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So ladies and gentlemen, what a Time to be alive. In today's video, I'm going to show you how to start a social media marketing agency this year. Now, I want you to go ahead and close all of your tabs because by the next 2030 40 50 minutes, however for a long time this rule is activated, you're about to gain information that is about to drastically alter the course of this year for you I am going to share a few things that I have never revealed before on how to start a social media marketing agency and if you stay until the end I actually have a huge giveaway for you guys.

I made one of these videos last year and there were quite a few giveaway winners of that, but for that final draw it makes sense, you have to look through the whole video its not one of those videos you are going to want to click around, jump for you. I don't want your eyes glued to a screen every moment. I'm going to refer to You're here to bring you here. And then we're also going to be checking off my screen for this presentation. So let's get right to it. How to start your social media marketing agency in 2020. This is what we are going to go ahead and cover. Is it a right business for you? Ask that fundamental question but one that I think a lot of people don't Really cover. What is a social media marketing agency? How to find clients for your social network media marketing agency and how to provide service those customers.Then you're running a business that's right for you.

Now let's talk about the pros and cons. The pros, more free time, greater possibility of higher income than the traditional magnified. And when I say higher possibility, I mean simply absurd Read higher just um, you know, it's, it's really night and day in terms of your, your earning potential, uh, starting a social media marketing agency, comparing it to working nine to five, The ability to travel and work flexibly. Right now I'm here in Cape Town South Africa decided to come here for three months.

Actually a great great place to work. Uh, only two hours time difference from London where I live. Very easy with the team. calls, customer calls, sales calls with new leads. And uh, all in all good weather, too much sun can complain. Many people who start a social media marketing agency actually build it. next to working nine to five or being in college or even being in school school. You see it, I started my social media marketing agency at the age of 16 and actually I mashed a scale in early 2017 to the point where I was doing more than my director doing more than my teachers.

And I actually ended up dropping out of school. I do not recommend it, but that's the journey that I had to social media marketing and have never looked back ever since. Now let's talk about the negative. There is more responsibility. There is no guaranteed income. Now I run greed and sow all calm, which is the leading educational company on earth for agency owners. And know, I have had thousands and thousands of students and to be very direct and I want be very transparent and honest with you, there are students who deserve to receive a client in the first month considering the work ethic they put in, considering the number of clients to contact and they only get one client. And in month six, on the contrary, there are people who, to be honest, you don't really put in that much work and they probably deserve to have a client in a month six, but ended up getting A client in the first month.

There is always that air of luck and time, no matter what business you are in, there is always something that you need to keep in mind. The next thing is that you have responded directly to yourself. Now for many people that is positive but in many ways that can be a negative because you have to stay explicable. And that kind of brings us to the next point, which is more mentally exhausting. So what is social media? marketing agency or an SMA? Good, I screwed it up a bit there. An AME is a social media marketing agency. Now this is what SMA is not. It is not a formal business that requires clerks from an office or even a legal society. Guys, I don't have an office. As you can see, I am here in Cape Town now. One of my employees flew out earlier this month to come see me. You know, it's good to be one on one with your employees, but that's another thing I want to mention is you don't need employees with a social media marketing agency.

You can literally work with contractors and you can expand those contractors so those contractors can work with you. You know when you get two clients three clients, four clients, five clients, and maybe once you have five clients and you have a predictable base of clients, then you can take a contractor who works with you to deliver the results to clients and you can convert them full time employed as I did. Now, The next thing SMA is not is something that requires an intense knowledge of digital marketing, SEO, Google Ads, Snapchat Ads, branding, content creation, etcetera etcetera. Now you may be super confused You're like, well I have an agency that delivers results for clients. The only thing you have to understand with having a social media marketing agency is that you can use something called contractor arbitration. Now remember I told you about that contractor I had who worked with me on three four, five, six customer campaigns, and I finally brought him full time with my agency. Good, I have an agency that runs ads for e-commerce and information businesses, but actually I started with a creative agency So he actually had a creative agency.

