• Mon. Mar 1st, 2021

– In this video, I'm going
to share how I've been able to make over a thousand dollars per day with affiliate marketing
for the last few years. So in my computer right here, I'm showing you guys a
dashboard from one of my affiliate products that I promote. You can see in the last
30 days, over $25,600. You can see that we have days that are going upwards of $2500. You guys can see here this is all recent. Currently, today is May 21st. You guys can see to the last week here, but what's actually more interesting is, I have a video from 2017 right here. You guys can look this up. It's how I made $45,000 in seven days. This is back in May of 2017. So this is actually way
before I even launched my first affiliate marketing course, but you guys can see here, my PayPal, $45,300 payments received
back in May 2017. This is actually a one week period.

So the question is, how have I been able to do this
for years and consistently? I'm going to share some tips
in this video, so stay tuned. (upbeat music) – [Announcer] ODI Productions. (upbeat music) – All right. Hey, what's up everybody? Welcome back to ODI Productions channel. If you're brand new here, my name's OD, and I make entrepreneurship videos, specifically around the topics of affiliate marketing and passive income. Turning affiliate marketing,
which is a business model, into a passive income machine. This is what I'm obsessed with. It's what I've been obsessed
with for over seven years. So if any of that sounds good to you, make sure to subscribe, hit the notification bell, and check out some of my other videos. Now, in today's video, we
have a pretty juicy one. This is how I was able to
make over $1000 per day for the last few years,
dating back to, actually 2016. The proof that I'm going to show you guys, is actually from 2017.

So let me bring up that
video one more time, here in my computer. So here's that video. It's $45,000 in seven days. Pretty crazy, because I used to work a nine to five corporate job, where I was making this much in one year. So to make this in one week, back in May 16, 2017 to May 22, 2017, is just nuts, okay? It's just absolutely crazy. Now I made this video and this time range of May 16th to May 22nd, this time range right here, is way before I ever
shared my self on YouTube. I think I shared my
first sort of face video around August 2017, and
then I didn't release my first affiliate marketing course until October of 2017 officially. So it's pretty funny when
people say that I make money from selling courses, when
the proof is in the pudding. Anyone can watch this
video and I actually show my ad costs and expenses
in this video as well. Now here's some recent proof.

This is literally this week. Today is May 21st. You guys can see this is all updated. Last 30 days, $25,000, from
a single affiliate product. $7,000 in the last seven days. That's nicely $1,000
a day, pretty spot on. This is just one of
many affiliate products that I promote, but the truth
is, you don't need many. I mean, if you're making $25,000 from a single affiliate product with a 90% profit margin, that's good enough to cover
your expenses, the lifestyle. You can basically live wherever you want. Drive whatever car you want. So I just want to share that first tip, that you don't need to have a million affiliate websites, or affiliate products. You just need to be
good at a few key ones.

Now let's jump into the
how-to portion of this video. So affiliate marketing. Okay, it's basically just referrals. It's promoting other companies'
products and services and making commission. So one of the prime
examples right here is, Amazon Associates. If you're unfamiliar
with Amazon Associates, it is Amazon's affiliate
program that allows you to basically link any product that's on Amazon's Marketplace. So right here, we have
an Apple MacBook Pro, 15 inch retina. This is like the one that I use, except mine is seven years old. I could really use a new one. This one's going for $2500,
just one penny underneath that. So if you were to sell this, okay, and it's technically a PC,
it's a personal computer. You would get 2.5% of the product cost. If you were to do the math on this, it's about $62.50, I believe. So every time you were to sell
one of these through a link. So you see this get link right here. You get the link. You put it on your platform.

Your social media, your
content, your video. If someone clicks the link and buys it, then you would get 2.5% of this product, which again, is $62.50. Simple enough, right? Now here's the problem. If you were to just try to do this, let's say $1,000 per day,
which is a lot of money. Just to give you guys reference,
this isn't E-commerce. Affiliate marketing, if we're
just getting links here, we don't have any product expense.

We don't have any
shipping or distribution. No customer service. I mean, Amazon's the one
who ships the product out. It's Apple's product, so
they handle customer service, in terms of issues with
the product, et cetera. So the real question is, how
much money are we spending for affiliate marketing,
like what are your expenses? Usually for affiliate marketing, your expense would usually
just be advertising and any software that you
use for your sales funnel, for your website.

