• Wed. Mar 3rd, 2021

Interview with Avinash Kaushik, digital marketing evangelist for Google [segment 1]

good morning good afternoon good evening everyone my name is Steven West sir i'm CEO of predictive roi and founder of our signature event predictive roi live where over two and a half days we bring together the world's leading experts in digital marketing and business leadership and share those insights with business owners so they can achieve phenomenal growth guaranteed and I have the honor and privilege to be with one of our experts today his name is Avinash Kaushik in he is the digital marketing evangelist for google and co-founder of market motive he's been a wonderful mentor to me I've learned so much from him and he's a great friend so thank you avinash for joining us today very much think it's even great to be here thank you so let's start with some of the questions I've prepared for the interview so if you could give us just an overview of the definition your definition of analytics that would be a great place to start there are hundreds of them right my favorite definition is data data that you use to make smarter decisions about your business that's that's as simple as that I think I quickly sort of break it into two components the practice of analytics one is the boring part and one is the interesting part and the interesting part i define as the business of data analysis so and and that's when you actually get into the data and make love to it and try and figure out if you can tease out something really interesting that adds value to your business and the boring part is the data reporting part where we sometimes falsely believe as businesses that the sheer act of collecting data and puking it out in bball somehow makes our business is smart so when you think about analyst analytics think of those two things right data reporting and data analysis and data reporting is a one of those painful things in life you have to do is spend twenty percent of your time on it but data analysis is where the world of analytics comes alive and adds value to any business on the planet okay so so let's put it into the construct of me as a business owner or those business owners who are watching this video so what are the key insights or data points or the the metrics that I should be looking at what should I really care about pulling out of my analytics absolutely now let's let's look at the let's get three quick different examples so a lot of companies have no idea if their marketing is bringing them the best possible people to their digital existence or or when a person arrives at their door in this case that says that's it a website or mobile site or desktop doesn't matter is that is the greeting really great do you say hello very nicely and so I tell people that if you're starting the business of analytics one of the first matrix you should look at is one of my favorite metrics it's called bounce rates and the way that i define bounce rate is from a customer perspective it measures the following phenomenon I came I puked I left right so it's this really interesting metric that's available in adobe's site catalyst in Google Analytics webtrends any tool we have access to and it actually immediately shows you are you bringing the right people who to your website and how many of those puke and leave right away because it turns out there another right people you're selling underwear and your site is and in your ads were targeting people who want tires stupid or on the other side you are selling underwear I do want underwear and I came any of the world's most hideous unsexy picked like I'm out right and into such a small tiny little thing that very quickly helps you diagnose that something is wrong that is what i mean by very quick actionable analytics here's another example yesterday i was really worried about how to go and find the weakness of my competitor so i could destroy them I just crushed them to death and in the real world is really hard to do right but what I ended up doing is I just typed in WV compete calm compete is offer some free analytics reports and a lot of them for the paint people who pay for it and you type in the name of your company and type in the name of your competitor any like a few seconds it helps you understand what is the traffic patterns on both these websites yours in your direct competitor it tells you what keywords drive traffic to them it tells you what display campaigns they're running the drives traffic to them it helps you understand what the age education are people who go to your competitor versus you it actually even tells you on this one keyword that you're fighting head-to-head how much are they more effective than you Oh what are what are the affiliates that are really working great for you and think about it like at the end of like 20 minutes I have understood what my competitor is doing that is working really well for them and what I am doing is not working well or working well but this context is really hard to find in the real world and yet when it comes to digital we have access to our competitors data on our fingertips and many key we can use that to be much smarter or my last favorite example is possibly my favorite metric on the whole wide world I think in my first book I said if I had to go to a deserted island I would not take Angelina Jolie right hi I would take this metric and the metric is a task completion rate and what happens is after people visit your website and when they leave you ask them three simple questions and you say why were you here doesn't matter what we are selling but why did you come here the second question is what ever you were here for did you complete your task and if you did not why not and think of the amazing things that you get out of it first thing is you understand the difference between why you created the website and why people actually came and that there's a dissonance there and there always is no matter how smart you think you are there always is then the customers tell you how much you suck I love it right because it's a auto I came here to buy my task completion is twenty percent so eighty percent of the people who came to buy could not complete their task like you want to kill yourself at that point it's good information and then then and then in the customers own voice they tell you what effects oftentimes when it comes to the context of predictive when it comes to all this data we tend to think of it in terms of quantitative analysis I am a huge fan of qualitative analysis and so my third example is not trying to get at what is happening but why it is happening and usually we have such amazing confidence in Google XP of such amazing confidence I'd catalyst that we think we have everything but all of that gives us the what doesn't give us the Y and so my third example is all about the y what can we understand from our customer in their own voice and words in qualitatively that we can then use to go improve our business so these are like three different examples that really show you the depth and breadth of data you have access to in the kinds of super smart business decisions you can make at least when it comes to digital it just is just mind-blowing so that's really really good stuff so let's go back to to bounce rate a little bit and because you know that's one of my favorites too so you know I've taken from your lessons before thirty percent baseline it's a great place to go but if we can strive to go deeper that's great but but why do you think thirty percent is a intermediate or a gold place where somebody should start yeah no I the way I tell people is look if you are doing anything over sixty percent and you really suck right what the hell is happening there right because remember a lot of people say no no no people came to my side they see one page and they find all the information and if they leave that's fine but my question to them is how did you make money like unless you're running a non-profit entity which I I adore thank you for running non profit but as long as you're not already a nonprofit entity how did you make money the person has to do something right so that you make money so I tell people if it's over sixty percent like there's something majorly wrong you should think about it anything over forty percent like starts to worry me especially if I'm spending money on campaigns event spending money I don't want forward out of ten people to leave without doing anything that seems criminal but you can't get a bounce rate to zero percent I've had the privilege of analyzing many kinds of websites and some of the websites I've analyzed have very attractive content that is only targeted to certain audiences of a certain age even with that fantastic content you can't get it to 0 cos I insist level you will always get a certain number of people who will leave right away there just isn't a fit or they just don't like the page it's okay and so I try to come up with some space so it's like thirty percent see like if you get at that that's good enough there are bigger problems for us to worry about and that's how sort of arrived at that number but for the most part what you want to look out for our big outliers like if you have a really high line you should look about it think about it and focus on that oh all for your campaigns your affiliate campaigns where you spend money you're paid search campaigns where you spend money your email marketing campaigns where you're spending money your display campus over spending money the ads that I'm running on social media on facebook all of the places where you pay you are actually paying money for every single person to come you don't want seven out of ten people to just leave instantly right let's that's insane so you should go fix that you

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