• Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

Don’t get me wrong. I love the media, and I believe it has the power to help shape the world. Unfortunately, it’s nearly always used to spread “doom and gloom.” Gloom and doom sells. It has for centuries.
Why? Well, there’s lots of research that says we humans are far more attracted to negative news than positive news. In the instinctive part of our brain, we haven’t evolved beyond the constant scan for danger, and when we immerse ourselves in signs of danger, we feel less safe in the world.

We disengage our creative brain and prepare for fight or flight. Sometimes that’s the right reaction. Sometimes we are in danger and we need to react…immediately. When we simply react to bad news, however, that doesn’t constitute an imminent personal threat, we begin to withdraw our engagement with society in ways the contribute even more to a downward spiral.

Presently. But maybe it’s time to change all of this…and change the future. And you, yes you, can help deliver this change. As an entrepreneur, you can use your social media and networking tools to be a positive force. You can be the Superman, Superwoman or Mighty Mouse of Social Media and swoop in to save the day. Rather than succumbing to the “gloom and doom” mentality, create a “feed the need” mentality. Nurture your clients and prospects with positive, uplifting messages. Provide products and services that surpass their expectations and help them see great value in their lives. Help them create the vision of the good life, the life we all want and deserve. Help them change their perspective while you’re changing yours.

It’s really easy to buy into the bad news. It’s all around us, and it’s hard to evade. It takes an entrepreneurial spirit and determination to not only keep yourself headed in the right direction but to help guide others in that direction.
You can be calm in an economic storm by keeping a positive perspective. When you use every social media tool you have in your toolkit to reach out to everyone in your circle of influence and ask them to do the same, you’re making a difference. A big difference.

The sooner (and better) we feed the need and create a balanced, positive forward economic movement through what we say and do, the sooner to end the power of the gloom and doom to overtake us. Let’s quit buying into what we’re being fed through the news media, and create our own Power of the Positive with social media. Calm, clear and convincing…belief in the human spirit and ingenuity. Belief in our ability to create the lives we want in the world we want.

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