I was making videos, photos, post it on social media, but when I transitioned to having a Facebook Ad Agency, to be honest, I really wasn't very good at Facebook ads and I brought my contractor and him actually delivered all the results for my clients. I only knew enough about Facebook ads to sell that to customers. And then I had my contractor deliver those results Now these days I know a ton about Facebook Ads, but to be honest, it is from my own knowledge that it was not necessary to grow my agency. And you can see a perfect example here where there are two business partners and a business partner delivers the results and a business partner sells.

Now I do not recommend business partners if you are starting your social networks marketing agency because it only makes it twice as difficult to do the same amount of money. But think about it. The person selling has a good enough knowledge to actually sell the services and the business partner is delivering the service. You know, they are not so good at sales, they really don't want to get involved with the sale, but they are great at delivering services. That is the benefit of having a contractor. Social media marketing is not about get rich quick either or you know, even making tons and tons of money.

Many go into social media marketing to make additional income. Look, like I said, I have students making $ 65,000 a month, $ 25,000 per month profit, $ 18,000 monthly profit, $ 10,000 monthly profit. And I don't recommend that you do this now, but after this video, go to my channel and I have tons and tons of student interviews and you can see their stories of how they start from scratch and grow their agency. But you must understand that many of my students like to do an extra $ 2,000 per month. I'd like to earn an additional $ 5,000 per month. A long time is not about making these huge, big numbers and turning into billionaires. Many people just want to replace their current income with social media Marketing income. And what is social media marketing? It is a simple business model. He runs an agency that provides services to clients. It is nothing super interesting. Its not this weird trick or trick or tactic. It's just that you have a business based service that provides services to clients.

Pretty simple. Now this can be done from anywhere in the world and you can offer your services to any business in the world. This is another super important thing to remember. I see a lot of agency owners when they first come in, you know, they're thinking oh but you know I live in a small town or I live in a small town or there are not enough tracks around guys I don't see any of my clients face to face.

I have all my sales calls zoomed in. I have all of my clients reviewing calls with the team in zoom, and to be honest, I never see clients face to face and they don't care and I don't care. I like to run my business remotely and that's also the way I teach all my the students agreed and come do the same Now here are some greed gya and secret tips. One or two clients can replace your nine to five monthly income. Keep it in mind. I always tell you they are literally just one customer away. You are a customer away from quitting your job.

You are a customer far from getting that dream watch You have wanted your only client to get the car of your dreams that you wanted, either that first client or you already have multiple clients and you I just need one more client to get that dream car you've always been waiting for. Remember that. Keep that in mind. You are a customer away. The next thing is that you don't need to quit your job to start social media marketing agency. It takes a fraction of a normal job and I recommend that if you currently have a nine to five stick to their work and build their agency on the side and the next What is starting is the most difficult bit.

It is much easier from then on. This is something super important to remember. I was actually doing an interview for students and I was talking about the difference between when you start your agency and when you actually have an agency. You see a lot of people watch videos like that and you know you get soaked above all the information. You are here in this training is going to change a lot for you but you know a lot of people will look at this and then they will see you six seven, another eight videos and all this information will soak in and they will for two or three months trying mentally to prepare and nothing happens.

You know, they're just procrastinating on their success. Well, and you know that example that I gave you with a student for three months He did the exact same thing and then finally one day he decided: He told me the day it was January 10, he decided, okay, today I am going to start reaching out to companies. 24 days later he signed his first social media marketing client and he is doing the same amount of a client that he would have been working a nine to five job after getting a college degree. Then starting. Good, all you need is a portable email and you just need a simple email account and you I need a social account.

