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hi guys tony has here and welcome to mass media señor to point of sales page a colonist to a point or because we have made a lot of advancements since we purchased mass media señor a few months back from mark Olson and we have done quite a bit of improvements as far as the distribution has been concerned but also in other ways as well which I you know I feel that we really got to get this across because we're doing something that no other pressure this company is doing nobody else's thought about doing and nobody else is likely to do because they're just not going to be able to compete with us with the stuff we've already built in and the price point as well okay basically what we've got right now for what you normally get with a sort of press release distribution service is basically the distribution okay so sometimes you'll get Google News approve science and you will get some fast rankings now we've been doing press release SEO for about three years now and consistently and we've got very very high traffic case studies which you can find on my blog if you go to Anthony here's da me look under the tutorial section and you will see a section air but press release case studies and you will see the we've got some case studies where we've got 800,000 views 800,000 views to a single press release there's multiple other ones with hundreds of thousands of years okay and that's just one element of it because those were actually done in newswire newswire press release service and they've got a very very authoritative news site okay but it's not the only place where we've been getting traffic from the traffic has been coming from your trip the traffic has been coming from I'm search engine rankings from the actual press release itself not just from the newswire one and but from other places where it's been distributed as well okay so you know when it comes to traffic that there can be a lot of different elements of traffic bill n can be coming from the press release it can be coming from social bookmarking things that it can be also be damned be coming from the social networks that we distribute to as well okay so this whole idea of traffic is you really why we're doing things señor why we're doing press releases why we're doing video marketing it's all ready to get traffic okay at the end of the day and press release is one of the quickest and easiest ways to be able to get traffic and you know that's just the main focus of what we're trying to do here with mass media señor anyway um so with the distribution we've got more than 170 sites right now now if I just stamp jump over here I'll it again to my dropbox to go find the examples I've got in here I've got a clipping report we just bear with me a second guys should really add this ready beforehand but you can see this is a recent clicking report and this is from thirty first of January nervous right now its 22nd of February's so it's almost a month old but we can go and pull any number of these each and every day that we're getting and you can see here you know it's got over 170 this one's got hundreds into three links from one single press release ok now you can find out a press release services have been more than that you know I'm not going to lie to you you can but you're going to be paying quite a lot of money what they cannot do for you don what they're probably not doing for you what they will never be able to do it for you as is what we do we take personal care of every single press release it comes in we do manual SEO on every single pressure is it comes in that means things like index when we go to advanced indexing and RSS SEO strategies built in ok we do social shares and we do ratios as well as the big difference between social shares and ratios reaches is when you get a tweak and it gets 50 retweets for example ok and maybe you get a tumble portion you get 50 reblogs or 60 reblogs 150 reblogs or something like that and reaches is validation of the original social post ok so things like retweets reblogs etc google shares as well we just social bookmarks know you probably familiar that I've got some tools that do social bookmarking we've got social bookmark commander for example we got things that their social shares and reaches as well and also we have the community and that we can tie into Israel and from time to time that we do use and we go and get some shares and stuff that we actually purchased on your behalf as well because we're purchasing in bulk okay now we also do high PR web soup on your blog networks anybody who knows anything about my toes my so quiz you will know that I've done ifttt backlink commando and I have got a very very well-known strategy for doing high PR web two point or blog networks that is automated so whenever I post is made on to a wordpress blog or whenever a video is uploaded to youtube or even favorited in YouTube just by clicking that button it can be sent out to a website or blog network that has pr5 tumblr accounts there's got pr5 Twitter accounts there's got PR to minimum PR to blogger accounts and we're talking to me I'm their page authority of 30-plus even with the pho blogger account and we even do expired amazed we purchase expired domains and with those expired domains we need to read our eggs to the blogger sites which is tritium pretty awesome really and being able to do that it gives us a massive massive advantage if I just give you an example one of your site's what I like to do with these signs these domains that we purchased is I like to purchase very very strong domains and they've got very very good metrics but I like to leave from sitting there for you know a month or so before I do anything with them you can see I'm not actually doing anything with this all I've done is put in some tight oh and just not even much of a description in here I just meant this is the cycle live again because it's been an expired domain I leave it down sitting there and it will drip feed some links to as well but nothing you know nothing major but if you look