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hi my name is Otto cook welcome to my website so you’ve obviously come here because you’re looking into internet marketing and you want to know what it’s all about so I’m just going to give you a quick run through exactly what internet marketing is and why you should be doing it ok so let’s get started internet marketing what actually is internet marketing well internet marketing is basically a form of selling on the internet ok so if you just have a website on the internet you know your expected just to have people arrive at your website I’m afraid that just doesn’t happen nowadays basically you need to drive your traffic or drive your visitors but we call determine traffic or clicks to your website basically if you’re not getting any traffic or you’re not getting any clicks or you’re not getting any visitors however term you want to call it you’re not going to be selling anything so basically that is the be-all and end-all of internet marketing is a way to drive people to your website so what is internet marketing internet marketing basically you’re going to have a website ok your website your www ok my site com ok so that’s your website you’re on your website you want to sell things from your website so basically you need to market your website ok now there are many forms of marketing that’s available nowadays so I’m just going to run you through a quick few examples just so you’ve got the idea of what internet marketing is all about ok so you got your website ok this is your main website you’ve got a product you’re selling something ok so what’s the first thing you want to do is drive traffic ok you need traffic traffic to your website ok without traffic you’re never going to sell anything if you’ve got one well the likelihood of that one visitor probably not going to actually buy anything Margie might get lucky they might come your side and go oh yeah I like that product and buy it but I doubt it ok so what we need to do is drive traffic to your website ok so this is where in the marketing comes in now in their mark in and does take many forms and I’m just going to go through a quick run a few run through of what they are ok so let’s start at the top right now I’m not expecting you to know the ins and outs of these and I’m not expecting you to know exactly how to do these i’m just going to show you how these things go to your website ok so let’s start your number one this is what everybody should be doing and I see it all the time people do not do this and I don’t understand why right is email marketing ok this is your number one thing you should be doing you need to be emailing all your prospects on a daily basis now there are ways you can make this and you can do this quite easily actually it might sound door and you don’t have to go on you don’t have to sit there and write an email to 50,000 people if you’ve got that many people on your list till there is companies out there that will do this for you all you have to do is write an email now sending that email to all your subscribers ok so email marking number one that’s definitely number one number two social media all right this is number two because it’s speaks for itself social media has come on leaps and bounds over the last sort of say a years eight nine years so you know if you don’t know what social media is it’s things like Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram everything off the tub here there’s lots of lots and lots of others but and that’s you get what I mean okay these are social media websites basically social media means that people engage with other people on them they are social sites so basically like a bit like Facebook so if you go on facebook you’ve got lots of friends that you socialize with all your friends with you can interact with them on the website social media is massive okay so do not take that lightly if you are not on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or YouTube get on it it’s it’s a must and it’s a you should be doing it end of right so next next form of internet marketing right paid advertising three paid advertising so what’s paid advertising well paid advertising basically is where you just go to a site like Google or Bing and you go to their ads you know you probably got into a search engine before you’ve typed in a search and you’ve got your main search on the top but at the top bracket you’ll notice there’ll be ads and on the side they’ll be ads now these ads are generated by people creating these ads and actually paying for them there’s different forms of this you can pay for costs per impression or cost per click or they’re basically the main ones you want to look at I’m not going to go into this in detail because I will go into these in detail further on in my training course so these these are obviously going to cost you money okay but you can make these very targeted okay so basically what you can do is if you’ve got a health and fitness site you can basically set your ads to target only health and fitness niche or keywords this is another thing I’ll talk about later on but we won’t go into that okay so paid advertising number three on your list okay so number four on your list again is probably another form of paid advertising but I’m going to give it a different name just so you get the gist of things now these what I will call solo ads okay it is a form of paid advertising basically you’re going to go to someone else who has a list of subscribers they will be potentially selling you an email that they will send out to a proportion of their list this list could be 50,000 people could be a hundred thousand people it could be a million people by the end of the day you will be generally told what your click-through rate will be and how much it will cost for that amount of clicks okay so basically it’s a form of paid advertising but you can highly target your email that is sent to them I’ll go into that in more detail again but this is not going to be something that I’m going to go into detail about solo ads but solo ads is obviously quite a good one because you can target your knee ship quite specifically okay next on the list we’re going to go it’s is it a form of at yes it is a form of bed but I’m going to give it another name as well because it is a form of paid advertising which obviously comes under number three but again it’s a bit like solo ads and its banner ads okay banner ads banner ads are basically banners with like an image or you can have gifts that flash and things like that basically what I do again like solo ads you would instead of going to someone’s email list you’ll basically go into someone’s website now when you contact these people in their website what you need to find out is how many visitors they’re getting on their website if there’s no point in place in a banner ad on a website that’s only getting 20 visitors a month because you know you just throw it away money