This is what you do not need Office software for employees, Registered Bachelor of Business website. That's also another thing I feel. All of this slows down a lot of people. They feel they need a registered company Now, I don't know in your country I know in America in the UK it is not necessary to be registered business. For example myself I got my first agency client in August 2016 and from August 2016 to the end until April 2018 when the new personal tax season arrived, I was actually operating as a single merchant, so I wasn't trading through a company or anything. It was just me. Obviously it was registered in taxes and that is important that you are a tax registered by him and have a business or a limited company or this or that. I was just operating like me someone who is self-employed, so if that's holding you back please don't let it go one more time Here's more greed and secret tips.

The best agencies are the simplest. I really can't stress this enough. I've seen so many agency owners out there complicated. I have seen so many full service agencies making $ 20,000 a month in income but it's just taking home like three 4,000 a month in earnings because their, their agencies are so complex. They were working with 10 different niches. They are offering 10 different services. They are offering an upsell, a low sale. Everything is everywhere. The best agencies on earth are the ones that are the simplest and the most aerodynamic So the next secret Don't you need a website? But you can create a simple one using click funnels. Go ahead and check the link below. Get a 14-day free trial and I'm actually building a new agency website at click funnels. I also use click funnels for my agency's case study funnel, for my onboarding funnel.

I literally use click funnels for almost everything. And the next secret tip is that you can buy a custom domain from $ 1 a year and a Google G suite for $ 5 per month. Strongly believe, I recommend you do this because for $ 5 a month instead of getting to customers like, you know, let's say eamon@gmail.com you can contact clients like Eamon, for example, agency.com do you know, the real name of your agency and you can name your agency whatever you want. Like I said, you don't have to have your agency name as your registered company. For me, I was half IgE for two years. even before starting to use a business. And even to this day my registered business is not even my agency name I operate is a different name. So don't let that scare you just choose an agency name, whatever you want to do that.

Don't overthink it but definitely get a domain business because it only shows customers that you are a a little more serious and you go to get a better response when it arrives out to customers. How to find clients for your social media marketing agency, customer equals anyone who needs more customers. So step number one is choosing your niche. It's easier to get there and get results. for a particular type of customer. Good? Choose one that you know a lot, do you understand and you already have some ideas for potential clients to, and it can change guys. You know it doesn't have to be set in stone.

You can, you know, work with a niche for a couple of months and then realize that hey, You don't like working with them. And then you can change niches. Good? As long as you don't try to work with everyone under the sun It is best to focus on your focus and focus your attention on a niche soap. In the United States alone alone, these 38,000 gyms, there are 200,000 dentists and there are 600,000 restaurants. So for anyone who thinks there is a customer shortage out there, that's just three niches in America alone, 38,000 gyms, 200,000 dentists and 600,000 restaurants. There is no shortage of customers. So you can lock yourself up So step two is to make a list. Good? You want to gain some clever edge. Ok, so you want to start locally, you can expand later, but start local and just create a google sheet or for now it doesn't need to be complex. It can be a google sheet, it can be a google doc, Hi, It can even be pencil and paper, but only write 10-20 businesses, their business names, their phone numbers, their email addresses, website and Facebook and Instagram pages Make a 2030 list to get started.

That's the lead sourcing process and basically just collecting a bunch of potential customers that you intend to reach out and simply collecting as much information about those leads as possible so that you can have as much probability of setting up a meeting with them. Beat. Good, so choose your method, if that's a cold call, either cold email, if that is even considered them on Instagram and if that sounds a little weird and crazy. This is how I mostly got most of my clients.

My first five, six, seven, eight clients are just called DM scope. These days on Instagram, I know you can record like a minute and in trops up to 15 seconds, but you can actually record for that way back in the day I would just have to do like a 15 seconds send a 15 seconds, send a 15 seconds, send it and really, You know it was very, very simple. I'd just give them one, two, three tips and I do that text message and I just go, hey, I just saw you for a couple of tips, a couple of places that I think you're leaving money on the table. Now obviously I can't give you a full audit of your business in just three briefs paragraphs So I saved the juiciest stuff for a one-on-one meeting. Then I would love to set a time to make a quick coffee sit down and chat about where you can make improvements on their social media marketing strategy and see if it makes sense for me to go in and Implement those strategies for yourself.