at the trust fall on this one but work on the Majestics some here you can see the trust fall for this 35 this is massive citation for 37 okay and this is going to be redirected over to one of the blogger accounts that we're using in a web two point O blog network for mass maybe SEO we won we look at the most metrics in here we see we got page authority of 35 for this one okay we got demeanor 3023 it's got very very decent stats now we don't have to stop there with just one of these and we don't have to stop there when we do just one and web two point above network in fact you will find that we did 10 plus okay we do more than 10 I'm not even going to tell you how many we do I can tell you that we continually working on these we've got more than 10 web two point O blog networks and we're talking about Tumblr's tumblr accounts with PFI we're talking about Twitter accounts pr5 will get spelling in here right yeah okay let me try that again okay so we got tumblr caspia five we got Twitter accounts pr5 we got blogger accounts which are PR 2 and plus we have expired domains like the one I just showed you and with 301 redirects so you can see that that we actually put in a ton of work into this now what you don't realize is we've got we've done even more than that as well when you submit a press release especially if you doing local you're going to have to put the business details in okay we take that details when if you submit a video with your pressure with then we're going to take that video we're going to put that video through our on youtube channel and we're going to take in the name and address of your business which is basically a citation and that is going to be distributed inside the youtube account and pass into these web soup on your blog networks as well because we got web two point O blog networks from our new site happening automatically and we web two point O blog networks also happening from the YouTube channel as well which makes it really really really powerful ok and you can imagine with all that syndication going around you're getting a bunch of citations happening to you getting a bunch of citations happening now at the same time ok citations do not have to come from just local door local directories they can come from press releases they can come from foreign profiles they can come from anywhere wherever you putting your business name and an address and contact details is a citation ok so it doesn't have to be just the local directories in the fact some of these PR five sites here and you know you're getting some very very powerful citations in here ok so we covered it they expire free one redirects and we covered a little bit a bit the video marketing SEO as well now again if you have you been around my stuff for very long if you're familiar with my stuff at all you know that I've done a ton of video marketing software video SEO software to be specific and we put a huge amount of time into video marketing going way back into I think of it from from but two thousand and two thousand eleven nothing and because we've been doing it for so long we know what what's working and we keep making those particular tools better now we are using those tools as well we are definitely using those toes as well I've got full time assistants that are doing SEO stuff I've got full time assistance at submitting our press releases I've got full times assistance that are doing social bookmarks making sure you get reshares making sure the web checkpoint upload networks are being built because we don't really stop building these things you know we just keep doing and when as and when we got time building more because we got your software that goes and creates you know these networks even if we're not using high PR ones but we're using that you know just plain ones for for backlinking these ones for example we don't know that kind of stuff in the background ok so the whole video marketing SEO stuff is happening to him as a mess happening with youtube video marketing as well so as long as you submit a video we can help you with that and you know all happens automatically for the same price is what you will purchase for distribution and the district distribution if I remind you is and rinse and designs here okay and Pusha getting all of this on top ok so it's so much more than a press release distribution services none of our competitors can touch what we're doing here and I just don't think they would have even a will to go ahead and try and do that because when you see our prices and compared to what other people charging then you going to say think it's just madness now this is a sites that we distributor you can click up here to get a clipping report for over and mass media SEO com just click there when you can get a copy of one of the latest clipping reports and these the Desai sui submitter and these are the prices now if i press releases five pack every month just sixty seven dollars okay now i'm not it newswire is about 147 44 and newswires a bit 297 410 and some other services round about 300 bucks pretend I'm press releases but you're just getting distribution you might get superior distribution but you're not getting the other stuff okay and the fact is you know which press releases we want to get the sticky rankings we want to get traffic and we have got you know case studies where we have done we have you know a ton of traffic and the reason we're getting that trifling is still getting out traffic today you know even as much as 500 hits a day to some press releases that we're done in the past is because we've done in my new SEO as well okay and that's kept a ranking sticky and it's got some other properties with the same content ranking as well we talked about videos we're talking about other pressure these sites were talking about web two point or science that I've carried the pressure this via an automated distribution okay all that kind of stuff has been built in and that's what brings a bunch of traffic okay so other that's happening for just six to seven dollars a month if you're not heavily