings on AliDropship blog – I learned a
lot about Facebook ads targeting, Google Shopping, setting up a store from scratch when I started
working at AliDropship – and helped our content team create articles based on my experience. In summer 2019, my life took a whole new turn:
I became a mother! But I kept working part-time. In the spring
of 2020, together with my colleague Maria, we managed to create a dropshipping store
that now brings over $170K A MONTH! Woah! Let’s get back to the numbers a second.
So there were just two of you. Is Maria a work from home mom, too? How do you split
responsibilities between you too? Maria went from a product importing/editing
freelancer to a full-scale marketer in our company. She is my right hand and I’m so
grateful to have such a helpful partner. Now, Maria is responsible for creating and picking
ad creatives, making perfect product pages, editing and updating product assortment, and
even social media management.

I’m responsible for our marketing strategy and ads that bring
us sales. And together, you created this Auto Merch
project… Yes, exactly. This is our job to create and
run dropshipping stores. It has started as a regular Premium Store: a dropshipping website
that is developed and managed within AliDropship until it becomes profitable and then gets
available for copying. So the idea is, anyone can get an exact copy of such a website – and
even our pre-tested marketing materials – to repeat our strategy and achieve great results,
too. It just makes it easier to start dropshipping. Of course, we wanted to create a super cool
website that everyone will be happy to get – but got carried away a bit. Just check
out its DAILY performance! (СКРИН) I normally ask if the store owner has a personal
interest in the niche. In this case, you are a store manager… Well…Why cars? How did
you choose this niche? I wanted a challenge! To be honest, I knew
nothing about cars at all. I followed the ‘reverse’ niche choice strategy and started
with defining my target audience.

We were looking for some men-oriented products because
these are buyers whose shopping behavior and psychology I understand well. But the majority
of our buyers are women anyway! How lockdown affected such a niche? Wasn’t
the store influenced by the pandemic? It was – but in the way we didn’t quite
expect. We thought shoppers would start saving money and buy less, but… For many people
(me included!), online shopping turned into a ‘therapy’ to cope with the lockdown
and isolation.

It’s a form of entertainment and a pastime now, so customers are okay with
buying products that aren’t even the first priority. And with everyone going online,
I’d say we have an even larger customer segment now. Due to the pandemic, many car owners are spending
more time driving. Even in the cities with better public transportation. It’s a safer
way to move around, and it’s a great way to travel within your local area. Of course,
that means they pay more attention to equipping the car in a proper way – and we have more
customers interested in organizing the things they keep in their car. That’s where all
sorts of our car organizers come into play! So, you picked a niche that’s unfamiliar
to you.

How are you choosing products, then? Oh, my absolute favorite strategy is to sell
items that are actually useful and problem-solving. First, they are easy to promote because you
can physically demonstrate solving a buyer’s problem in an advertisement. Second, it’s
easier to sell multiple items per order. People find cool stuff and they buy it as a gift
for friends and family because it obviously makes daily life better. And even though I’m not really familiar
with the niche itself, I know the product picking algorithm very well! Here’s what
we do to create a killer product range: Find the buyers’ feedback wherever possible:
AliExpress, Amazon, Facebook… Read their reviews super carefully and pay
close attention to the real-life photos from customers
Analyze competitors’ product pages and ads for the same item
Find out the average product price on the market to see if we can triple the original
seller’s price: this is necessary to compensate advertising costs.

And the strategy of suppliers’ evaluation
is well-tested, too. I’ve prepared a list of tips, let me share it: Research their page to learn the rating and
actual buyers’ opinions Make sure both the seller and the product
has a rating of 4*+ Check if the buyers’ photos match the images
posted by the seller Use AliDropship extension to see if there
are similar products offered by other sellers Make sure the seller has some affordable shipping
option with tracking available. And what about your promotional strategy? Oh, I have so much to say! That’s my job
and I love it. We pay a loooooot of attention to improving
a product page BEFORE we launch a promo campaign and start driving traffic to this page. There
is a list of things that must be done. First, we optimize the page and reduce the
images’ size to make it load faster Then we fill the image gallery with high-quality
photos from multiple angles We make sure the product variations (if any)
are clear and understandable Next is writing a catchy description and setting
proper prices.

We import at least 35 client reviews with
photos for each product. With so many things to work on, it’s cool
we can run split tests and check which exact texts / prices / variations work best for
the buyers. Eventually, the store gets the highest converting product pages! We analyze the potential target audience through
researching Amazon reviews and users’ comments under competitors’ Facebook posts. Also,
we use Breakdowns in Facebook Ads Manager to check the users’ demographic data.