If the worst becomes worse and nothing comes of it you've literally gone for a free audit. You can run away and do that however you want. Now keep in mind this is back when you actually used to do one-on-one meetings. I stopped doing one-on-one sales meetings in mid-2018 but at that time I was doing one-on-one and doing local business. Now the next thing is to go ahead and make a simple script yourself. Really, if you stay until the end of this video, I'm going to make your life a hell of a lot easier, but like I said, don't click forward.

Stay tuned Stay focused on training. As I said at the end, I'm going to make your life a lot much easier because I have some bonuses for you. I said just to continue to the end. The next thing to do is set yourself a daily scope goal and book a follow-up meeting. Now here is a very, very, very simple example is that if you stick to the end, I'm going to give you some extra resources to really get started and take you in your way. But a simple outreach message is, hey, My name is Eamon and I help. Restaurants get new customers. I just had to look at your website and I know that you are going to leave many money on the table in your business. I have some great ideas for getting more clients. Would you like to talk about them? This is basically as basic as it gets. Something that I would use more as I said, the lines of those Instagram messages are something like that, those Instagram, DMS and little video DMS they used to send for me, the most important thing is to sell the meeting, not the service.

Let me repeat that because many social media marketing beginners that mistake.You are selling the meeting, not the service, so when you communicate with clients, don't start talking about the benefits of their service this or this or this or that. It doesn't talk about your service at all. You are only selling the meeting and how the meeting has infinite advantage for them and basically zero Down. So you know When I give the Instagram example, I went, hey look, if nothing comes out of this and you want to go ahead and take these strategies and implement them yourself, that's totally fine. I want to make sure this is a Victory Scenario victory for you. So that's super, super important because you need to understand that these business owners are busy, respect their time, make sure the meeting is an absolute win-win for them.

It's infinite upside with zero downside, very, very important. Now step four is the meetings. Now meetings can be virtual, especially if abroad. As I've said before, I have all my sales meetings through zoom and use another simple script, explain your proposal, sign client there and then and get an invoice paid and agree on a start date. So I'm going to tell you a little more about the meetings. As I've said before, if you stay until the end the thing is with this free training is that we are on YouTube and YouTube. Everybody wants three minute video of the seven minute video, the video of 10 minutes max. If it's a 10 minute video, it's really stretching people's attention span. So I'ma try to keep it nice short and sweet and give you the nude bones in this YouTube workout. And like I said, very, very briefly, once we get to the end of this training, I'm going to go ahead and give you a little extra resources to get you on your way.

So within the meeting, the first Initial stage is the excavation phase, right? Are you here, you're really just digging up and unearthing some information about his deal. Next you're moving into the movement stage, okay? Because you need you really need to understand the ins and outs of their businesses and you are I'm actually going to go ahead and use that. You are going to use phase one in to seal the deal in phase three. Now I need you to understand that people buy with emotion and then justify with logic You see more things on earth than you buy. You don't buy it for the thing you buy it for the way it goes to make you feel or the way it will change your future life situation. Think about the last time you bought a pair of shoes or bought a computer or Hello them, while the last one when you paid for college, you know you don't really pay for the information. You pay it for the assumed future life that it will give you.

And it is exactly the same with business owners. Every business owner wants to make more money and they want to earn more money for a specific reason, if that is upgrading from a three bedroom to a five bedroom single family home, whether it's buying a new Rolex, whatever it is, business owners want to earn more money to fulfill that vision for your afterlife So remember when you sell them, It is very important that you only focus on the features and benefits of your service. Also future project and make them imagine what life will be like once they use it their service to get those results they want. So the next phase is logic. Now remember what I said people buy with emotion and justify with logic. So you need to use that first phase, that digging phase to get numbers to understand your business and really make it clear why it's obvious and that's when you use it in phase three the logical phase, the last is near. Very very simple. If you have done the first three things well should be obvious and closing, it doesn't need to be hard to sell or anything like that.