into press releases but you know the value of them this is a perfect package for you you don't have to spend 300 bucks to get press releases and credits won't roll over okay I mean your credits will roll over but you won't lose your credits we allow you up to 50 credits maximum so even if you take a five pack here for example okay i'm sixty seven dollars if you take a five pack Kim and you don't use those five in the first month that's fine you got up until about ten months and to do you your press releases because we will let you keep a maximum of 50 credits rolled over so you could actually build this up over a month three month for month five and you want Luzon and you should find then that you're getting better value for money because you can come back and get them used at any particular time now if you need help writing the press releases we even help with that kind of thing as well and we've got a software it's all down here that we give away with everyone who wants to do press releases with us okay I give you this and tell him i'm just going to show you how it works and just grab some examples while i'm here you can see in here I've got some key words from google in here and i'm just get rid of this clipping report just open this up so we can put in some keywords in here but say for example real estate let's put real estate Patea and i can start to analyze you can give me an idea about the competition score on youtube now when i'm going to likely to rank on youtube which gives me a very big good indication of the amount of competition for a particular keyword phrase okay now we don't like to stick to just one particular keyword face we like to be able to use what we call semantic keyword density okay what I call some semantic keyword density if you don't know what I is i'm going to show you right now okay so you can see here the top five and here I've actually got to the same in here for some reason just see the amount of Commerce it tells me how many views ago and the good thing is here we can tell that there's not that many views in here so that it's not being not buying if he is okay to doing things properly and you can see some of these were just three months ago so it'd be quite easy to go and overtake these guys because let's get eight comments it's got free ratings free legs and back links is non-existent for this one so he's getting some things from social shares he's getting some things from google plus years has got five Google pushes which probably why he's ranking right there and that tells me what about what I want to know but that's not the most important thing this is just a guy this is basically just giving me the green the green up here and to say you know it's go for it it's not going to be that difficult to rank for but one come over here to where it says optimize video you can see in here that we can put in some keywords okay you can see that we've got some sequences that those top five results that we just analyze them by the way you can make it top 10 results of top 15 if you want okay all of those key was it that this is ranking for all the tags have been pulled in here and you can see the top ranking episode of three word phrases for word phrases from their descriptions from their titles etc but what I like best is this one here Susan product key words okay now if I come back up here and I look to google keyword tool now i put in a couple of key words here so let's just say real estate patio was my keyword i wanted to really build content around as i scroll down here you can see I've got the key word group given by google estate patio okay and you can see here that there's 28 keyword phrases if I just move that over there this should actually happen in the software actually this software we're giving away two members who of mass media so you can write very very well optimized press releases and use trip descriptions okay this should actually work in here but they've got a problem here with the browser control we have to fix this and should be fixed in the next few days but just to let you know you can do all of that all of this within this Sun software which is called optical optimization commander which you get free if your mass media and CEO scriber ok so I'm going to take this couple is 28 keywords come back over to the top and basically what i'm going to do is going to RIT says optimize video click on where it says imported keywords and I'm going to click Add i'm going to add those items in here now what happens is when i start to type these things on these keywords out at oh yeah real state you can see it turns green so it has helping me to optimize my description with all of these 28 keywords the google has given me google is telling me how to optimize my content here ok this 28 keywords is what i call semantic density keywords if i can get all of those keywords in here into this article and it doesn't i'm not even thinking about the length of the article i'm just thinking we getting the keywords in with making grammatical sense and where it's not where we can't make it make grammatical sense image issues things like hash tags so we can get our keywords and then we what we got is a very very high density of semantic keywords ok like where's before we used to have an sort of keyword density of about three or five percent for a specific keyword phrase which could be something like patio real estate or real estate patio for example we would have that bit three percent so every 100 words we would have that phrase free time for example so what we don't know is we cannot don't know we you know that would be over optimization with the Google our group algorithm updates so what we can do now instead is we can use these 28 keywords for example that we got from the group they google google gave us these are the most closely related keywords that Google sees for that particular keyword phrase google has given me these keywords in this is what you need Tony to optimize your content use these 28 keywords ok so we're going to stack them in here and as we stack them in here into