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You already know Instagram is huge for eCommerce. But you might be asking yourself, “How can
I grow my business on Instagram?” Hey guys! I’m Jessica with Oberlo, and today I’ve
got 10 tips that will get you views, likes, shares, and sales with Instagram. Alright, let’s get ‘gramming. [Hack #1 – Switch to An Instagram Business
Profile] If you use Instagram for business, consider
switching to a business account. With an Instagram business account, you can
monitor real-time metrics on the performance of your posts. You can also add additional content to your
profile, like a customer support number, to make it easier for customers to contact you. With a Instagram Business account, you also
have access to more data. You can find out which posts performed the
best and see what times your followers are online. With this information, you can start optimizing
each and every post. The only downside to creating an Instagram
business profile is that everything you post will be public and accessible. But then again, if you’re using Instagram
for business, you probably don’t want to be private.

[Hack #2 – Use Instagram Carousels] Instagram carousel posts let you upload 10
images in one post. Carousels are perfect for when you want to
post several items from the same collection. For example, if you just launched a collection
of embroidered apparel, you might choose to make one post about that collection, and feature
several product photos in that post. Carousels are also great for launching a promotion. For example, if you have a Buy Two Get One
Free promotion, the first image in your carousel can let users know about the sale, and the
other images in the carousel can showcase the products. Finally, if you host an event, you can use
Instagram carousels to let people browse event pictures. People who are interested in the event pictures
can flip through the carousel, and everyone else can skip it without seeing multiple posts
about the same event. [Hack #3 – Find Instagram influencers] Influencer marketing can boost your Instagram
following count and boost your sales. But you might wonder – are influencers expensive? Well, they can be. But there are a few tricks to finding accounts
that are both affordable and profitable. First, if you’re starting a brand new store,
reach out to influencers with small audiences — let’s say under 10,000 followers — and
ask if they’d be willing to do a post for a free product and affiliate commission.

Sure, you’ll get a lot of rejections, but
some influentials will be open to your idea. Second, if the goal is to get sales, reach
out to influencers within your niche who actively post sponsored posts. You can browse sponsored posts using keywords
like #ad or #sponsored. Just be careful about paying influencers who
have big followings but aren’t niche-specific. There is a risk that that investment won’t
pay off. [Hack #4 – Instagram Takeovers] Instagram takeovers are when someone else
takes over your Instagram account for the day, typically to post Instagram stories on
your behalf. This strategy is awesome for gaining followers
and generating buzz for your store. Instagram influencers are great for takeovers,
but If you’re on a tight budget, you can ask employees or fans of your page to takeover
your account instead. After any takeover, make sure to analyze the
data, because not all takeovers are made equal. For example, one influencer might bring in
thousands of new followers for your brand while another influencer doesn’t bring any. You’ll want to note what works and what
doesn’t before you decide to invest in this strategy again. [Hack #5 – Take advantage of Instagram Live] Instagram Live is a great feature to use for
Q&As, launches, and big announcements.

Done well, Instagram Live can humanize your
brand voice. Let’s take an example. Say you run a meditation store. You can do daily live meditation sessions
on Instagram at the same time each day to build your audience. Or maybe you run a children’s toy or clothing
store. You might do a Q&A with parents to answer
questions about what toys are popular right now, or general topics like how parents can
spend more quality time with their children. One of the cool things about Instagram Live
is that you can go live with a guest who’s in a different location. This works great if you want to have an expert
join in on your live session without physically being there. Your audience will still see both of you in
the session. You can bring in guests each week to offer
your customers a unique look into your niche from top experts. This keep guests watching your account, visiting
your store, and hopefully buying your products. [Hack #6 – Remove business tags for negative
customer photos] As your business grows, you’re bound to
have negative customer photos pop up on Instagram.

And that could be for any number of reasons. You can’t stop people from posting negative
comments. But you can take the right steps to solve
the issue. First, you’ll want to untag yourself from
negative photos before addressing the customer. Fans of your page can access tagged photos,
which can lower your sales. Next, make sure to apologize on the Instagram
post itself. Try to resolve the issue with the customer
by offering a refund or replacement. Once the customer is satisfied, then you can
ask them to delete the photo.

Some customers may not delete the photo, but
many will consider your request. One thing to note: If you notice you receive
a high volume of negative reviews on a specific product–say, more than the standard 1-2%–then
it’s time to consider removing the product from your store. [Hack #7 – Shoppable Instagram galleries] A shoppable Instagram gallery is a page you
can add to your website that includes all of your Instagram posts. The main difference is that there are clickable
links that customers can use to buy products. Shopify has lots of good apps in their app
store that let you easily install shoppable Instagram galleries. Snappt, Covet Pics, and Social Shop Wave are
some of the most popular. I put some links in the description. Keep in mind that the goal with an Instagram
gallery isn’t to feature every product on your store.

Instead, focus on finding and selling your
best sellers. [Hack #8 – Share video content] Creating your own original video content is
a great way to stand out in your customer’s Instagram feeds. And you know what? It’s fine to record on your phone for Instagram. If you can’t invest in special lighting,
just stand close to a window with transparent blinds, and bam!, you have nice, pleasant
soft lighting for your videos. In your videos, you can give tips about your
niche or create short how-to videos.

Say you’re in the yoga niche — you could
create videos of you mastering poses. If you sell yoga pants, wear them during your
video! Or you can create video content where you
talk about body awareness, posture and other topics that are near and dear to your yogis
heart centers. [Hack #9 Show off your customer photos] Customer photos are the social proof that
every business needs. If a customer posts a picture of your product,
their followers see your brand. That means a whole new audience for you and
your products…

Keep your own photography for the featured
images on your website and Instagram account, but when customers post pics of your products,
let the world know! Just make sure that before you use their photo
in something like a Facebook Ad, or email campaign, you ask permission from whoever
took the picture. Customer photos help give your brand credibility,
and they’re really effective at showing your customers what your delivered products
look like. [Hack #10 – Add your product photos on unique
backgrounds] Sometimes, especially when you dropship, suppliers
provide product photos on plain white backgrounds. Posting these pictures on Instagram probably
won’t move the needle.

Sure, you might get a couple of likes and
a comment or two, but if you want to stand out you need to make your pictures appealing. If you want to do more than just change the
color, you can even add backgrounds to your images to create a unique look. Look for wood backgrounds, patterns, brick
walls, and more on stock image websites to give your product photos a unique look. ____ Alright, so there we have 10 tips for how
to grow your business with Instagram.

We’ve got lots more over at the Oberlo blog,
so stop by for more on Instagram marketing and everything dropshipping. We’re putting up videos every week, so if
you like what you saw, go ahead and subscribe for more. Thanks so much for watching, I’ll see you
next week. In the meantime: Learn often, market better,
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