And when it finally comes to advertising,
we invest most of our marketing budget into paid Facebook ads as they work best. It’s
the 80/20 principle: 80% of the budget is spent on the channels that are already proven
to convert well, and 20% goes on testing new strategies. There is, actually, a smaller
segment of buyers who come from email marketing and organic traffic from social media and
Google. We plan to also try advertising on Google and launch Pinterest and TikTok promotions. To measure the ads’ efficiency, we also
use Ads Manager and Google Analytics to check CTR and CPA. How is The Auto Merch made from the technical
point of view? It must work on AliDropship Plugin but what else is inside? Yes, the Auto Merch is built on WordPress
and powered with AliDropship original plugin. We use the plugin’s functionality to the
fullest. And we always get back to the developers’ team with our ideas on how to make it better.
Thanks to the plugin, we do tons of things in a blink of an eye: Import new products to keep our product range
wide and relevant Process orders in 2 clicks, literally
Edit product pictures (remove sellers’ logos, add our ‘sale’ stickers) with the built-in
Image Editor Analyze traffic and sales data through the
Reports tab Create coupons for different promo channels
and remarketing campaigns Deal with sellers super conveniently (sometimes,
we have a separate supplier per every variation of one and the same product) So definitely, it’s a time-saver which is
a huge blessing since both Maria and I can work only 4-5 hours a day.

What else do you use in this store? Like AliDropship
Plugins and Add-ons? Yeah, we use a bunch of other AliDropship
solutions to automate the business process even more: Facebook Business
It lets us upload our whole product catalog on Facebook and connect Facebook pixel to
the website. Therefore, in Ads Manager, we can easily track the buyers’ actions, create
new audiences, analyze campaigns, and do remarketing. Purchase Upsell
We increased the average purchase volume MORE THAN THREE TIMES thanks to it as we found
just the right products to offer together with any purchased item.

Abandoned Cart
It helps us get back the store visitors who have changed their minds at the very last
moment and left the store empty-handed. Social Rabbit
It’s a great helper for Maria because it generates quality content for social media
with no manual work, boosts posts’ engagement, and lowers down the ads’ cost. Split Test
This is a new one! It creates multiple product page variants and picks the one that converts
best. With its help, we can easily test the performance of product pages. So… how can a work from home mom deal with
such a big store and lots of tasks? How many hours a day does it take you to keep the results
good? Like I said before, the AliDropship plugin
is responsible for the ‘boring’ tech stuff, so it leaves us enough time for the creative
part. The plugin’s auto-filling feature makes orders’ processing a super quick task
to complete, and our customer support efforts are not so time-consuming, too.

We’re keeping
our buyers updated on the order status / tracking info with the automatically generated emails,
so it’s not a big deal. That means, I can focus on promoting the store
and optimizing the marketing strategy. As a work from home mom, I have not more than
4 hours every day to dedicate to our ads strategy and analytics.
Here’s how the whole routine looks: I wake up (the first one in my family!) and
check sales reports and the running campaigns from my phone
While my coffee is getting ready, I think what we can improve in the campaigns
It’s time to make breakfast for my husband and my son Ted! Meanwhile, I’m messaging
Maria to discuss the daily plans and goals My husband is off to work, and my morning
routine with Ted begins – at the same time, I’m launching new promo campaigns
And then, it’s everything at once – working, cleaning the house, spending quality time
with Ted… He’s always my +1 on daily meetings! The most time-consuming part is analyzing
the performance of the ads.

Sometimes, it’s so tricky to decide: should we give a campaign
a chance, or should we switch it off when its efficiency is dropping. Of course, ads
themselves are an uneasy part, too: 90% of our ads are videos, and you need to pick source
material and then edit and process it. Maria spends lots and lots of time managing
social media accounts as she needs to answer all messages and comments. Her product page
improvement efforts take hours, too, as she needs to analyze competitors’ actions and
optimize lots of details on the pages. Anna, any final words of advice to our viewers?
Is it possible for anyone to do the same or there is a secret power behind this success? Just take your time to learn Facebook ads.
This is a great source of sales if you know how to manage it.

And you can learn it, it’s
not a thing that depends on natural talent or some magic trick. A lot of practice and
learning by watching videos on YouTube and even buying some courses will help you. For
sure. The absolutely most important thing is that
DROPSHIPPING IS NOT DEAD! I’ve been talking about this since 2017, I guess ? And now,
the industry prospects look brighter than ever because everyone’s going online. Don’t
be afraid to start now: it’s not too late, and the timing is great! Analyze your business
performance, give it the best you can, and NEVER give up!
And the last thing I’d like to say and I hope you let me do it and let me be honest
with you: if you are feeling doubts about building your own store, try starting with
our Premium Store, the Automerch one.

I’ve put so much effort into it and I know it has
great potential. If you buy a Marketing package, you will get ads videos, images, and text
Mary and me created and tested. You will still need to follow a good Facebook Ad strategy
to get sales but that’s such a huge difference from starting from scratch. It might take
months just to build such a store and you can get it up and running in days. It’s
an unbelievable opportunityб if you ask me. Go for it! Okay, thanks! Thanks for the interview! Bye!.

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