To have a website is super cheap. I mean, it's basically starting at three to five dollars per
month, if you use WordPress. Now the expenses aren't high. The only thing that you would
spend for is advertising. That's how I've been able to generate 88 to 90% profit margin, because the only thing I
spend on is advertising, okay? It's as simple as that.

With E-commerce, your profit
margin, you'd be lucky if you had a 30 to 40% profit margin. That's after the product cost,
shipping and distribution, refunds, exchanges,
taxes, any sort of fees. Let's say you use Amazon FBA. You have to pay Amazon the fee to use their fulfillment centers, right? So with affiliate marketing, we don't deal with any sort of headaches and hassles like that. We don't deal with any of those numbers. So it's a beautiful business model. That's why I've been obsessed with it. Now my real obsession lies in, how are you able to take something from, let's say zero okay, to over $100 a day and over a $1000 a day? Right, how do you scale upwards, Because to make $62 off
selling a $2500 product, is not really a ton.

It's great, it's better than nothing, but to get a $1000 per
day in commission for you, you would have to sell
dozens of MacBook Pros. It's no easy task, especially if you don't have some sort of social media following. Now what's funny is, back here in 2017, I mean you guys can go look back. I had basically no social media following. I did not have the
subscribers I have today. I didn't have the over
100,000 subscribers. I did not have millions of views. I was just a kid, who was
doing affiliate marketing and I happened to be able to scale it up and then share, because I wanted to
share with other people, just the beauty of this business
model and the opportunity.

So I actually want to take you guys back and show you a few pictures right here. This is the first time I ever
earned from Amazon Associates, which is that affiliate
program I showed you. This is back in November of 2014. You can see, I earned $32.06, okay? Now, this is not a lot of money. You can't live off of this, right? But in just two years,
I was able to take that, and go all the way up to over $3,000 from Amazon Associates. Just to show you proof, here's the actual direct deposits from Amazon Associate's back end. I took a little screen shot right here.

You guys can see, these
numbers actually line up with the numbers in this graph. I just made this graph for
a visual representation, just to show you guys the journey. Now here's the thing. I did not get to here, until
I discovered a system, okay? The system is how you get
from zero to $100 a day, to $500 a day, to $1000 a day and beyond, is you need a system. It's as simple as that. The system only needs to get two things: traffic and sales, that's it. Because if you don't have traffic, then you can't have sales, right? If you don't have someone walk
in the door of your store, how are you able to sell them on anything? How are you able to get any
sort of sales or commission? You can't. So you need visitors and you need traffic. But to break it down simply, that's the only things you need.

Now there's a couple other
things in the system. So basically, if you were
to do affiliate marketing, you would need a product and
you would need a platform. Then traffic and sales. So those four things, I mean that pretty much
breaks it down very simply. Now the product is where
things get interesting and where you can make a
huge jump and pretty much 10X your results almost overnight. Now I want to share this with you guys. So this is a two year journey going from basically zero before November 2014, I've earned zero from Amazon Associates. Then I earned that
$32.06 in November 2014. Now I did not discover the
system until December 2015, okay? Basically, you guys can see just the miraculous jump right here.

You can see how
exponential this growth is, after this one year period of basically little to no growth, right? Very small, very marginal. Never broke past $400 in a single month. After I implemented the system, you guys can see how powerful this is. It took time, it took trial and error. It took a lot of mistakes
and just learning and just trying out new things. Experimenting to actually see what works. Now I've taken this system. I've applied it to many different niches. That's how I've been able to
go from the $100 a day, right? Here's $100 a day, over 3,000, to the 30,000 a month, the
$1000 every single day. At the core of all of
this, is just a system, for getting traffic and sales. Now here's the thing. I've been trying to keep
my YouTube videos shorter. I've been getting a lot of comments about people wanting shorter videos. Now we can't cover
everything in this system that took seven years to
create, in this short video. So if you want to learn more, I actually created a
brand new free training on my five step system
in the description below.

You guys can go check that out. Basically, just to sum
things up very quickly, you need a product to promote. Now if you want to have
these huge results, right? $1000 a day in commission for you, you need to go high ticket, okay? This is one of the big changes that I made and even though this looks
good right here, right? Getting that $3000 a month. At the same time, I had
other affiliate websites that were generating
up to 10 times as much, just because it had a different
niche and industry, okay? Now when I'm just doing
the Amazon Associates, 3,000 in a month, I
mean this is a lot guys. You would have to sell tens
and thousands dollars worth of product to get 3,000 in
commission to your bank account.

