• Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

we are here in beautiful Vietnam while
this video is posting in Los Angeles we filmed this video before we left to make
sure we continued our YouTube growth strategy while we were out of town this
is part two of the social media strategy that works now in the first part of
effective social media marketing strategies we talked about the three
foundational concepts how effective content marketing in social media can
save you time increase sales and give you sexy branding which can help you
close more clients and charge more for your services in part two we're gonna go
off of those foundational concepts and talk a little bit more about access
flexibility and a half social media marketing content marketing you can give
you leverage if you're a fan of spider-man make sure you hit that like
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I get a little bit of anxiety whenever I do move away from the business even if
it's two or three days if I'm not in Los Angeles working on the business
presently and physically I have this weird anxiety of that Merge won't
grow and will build as fast as I wanted to and to kind of mitigate this this is
one big reason why I'm filming this video now to be able to give you value
and help continue grow our channel as we are abroad now that is the flexibility
of effective content marketing you're able to plan ahead when it comes to your
Instagram YouTube whatever social media platform you want to post on schedule
all your posts so that when you're abroad working on different things
learning experiencing new cultures you can have your business continue to grow
as you wanted to like for example I was writing these scripts at 11:45 at the
day before our flight because I was getting this anxiety and I haven't taken
a vacation in over seven years solely for the purpose because I thought it was
smart to delay my gratification when it came to traveling if that's right or not
I don't know but that was my decision but at this point in time
social media marketing and content marketing has allowed both of us both me
and Jess to be able to travel and work on our content and have new experiences
around the world while building our marketing at the same time through the
scheduled post on YouTube and our Instagram but for those of you that do
not work directly in the social media space the same concept applies if you're
about to go on a huge conference or trip or cruise or whatever it is you can
spend time beforehand and create content that you were scheduled to post
while you are gone this allows your business to continue growing as you are
away from your business in the comment section below if you could pick any
place in the world to have a day of work where would it be and why I'm gonna
remove this cut because I think it might be a distraction now access when I say
access I mean to any single person or business through the click of a single
DM and when it comes to traveling the traveling can definitely become
expensive especially when you're getting paid for your physical time for your
money ok you have to be there to collect a paycheck so by growing your social
media presence as well as doubling down on your content you can basically get
stuff for free or even get paid for it since this video is free to watch please
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videos here check this out this is one of the most beautiful resorts in Vietnam
we had heard of this resort many months ago when we were planning our trip to my
hometown the main room that we want to stay in was pricey even in Vietnam and
when looking through their page we found aspects that we could directly help them
with for example how to leverage their Instagram
business consulting and also content creation in the past the only way for me
to contact them would have been by phone or finding an email but now I can
contact them directly through a DM on Instagram they replied to me a few days
later and then we figured out the package that would make sense for both
of our businesses we figured out the best way we could work together both
just and I have been able to create friendships and talk to other people in
our space that we would never have had the chance to do if it weren't for
Instagram or social media half of our current clients reached out to us
through Instagram and the others liked our YouTube videos or liked the posts
that we did on Instagram and re wanted to work with us because of the content
that we put out now the fun part the leverage how can you use effective
content marketing and social media strategies to give you leverage and
advantages in the business space now Instagram and soon YouTube will give us
countless opportunities because of you you give us the power to give in create
leverage now once you understand that concept all the future social media
strategies that you can plant will only make more sense you have to understand
that your viewer gives you power your viewer gives you
their attention because you give them value what is the
trade that you're giving with every single viewer that is watching your
videos or reading your content as you slowly build this following as you
slowly build this audience because you continue to say give value that gives
you leverage in the business space and whenever you do speak to different
people into different brands your attention is extremely powerful so thank
you so if you're a business owner you have to have that concept and flip it
because at the end of the day your viewer is the only person that matters
as you do that consistently and more and more over time you slowly built this
really strong audience this loyal audience because you always have this
symbiotic trade going on for years and that is the key to growing a truly large
audience if you want some more strategies and ideas about how to grow
your Instagram organically after the latest update make sure you click this
video above now back to how social media can truly give you leverage when we look