The most important thing when it comes to closing is like I said, making it obvious, making it such an obvious decision and the way you do that. As I've said before, your future rhythm, your future project, what the future will be like after you come in and deliver those services for them and also solidify that using logic and at that point it's really a it's not obvious and that's how you almost guarantee a close. So step five is rinse and repeat. You sign a clown who makes money off the client and then that client will go ahead and give you references.

And trust me he's not in the agency game anymore The more references you get. Rinse and repeat this process over and over again. So here are some more green secret tips from the agency. Number one, integrate zoom with your calendar for video calls. If you have the Google calendar, you can get this integration for zoom and google calendar so you always you send a Google calendar invitation to someone's email, will automatically generate a meeting zoom. Super, super useful. That way you know it can go to your calendar, just press join zoom call and that way you are in video call with them.

The next thing is to never offer free trials. Ladies and gentlemen, you need to understand free trials never convert because even if you get mental outcomes, you need to understand expectations They have gone from paying absolutely nothing for something for 30 days and then You are carrying them 1,002 thousand $ 3,000 a month in your mind. They're not like, oh that's cool. I have a free month. In your mind they are like, I didn't have to pay for this before and now I have to pay for this. So trust me, trust me. Coming from the person who, as I said, He runs the largest educational company on earth for agency owners. I have trained thousands and thousands of students I'm telling you right now that free trials do not turn into actual payments clientele.

Another thing to keep in mind is the The best clients are freelancers, okay? They are not chains. They have high margins and a small team in charge. The next thing is to use the billing software to make the customer pay there. And so, good, They are not customers until they have paid for the service. So how do you serve your customers? Step number one, choose your service. Good, there are offers of convenience and there are offers based on results. So a convenience offer could be content creation. You know they could still do their own content creation with their iPhone, this, that. But if you have a professional camera it's the convenience of that, it's you editing, etcetera, etcetera. Another example could be social media management. You know that we are managing their social networks. media you are publishing for them and You are growing social media platforms.

Now the result-oriented service is something like paid social advertising, email marketing and SEO. So I recommend that you opt for paid social advertising. That is the easiest place to start and generally that is where you will end up. The highest retention. As I said, with paid social advertising, you get the most obvious ROI. It is the easiest to learn and there are no software costs because you can only advertise directly with Facebook.

Good. Now at this point you have two options. Choose your method of service delivery. Or you subcontract, and i already mentioned this before about outsourcing and using a contractor or do it yourself. Outsourcing is easier to scale. Doing it yourself is easier to get started. So, step number three is choose your delivery channel, be it Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, which is obviously a part of Google's ad platform, be it Snapchat Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Tick-tock Ads. The easiest place to start by far is the Facebook channel. So the reason is because there are more users, which obviously means more targeting.

It is the easiest platform to use. There is a native lead generation there. I'd say that's probably reason number one. Step four create your Facebook business account and integrate the client, as I said, create a Facebook business account, request access to the customer page through business manager and create advertising accounts. Very important use of the customer's payment method. You never Have you ever wanted to collect advertising costs? You just charge your service fee and then the customer connects their card to your business managers, so every time you were an advertisement for them, they are billed directly. You don't want to be handling that money. It's a nightmare. It is a disaster. Instead of letting your customers just pay directly in the ad manager.

Step five is to create your ads. you press the upper right button and it only says create campaign. When you are inside the Ads manager of the Considerations you choose the lead generation. This basically tells Facebook what is the purpose of this ad? Then you create your audience, you said their demographics, location, age, gender, et. For example, you are working out with the gym. You can literally put that zip code or you can put that street plus a mile and instead, you can target by locations and then create your budget. Now in terms of assets, which means you know the images and photos, your client supplies the assets in terms of the copy, you know the real thing by writing for the ad. You do it yourself in terms of demographic decline I'll tell you what your it's demographic and then that will give you're a good kind of compass as to what direction to look at and then you can modify from there. The next step is to create your ad. Now you want to write a compelling copy there. It relates to your audience. The long form always works better than quick slogans that you want to avoid with stock Ok pictures, use content lifestyle, simple tests.

