• Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

Sign up form positioning
let's go over a few of the different places that you can add your signup form
on your website in order to maximize the number of subscribers to your email list
naturally the first place you should consider is your home page
this is the page that gets the most amount of traffic on your website
make sure to add your form in a place where users are bound to see it
as this will increase the chances that they'll sign up
if your website has a blog this is another great area to add your email
signup form especially if you're using content to
engage with your users in your newsletter or you have gated
content that you're offering as a sign up bonus contact pages are
another good opportunity as users have just completed a contact form and given
you their contact information and they might be looking for a way to
get more updates from you entry and exit pop-ups are another good
option because they're dynamic and they catch
the user's attention while they're on the page
another option is special pages on your website
a 404 error page can be a good opportunity to remind users that you
have a newsletter if they were searching for an article
that maybe has been deleted or arrived on your site with a broken link
you can also ask during other parts of the customer journey
such as during webinar registration or when a user is creating a customer
account on your website you can create signup
forms that act as their own landing pages this
is very helpful if you want to add it as a link
in the signature of your email or from your
social media accounts business cards or presentations webinars
or any other content that you're sharing on the web
if you have separate workflows for gated content on your blog or website
it can be a good opportunity to add a checkbox in this process
to allow users to subscribe to your regular newsletter as well
as i've mentioned in a previous video it can be a good idea to provide an initial
offer or interactive content in order to
entice users to sign up to your email signup form this can come
in the form of an interactive quiz in which in order to get the results you
must subscribe to the newsletter and receive them by email same goes for
surveys in which you might be gathering industry
data or something that's relevant to your business
and doing a study and following up with a white paper or infographic that you
can send to new subscribers a competition or raffle can also be very
effective at encouraging users to sign up just be
careful and make sure that it's relevant to your business
otherwise you might have a quality subscriber issue
finally you can try to provide something really valuable to the user
that's in line with your industry such as a free 5-minute consultation
or an online check or webinar

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