• Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

here's a keyword secret for all your
businesses out there that service a specific area in your city but you're
paying a whole hell of a lot of money to Google with little return Hi I'm Sam Fields from matter solutions and you're going to learn a really cool keyword
secret that I use for people like traders gyms and other businesses that
service a specific geographical area within a metropolitan city otherwise ha
I already know Sam I just go into the campaign settings and choose which
location I want to target by postcode or suburb firstly there's no need to use
that tone of voice I'm your friend and I'm also your trusted advisor secondly
hit like comment and subscribe because you've made it this far and you want to
find out this keyword secret and more and thirdly I wouldn't have made this
video if that was the case would I know I wouldn't look you can do that with the
campaign settings for sure but Google's location targeting is not a hundred
percent accurate and in some cases I could be standing right next door to
your business on my mobile and my mobile connects to a tower that's maybe just
outside your catchment area and suddenly your ads aren't being seen it's getting
better considerably so but better is not best and the best is by targeting using
this keyword strategy because it has a high intent and it's in the area that
you service guaranteed so really simple get a hold of every single suburb in the
area of the service and I mean every single one not there six will do seven
will do I've got twenty here I don't have enough time to get ahold of all of
them all the suburbs in that area need to be on this list now once you've got
every single suburb on the list I want you to put a plus sign in front of every
single one like is seen on screen next you'll want to use what's known as a
keyword combiner pretty easy to find you just go to google type
in keyword combiner and something will come up the one I used was Combinator
org you can find them in the description below now using Combinator or whichever
keyword combiner you using the first thing you need to do in the first column
is put plus and your service for example plumber would be plus
plumber in that first column in the second column you just add all of your
suburbs that have the plus in front of them once you do that hit combined and
bam you suddenly got a keyword list with this keyword list add it to your AG
group and make sure that that AG group is the services name you probably seen
my video on how to write really good ad text the link is in the description
below but that's probably why you're also thinking hey but Sam you told me to
make sure that the keyword is in the headline in order to make sure that
people click on that ad at a high click-through rate well done I like you
good work young padawan the thing is we're using this ad group as essentially
a experiment where we are using it to find out which suburbs are the best for
your business the best being the most searched for or the ones that are
resulting in the most business for you if you're wondering if this strategy
works for your business let me know what type of industry you're in in the
comments below hit like and subscribe and I'll get back to you ASAP I want to
get back to that question you had before about the keyword being in the headline
essentially what we're going to use is what's known as a keyword insertion tool
the keyword insertion tool is really cool because what it does is when your
ad is triggered it takes the keyword that was triggered and puts it into the
headline hence why it is called the keyword insertion tool so for example if
someone was searching for your service in a particular area and they typed in
service in that area then the keyword service
area will come up in that headline and all of that of course is pretty awesome
now that we've discussed the setup of this a group we're going to need to go
on and discuss the optimization of that ad group I want to do this in another
video if you want to see that video let me know in the comment below hit
like subscribe on Sam fields from Madison's

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