because it either day your pain this person to put that ad on their website okay so there’s no point in doing that if you’re getting 20 20 fit it as a month so obviously you’re going to want to go for much higher so if you’re looking at a rate of say thirty forty thousand people visit in a month that’s you know that’s a reasonable amount of people but obviously with banner ads you’ve got to be quite realistic and you’ve got a target your audience there’s no point putting a banner ad on a health and fitness site for internet marketing so if you’re basically trying to sell a product on internet marketing and you’ve come to a health and fitness site that again 300,000 hits for example and they’re doing it really cheap and so you think okay I’ll place my ad on here well the likelihood that you’re going to get a good click-through rate or a good response is very unlikely purely because they’re on that site for health and fitness they’re not interested in internet marketing so why would you place an advert on that so make sure you obviously place banner ads on sites that are relevant to what you are doing or selling okay so that is banner ads next one let me think about this one will we got email marketing social media paid advertising solar words but that’s probably about it I should think and yeah yeah I think that’s probably covering most of it so yeah so that is basically what you’re trying to do you’re trying to drive traffic to your website to create sales now obviously when you drive traffic you want this track it traffic targeted okay that is a very important targeted traffic the targeted traffic is very very important like I said before there’s no point in sending someone traffic from a health and fitness site to a internet marketing site because basically they’re just going to click on and so what’s this I’m not interested in that okay so that is basically what internet marketing is and there’s also another form of internet marketing which you can take which most people start off with in fact this is what I do because it’s far easier and far less hassle basically what i do is i generate traffic to my website in all of these forms pretty much obviously you don’t want to start doing every single one of them in the time because at the end of the day if you don’t know how to email market and you don’t know how to correctly do social media and you don’t know how to do paid advertising you don’t know how to do solo ads effectively you don’t know how to do banner ads effectively and you’re unsure about making all these target your traffic so what you need to do is first learn each of these now what I suggest you do is learn one at a time because if you learn one at a time you’re going to have much more success there’s no point in learning one two three four five you know things at once because each of these have got some sections to them okay so like for example paid advertising you’d need to you need to learn how to do google ads so Bing ads Facebook Ads Twitter ads ok so again there’s there’s lots more to go than that one but what I’m saying to you is you are not going to be able to learn every single one of these in one go so it’s best to learn one at a time ok now basically what i will do is affiliate marketing now affiliate marketing ok affiliate marketing basically is where you promote someone else’s product now you might say why would I want to promote someone else’s product well let me tell you somebody else has gone to the time and effort of creating a product or creating yeah create a product and they’ve done all the work they’ve done all the hard work they’ve called the website they’ve called it up sales the down sales don’t worry about what i just said them because you probably don’t get what i mean but i go into that in more detail as well but affiliate marketing basically is a means there where you drive traffic to somebody else’s website now that website will probably be very good at selling that product that they sell so if you drive targeted traffic to that website you are gonna basically make sales now you’re saying why would I want to do that well the trip to affiliate marketing is the person who set up the product wants to sell it ok now they don’t want to go out and drive traffic so they get affiliates affiliates who there could be many thousands of affiliates now what they could do they could sell their product let’s say they’ve got a product for hundred dollars okay you send traffic to that website they then pay you when they sell something ninety dollars okay and they keep ten dollars all right you might think that’s a bit silly why would they you know give me ninety percent and they only keep temps in well there’s a reason for this the reason is with affiliate marketing when they get lots of affiliates so just less state lots of affiliates if there’s a thousand affiliates okay 1000 affiliates every affiliate sends 20 customers yeah 20 customers who actually buy a product so that’s 20,000 people that have purchased a product at a hundred dollars okay so 20,000 people purchased the price at a hundred dollars so you plus so x at x 100 okay 20,000 times 100 right if it was x y 10 you’d over 0 if it was x x 100 you’d have another zero so that is now making a 200,000 pounds or dollars or however you want to do it so if that was 200,000 right and they take ninety percent send off that to give to the affiliate right and they keep temps in so that basically works out at 200,000 I voice out about 20 grand let’s just say to what he failed okay that that website has made but they’ve paid out the rest to affiliates now you’re thinking well that still seems a bit silly to me well not really because basically this website hasn’t had to do no work as an actor by any traffic has an exit lead to any email marketing as netic on social media hasn’t to do any paid advertising has an extremely solar wet banner ads hasn’t gotta worry about targeting traffic at all all he’s got to do is do his website do is product palm out the Phillips sit back and watch the money roll in coaching okay that is why affiliate marketing is so good so if you’re going to start with marketing online I suggest you start with affiliate marketing okay so I’m going to leave it there and then what I’m going to do I’m going to go into more detail on each of these subjects in my ebook so if you’d like my quick start guide to internet marketing please feel free to put all your details into the box just there and that will give you a nice little PDF that I’ve created for you which gives you a bit more in-depth information on affiliate marketing and marketing general on the internet okay so thanks for watching and hope to see you again soon at some point and please like my Facebook page and you’re more than welcome to visit my youtube page all the links will be on my website so you’re more than welcome to find them and thanks for listening goodbye you

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