this description into this YouTube description or press release that we're writing out then we're going to make sure it's a very very high density for all of these as long as it's making grammatical sense I don't need to make a 15 hundred what article i'm just making as relevant as possible okay relevancy is all i care about when i'm doing this okay and also for the titles as well we got some great things in here like we can squeak up here suggest the titles and you can see applause in my key word there that I've used from the competition analysis neck and click on suggest titles and when it that one is finished it's going to say completed and if I go over and to this time Pia suggested titles you can see here if I just click up here where the title length is I can double click any of these so I've got this compelling headline generator here and you can see here the example apply these secrets these six secret techniques to improve real estate Patti okay so now we need to make that I'm formatted better to fit in with real estate pantea but you know you can see there's giving me some great ideas here six amazing real estate patio hanks ok they don't want to use that instead ok these are compelling headlines and the good thing about compelling headlines if you get them right if you get them really you know to improve your click for a ring it will help your rankings as well it will definitely help your rankings as well because the click-through rate is a major major ranking factor because you know the people are clicking on results on the search results Google can see that and as it start to see more people are clicking on this particular one is going to get that one more rankings better rankings just because you know more people are clicking on it so there's ways that we can use as well and our advantage and this is one way to where we can create a compelling headlines and another way is to use our I'm keywords and you know in a way that's going to make a lot of grammatical sense at the same time we can build it in high density so I I could build your site completely pattaya thailand real estate for example i can put these keywords in there okay so we got that one right up now if I want to build a certain to an article I want to get use keywords all in here what I can do is just basically I don't need to put a moment okay if I put them all in here you can see that I've already got in there and all of this tons green now all I really need to do is to make dis integra matta croissant okay now sometimes you cannot make it grammatical sense sometimes for example it is 12 real estate Patea it's probably the name of a company the name of a website or something so what we can do that is we can just done make sure I've got my u.s.

Keyboard i can just come and do like hash tags in here okay i just put the hash tag in there and usually with hashtags you don't have any spaces that's all right it's going to take away the green but don't worry about it you know that it's been done that's the main thing that you know it has been done you can see the next one as well Bishop and the good thing is for with especially with YouTube descriptions we can still get away with it you know really really over optimized kind of thing with the descriptions at the moment so that's how we can use this and you get this tool free so you would just have to build assigned to a normal article and it's making sense especially for the YouTube but we can get away the quite a lot and this is what we're doing is why there are videos are ranking so well with the mass media SEO youtube channel because we're putting a lot of work into it okay so all of that you're getting free with your press releases I'm saying free with your press releases you're paying for it but you basically you get in it with the distribution which is you know crazy crazy prices compared to competitors and you can get 10 for 97's about third of the price of other people Pusha getting all that man you SEO and 197 420 that's still only you know two-thirds of the price of some of our competitors and pushes still get north at manual SEO okay so you can see we're building huge value into mass media SEO got some ranking stuff down here will probably update this and we just grab this last week while we were building this on your sales page and this is an accurate description and distribution list in here and all of this is actually been you can find in the clipping report all of these okay so what we did is we took the clipping report and we just grabbed all of these peoples are these and newspapers and websites would grab their banners and we created one big one here we hit our one of our peers that up so this is all accurate and you can find we've got 170 free sites and with the press release that we put in here now we update this one from time to time so you can see that is still very very strong but the real work is being done after you have submitted your press release we take personal care with every single press release it comes in and nobody else is able to do that and if you think back what we're actually offering here you get in the manual SEO you're getting indexed and you can RSS SEO strategies are getting social shares and reshares social bookmarks high PR web two point O blog networks we were using 10pm minimum of ten pr5 tumblr accounts pr5 Twitter accounts pho vulgar accounts blasters expired two men redirects okay and I showed you the metrics of that one which is really really something special there and would push your getting citations if you local I'm doing local SEO and plus and a whole bunch of video marketing SEO which ultimately will lead to traffic which is why we're doing it okay so all of that is built in and you can see the prices here great great value and I don't need to really tell you anymore I've explained everything that you need to not but mass media señor to final and you know you got to see the value of this guys this is really really really powerful stuff okay thanks for listening you

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