Because again, if we're
looking at the fees here, you're only making between 1%
to 10% of the product fees. So you would literally have to sell tens of thousands, to
make thousands, okay? Now when you're selling high ticket, and one example that I've been sharing, is ClickFunnels, which is a software that pays 40% commission. The payment plans range from
97 a month, to 297 a month. If you sell someone a 297 per month plan, you're making $118.80 per customer. Now that's just one example, okay? There are tons of high
ticket affiliate products and niches and industries. There's literally thousands of different niches and products that you can basically promote. So I can't cover all
of them in this video, but that's just one example. So the product. It needs to be high ticket. When you're selling low ticket, it's hard to make a full time living, when you're only making, let's
say 4% of a product's cost and you're only selling products that cost less than $200, right? 4% of $200 is about eight bucks.

So you'd have to sell quite a
lot of $8 commission products to make $1000 a day. Now if you were making $100 per sale, you would only have to
make 10 sales per day to hit that $1000 per month mark. I also want to offer a
different perspective. Listen, $1000 a day,
is not required, okay? If you're making 90% profit
margin, like my system does, then you're taking home $900. The truth is, it's not
how much money you make, it's how much money
you're able to take home after all the expenses,
the fees, the advertising.

If you have virtual
assistants and employees, it's how much money you actually
get at the end of the day. Because that's how much
money you can actually use and use for your lifestyle
to provide for yourself and your family and your kids. It's how much money you
get after all these fees, because it doesn't matter
if, with let's say, for example, E-commerce,
you're making $30,000 a month, when your profit margin
is only 20%, right? Now it's still a decent amount of money, but it's not nearly as
much as people think, when they see that gross revenue.

So anyways, the next step is, you need to put that product
on a platform, right? You can't promote the product if you don't have some type of platform. So here are the basic platforms. You have a website, you
have YouTube, you can create a sales funnel using something like Leadpages, Click Funnels, any
sort of landing page software. There's Instagram, okay? These are just platforms
where you can basically promote, you can sell products,
you can build an audience. Again, back then, let me
just show you guys again this screenshot right here. I did not have a following
back in May 2017. I did not have a personal brand.

In fact, I did not even share my face on YouTube during this time here. So this debunks the idea that you need a social media following. You need a system, right? A system is what gets sales. Because the truth is, there's a lot of social media followings that are actually not
worth that much, right? If you were to be in an industry like gaming, for example. I know that gaming is glorified and a lot of people see Ninja and they see the half a million dollars a month. That's being literally like the number one Twitch streamer/gamer in the world, versus the average gamer, who
on 1,000 views on YouTube, is probably making less than $2. Probably closer to like
$1 for every 1,000 views. See, it's extremely hard,
because this industry is super oversaturated. Also a lot of revenue comes
from very low ticket things like you can't really sell video games. Even if you did, video games would get you like a 1% commission
here on Amazon, right? Most people just buy video games directly.

I mean they don't really go through too many different gatekeepers. They just go straight
to the PlayStation store and they just download the game, right? So your niche and your
industry really matters. If you were to be in
entrepreneurship, I mean this is an industry where people
spend money to make money. They're willing to invest, right? People who are willing to invest, they have deeper pockets
and they're willing to spend more money. Whereas, with gaming, a lot of gamers tend to be under the age of 18 and they don't have that
much money and resources. They're not looking to start a business that requires capital to start, right? So the platform you choose. It's super important that
you choose a platform where, one, your customers are and
two, does the content stick? Like if you make a YouTube video, that YouTube video is there
pretty much forever, right? So you don't have to remake
the video every single time.

Now in Instagram, if
you're to make a story, it disappears after 24 hours. You would have to make a
new story every single day, if you were promoting products. The problem is, your customers may not be on Instagram, or at least be on Instagram
with a consumer mindset to buy. When people are looking to buy something, and they're looking at reviews, they search it up on
YouTube or Google, right? The top two search engines in the world. Now if you were to create content, either through a YouTube video, or on an article on your website, then this has a chance to stick for months, years, decades
even to come, okay? People can see that same content and be sold on that content,
basically indefinitely. You only have to make the
content one time and it sticks.