at the literal definition of leverage it is exerting force on a lever a strong
social media presence and professional content is your lever every day we get
the same 24 hours when it comes to working smart because people say this
all the time it really is finding as many levers that
you can have at one time for example imagine you're a captain right well you
have six levers all around you instead of running and exerting all of your
force into something that will barely move you can exert different forms of
force at your different levers the more levers that you have right creating
leverage the more you can accomplish in your 24 hours I want you to pause and
let that soak in for a second surrounded by freaking idiots some people work harder than others and
some people tell you to work smart so when it comes to working smart find your
levers find ways you can make your levers longer and then exert force and
intelligent waste in a small business world it may just be you or you and your
partner and you're made of power let alone your capital is pretty small or
nominal so it is your job it is paramount for you to find ways you can
invest your time and your money into that tivities that give you the biggest
ROI or the return on investment now Tim Ferriss talks about this in this
book the 4-hour workweek the 20/80 rule basically the concept is this we spend
20% of our time achieving 80% of the results and then we spend 80% of our
time achieving the last 20% so you have to figure out where your time is most
spent effectively and cut out all the other fluff really figure out where your
time is best spent and what areas are costing the most time and money hire
those out create systems around that and that is the key to scaling your business
to the next level effective social media marketing campaigns can really give you
flexibility you can give you access to different people and brands and can give
you leverage and advantages to you in your business so when it comes to your
marketing campaigns I want you to look at your business and figure out what is
your desired outcome where can you save time what things can give you more
flexibility and how can you create the most leverage for your business through
effective content how can you build trust and conversations with your
audience to continue the conversation not in a day convert them into sales and
this is the most important thing social media marketing and content marketing is
great but at the end of the day it doesn't matter if your business is not
alive still always bring it back to your business
how can your business flourish how can your business thrive always lead
everything that you do when it comes to marketing back to sales and back to
building your business I'm filming this YouTube video for you for the future so
if you made it to this point comment below I'm from the future in capital
letters so I'm looking at our channel analytics right now and we're almost at
1800 at the time of filming this video and by the time this video uploads we
might be at 1900 and I just wanted to take a moment to really thank you for
being a part of this journey because not it
long time we thought that we'd be able to leverage and use YouTube as one of
our social media platforms until I'd say next year and then we really thought
that this would be like kind of a slow grind which it is right it takes a lot
of consistency but even this amount of growth is amazing so thank you so much
because this channel in a year's time and mark my words we will be at a
hundred thousand subs at least and so I just really wanted to say thank you
because that initial core is so fundamental in the growth of a channel
so thank you thank you thank you thank you and we always want to make more
videos that you want to see so let us know in the comments section below what
kind of other videos you want to see and what kind of videos you want us to make
more of its if it's either in the social media marketing space or more about the
content side once we get back from Vietnam Jesse's going to start making
more videos on YouTube about content marketing and ways to do it effectively
and we're going to start off with a big surprise also we did a poll on our
YouTube community tab a big goal of ours is to get to 4,000 watch hours before
the year ends you think you can help us with that thank you to every single one
of you for helping our channel grow so fast you by far helped exceed our
expectations of what we could do with this channel to this point thank you and
you guys voted for two videos a week so that's what we'll do starting with this
video two videos every single week so a big goal that we have right and I'm
obsessed with growth is that by the end of this year December 31st we want to be
at 4,000 watch hours or above on YouTube because that is the moment that YouTube
monetizes our channel monetization is awesome because it gives us another
vertical when it comes to revenue in our business and also YouTube's algorithm
actually pushes videos that are monetized because they want to show
those types of videos how you can really help is always watching to the end of
our videos and letting us know how we can make our videos better and better
because at the end of the day as long as we can continue our conversation and
continue to create value for you then I think we're doing our job effectively
also please make sure you hit that like button below that really helps us beat
the YouTube algorithm OMB honestly I love groaner Instagram but growing in
our YouTube is the most fun I've had when it comes to growth in social media
in a long long time I'm just flies by so if you want to ever get into the YouTube
journey you ever want to grow a channel it
really just takes a lot of consistency but you really have to enjoy it so
figure out what kind of topics you want to talk about where your passions and
create content around that hover your mouse over this black strip right here
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