• Sun. Feb 28th, 2021

the marketing 360 we're often asked what's the difference between social targeting ads or social media marketing and social media management that kind of sound like the same thing but in this video we're going to break down the difference hi I'm JB with marketing 360 and we help small businesses grow with our marketing and design talent technology through our number one marketing platform marketing 360 we call marketing and design mass we love math and hopefully these videos will help you fall in love with math too so make sure to follow us to learn tips tricks and strategies to grow your business and fuel your brand so the easiest way to kind of understand the difference between social media marketing or advertising and social media management is to understand the difference between paid and organic so if you think about it in the search world when you think about paid search if you're talking about running ads on Google somebody types in a keyword your ad renders and shows up you can control it based on your budget you could be there tomorrow well there's also something called search engine optimization on Google and that's organic search and for that you need to optimize your website you need to field continual content you need to really have a strategy in place to get to the top of search organically for your site and to stay there well in the social world it's much the same with social media marketing or social media advertising at marketing 360 we call it our social targeting ads program this is paid social so paid social means you can pick your demographics pick your targeting and based on your budget your targeting your ads can become visible to people instantly and you can start seeing those results coming through well the difference between that and social media management is social media management is an organic approach you have to build content you have to constantly post content you have to engage with your community and what happens is if you continually work and put forth that effort you're going to see an increase in followers that following doesn't happen overnight that happens over a long period of time the rewards and the benefits are tremendous but it's more of a long-term strategy so in other words when you start social media management in the first month or two you may not have a lot of followers but after a year you could have a tremendously huge following that's generating a substantial amount of business for your company it's an investment you have to make long term whereas social targeting ads can get you visible tomorrow which is great but it's a little more costly it's more of a short-term program that can drive great results but at a higher cost that's the main difference so now do you kind of understand the rough difference between the two the question is well which one's better right well honestly it's important to invest in both just like in the search world when somebody searches a keyword you want to rank high in the paid ads left in the top two or three listings and also high in organic search that's going to get you on page one twice for those best term that's going to drive the best result same thing in the social world you're going to want to be visible to folks and building your brand and your brand awareness to people that maybe you've never heard about you via social targeting ads running campaigns doing social media marketing and advertising spending money there may be an investment there but you also want to be building your organic presence and your following we want to be posting content and engaging with your community this is creating social proof and if people see that you have both they're going to trust you even more and you're going to get a tremendous amount of sales so morale the story social marketing and advertising is short term cops money but you can get visible right away social media management takes a longer term investment but can basically generate huge results over a long period of time once paid ones organic just like in the search world so thanks for watching if you like the video like it if you have a question or comment please do leave a comment share with your friends and follow us for more content like this in the future you can also text marketing two three nine nine 704 weakly text message marketing tips

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