It's there. You don't have to remake
it every 24 hours, it doesn't disappear. Now the next step is getting traffic. There's two forms in
getting traffic that I love. It's basically free and paid, okay? That's just to really simplify things. Now my favorite form of
free traffic is called SEO, or search engine optimization. Now search engine
optimization is basically if you can rank that video, or that article on Google or YouTube and people when they search up a product and they're looking for
information before buying, you pop up. This right here is ideally what you want, because you're getting
customers who have intent, who already want to buy
what you're promoting, what you're selling. So this is the best possible
type of traffic you can get.

One, it's free. Two, it's the warmest traffic for people who are
already looking for you. Whereas with paid traffic,
you're looking for other people. So it's the other way around. Like you're chasing after someone else. So it's kind of like in a relationship. If you were to make the first move, and approach someone on the street and try and strike up a conversation and ask for someone's phone number, then it's a lot tougher than that person coming to you and asking
you for your phone number. Okay, so with paid traffic,
we're talking about the Facebook ads, the Instagram ads, Bing ads, Pinterest ads, Twitter. All the different ad platforms.

I mean there's literally dozens out there. The good news is, you don't
have to master all of them. You just need to master one of them. So I would focus on just
getting one of those down, because Facebook alone, has
literally billions of users. So if you can't sell your
product to billions of people, than chances are you either
don't have a good product to begin with, or you need to work on something
else in your business.

Now the last part of this
system is, getting sales, because you can have all of the above. You can have a high ticket product. You can have the platform, choosing the best platforms
where content sticks. You can even get traffic and people who are visiting your content, whether it's through free or paid. But if you don't get sales,
you're not going to get paid. You're not going to get any commissions. Now how do you get sales? It's hard to describe
in just this short video and we're running out of time.

But essentially, sales
comes down to psychology. You need to learn things like
conversion rate optimization. Because, let's say you have
a conversion rate of 1%. This means that for every
100 visitors on your website, or on your content, or your platform, you're making one sale. Now you can either go out
and find a new 100 customers, every time you want to make a sale. Or you can simply convince a second person that's already part of that initial 100, to buy the product, right? It's much easier to sell
to people who are already in the door, rather than
having to get another 100 customers and another 100 customers. So this is why conversion
rate optimization is key and you want to maximize
the traffic that you get. This is the single reason why, having a following doesn't matter.

Because followings don't
translate into sales, okay? It doesn't translate
into paying customers. When you have followers,
people subscribe to you. They follow you for free. It doesn't cost anything. Now because of this, they
don't have high commitment. If you're in an industry, like
let's say pranks or gaming, then you have a very fickle audience that tends to be younger. They tend to be just
focused on entertainment and they don't really
tend to have much money, or are willing to invest at this time when it comes to investing into software, businesses, investments. They're not looking to do any of that. They're just looking to have a laugh and to have a good time. So that's another reason
why having a following just doesn't mean anything. Because having a following
doesn't guarantee sales. Sure, you can sell a couple
T-shirts at $20 a pop. Sell some merch, but you can't sell a 297 per month software
just on having a following.

You actually need to provide
value to the marketplace and have a system to keep
this relationship going. To build up the rapport and just basically have the touch points to get someone to become an actual buyer. Because, let's say it
takes 10 interactions to get someone sold on a 297
per month software, okay? Then you need to be interacting with this customer through various forms, whether it's through your content.

Whether it's through emails, or whether it's through
paid advertising, all right? You need to get in front of that person and build a relationship with them, if you want them to trust
you and to buy from you. So that basically wraps up the system. I mean that's as much as I could cover in this short YouTube video. Again, if you want to learn more about my five step system
that I've used for years to generate results like this, then make sure you check out
my brand new free training.

I created it just for you guys. Check it out in the description below. But all you need is traffic and sales at the end of the day, okay? With traffic and sales,
you need to create a system that gets traffic and
gets sales on autopilot, without you having to
work every single day. That's how we create a machine. Guys, we live in the age of the internet, where we literally have
machines and software and technology that does
the hard work for us, right? When you have a website,
when you have a video, or a piece of content, that's basically like a
salesman who's working 24/7 to sell the products or
services that you are promoting.

You don't have to get on the
phone and talk to someone and have to sell people
one on one anymore. You can literally automate
the entire process. Now with higher ticket products, like let's say $2000 and up, yes, you'll probably have
to get on a phone call to get someone to trust
you and to basically buy in when it comes to
a high ticket product.