Would you post it on your own timeline? The key and the number one tip I can give you for posting ads to your clients is if the person looking at it can say It's an ad. You have done everything wrong. You just want it to look almost like an organic social post, something your friend posted. And that's why long iPhone pictures actually work better when you're post ads for clients instead of as a super Fashional camera or even Stock images, I mean stock images, just avoid completely. And finally, use a desirable offer to create a strong call to action. Now users can be followed by phone, email, or encouraged to visit in person, set up an automatic export of leads from your business manager. Then your customer is notified with everything. And all this becomes super, super easy using Zapier. And I said, Here are more groups and secret tips. Outsourcing saves you time and gets the customer better results. You can create custom forms within ClickFunnels. As I've said before, check out the link below to get started on that and use Zapier for everything. Good. for SMS tracking to lead.

So here is the next step. Go to the link in the description below. Sign up for free training and received two free bonuses. Remember when I said you look before I'm going to go ahead and give you two resources to get started. Good, number one is my cold call, plug and plate. This comes directly from my paid course. Good? That's straight from there, So it's a five-page document on exactly what to say on your cold calls. To have success. I also give you an hour and a half of live images from my old salesman of my agency closing three 10-call meetings, live footage of that. I also give you a brief sales script summary of what to say at the meeting for Ensure closure. Now many times the anxiety actually starts once you close clients, so i got you because the next thing they're going to get is actually a six page plug and play on how to run ads step by step in details excruciating for locals companies You know, restaurants, gyms, chiropractors, real estate agents, etcetera etcetera.

Literally this is click for click exactly what to do and the way you get this, by clicking the link in the description of the free training, I went ahead and put together an extended two and a half hours without a giant training. Like I said guys, YouTube is all about seven minutes, 10 minutes, 12 minute videos. So even just him, the length of this video doesn't really flatter the way people like to watch things on YouTube, but I want to go deeper and they will give them even more value. That's why I went ahead and put that free training link together in the description and see all Through the road. And like i said You'll even get those two bonuses directly from my paid course agency incubator.

Now that's not all. before you go ahead and do that. I have a great gift for you. So I want you to follow and comment in the comment section why do you think social media marketing is the best business model there is. And for every hundred comments, I'm going to go ahead and give away an hour's free coaching call. Now until today you cannot pay me to speak for you one on one unless your client for my agency, IgE media, in which case I charge 25,000 pounds for a two-day training for me to enter and consult you and your business. Once again, You have to own a real business. This is business to business and 25,000 pounds equates to roughly around $ 32,000 and it's two eight-hour days. So I charge people around $ 2,000 an hour for my time right now. And you have to pay for two days in advance. So if you want to go ahead and get a free one-on-one coaching call.

Like I said, I don't do coaching, I don't tutor I don't work with anyone one on one unless they pay me $ 32,000 flying to their office and they are a business doing multiple seven figures a year. So the value in that is immense. The last time I made a video there were a ton of winners from that one. So like I said, comment on why you believe in social media marketing is the best business model and For every 100 comments I will go ahead and choose a winner and we will have a chat and I will train you on your trip. So ladies and gentlemen Hope you enjoyed this video. Go ahead and leave a comment and you will be valid for the giveaway. Then after that, pick a time, check out the free training and make sure you stay until the end to get your free gifts.

I hope that you have enjoyed this free training. Can you go ahead and smash the like button for me? Taking my time out of a day to create this lengthy step by step guide for you? I appreciate all of you and I hope you guys enjoy the extended free training in the description..

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