But when we're talking
about products that are sub $1000 and below and
also just consumer products, like for example, a MacBook
is such a popular product that you don't really
need to get on the phone with someone to sell someone a MacBook. You just need to make
something like a review video, that really speaks to
them at the consumer stage where they're researching the product and figuring out if it's
the best product for them. All right, so I tried to
make this as streamlined and straight to the point as possible.

If you guys enjoyed it, please hit that thumbs up button below, it takes literally half a
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the notification bell, or else you're not really subscribed, you're not going to get
this content delivered to you every single week. I'm uploading multiple
videos every single week. Now I mentioned the free
training, brand new, which I created just for you guys to explain my five step system, with a little bit more time
than just a short YouTube video. I also want to let you guys know that, if you're interested in
getting mentored by me, and again, to just bring this back up, because it is one of my
pet peeves when people say I make money from selling courses.

Guys, May 2017, $45,000
in this single week, this is months before I ever had my first affiliate marketing course. So what do you got to say now? Okay, well on the more serious note. If you do want to be mentored by me and I've gotten a lot
of messages, DMs, emails about people who want to learn affiliate marketing from me, I really appreciate it
and there's two ways. So I have a new affiliate
marketing course for 2019. It's a beginner's A
through Z course called Affiliate Evolution. The reason I called it this,
is because over the years of teaching affiliate marketing, I've really honed in
on just stream lining, what is the quickest way to see results and the quickest way to success.

So I actually share a
real life case study, where you guys see the
behind the scenes of how I take a high ticket
affiliate product from zero to over $4000 monthly recurring
revenue in just 30 days. That's not all. I actually share the
actual case study here I showed you guys this
two year journey of going from zero to over $3000 a
month with Amazon Associates, and this was with my
passion, which is music. I took my passion and my
hobby, and turned it into a full time passive income. I did it with less than
$100 starting investment and I shared the exact
behind the scenes in that second case study and
the affiliate evolution. Along with that, I share how I create an affiliate marketing website,
a successful one at that. I share email marketing. I actually share my
actual email templates, my sales funnel that I used to sell high ticket affiliate products.

So if you're interested in that, my beginner's course is
called Affiliate Evolution. I'm actually running a limited time sale, so make sure you check that
out in the description below. Now the second form of
mentorship is more intense. It's my eight week group
coaching program called, Passive Income Lifestyle. Now Passive Income Lifestyle has generated by far the most student success stories. I have taught multiple
students in that program, who have made over $1000 in a single day. A single 24 hour period. I have students like Jonathan and Conner, that you guys can check out on the page. You can actually watch a video of their testimonial in
the description below. That program is called
Passive Income Lifestyle, so make sure you check that out. So that's basically the only two ways to get mentored by me.

If you're sending me messages on Instagram and asking me questions and this and that, the thing is, I only have
time for my students. So I devote my energy
and my time into people who are in my programs, because they show me
that they are dedicated and that they are serious
about affiliate marketing. Much like I was serious about affiliate marketing back in 2014. If you're serious about something and you focus on just one
thing and just getting really, really, really, really good at it, that's how you can see massive results. That's when you start to
see the actual growth. Because before I got serious, I mean when I didn't have a system, right? Then I wasn't really seeing
any sort of big results.

After I had this system,
and created this system, you see explosive results. Not only here, but well into the future and applying it to other
industries, niches, markets, and getting way, way higher results than what I've shown you guys. So with that being said, that wraps up this video. I hope you guys enjoyed it and I will catch you guys on the next one. Take care. Hey what's up guys. Just a little bit of some bonus content for anyone who's watching
and who's interested in cars and basically
just my day to day life. Now I didn't want to start
with this in the video, because I really wanted to shy away from the whole showing off. I cut down a lot on that,
because I've really just been more about giving straight value. So my videos had been
a little more boring, compared to some of my first videos when I was on YouTube. I watched some of those and I was pretty goofy back then, walking around my apartment, showing off the view and this and that.

I've changed a lot since then. Honestly, I've grown up
quite a bit, I've matured. For people who are interested, a big part of my life is cars. It's one of the big motivations
that I actually had, getting into affiliate
marketing and just working for myself as being able to afford things and being able to live a lifestyle that I once only dreamed of. I used to dream of having
two cars in my garage, having a Porsche, a 911 Turbo and also having a Ferrari 458. Well the Porsche 911 Turbo came true. However, I decided to go
with a Lamborghini instead. So I want to just talk a
little bit about these cars, for anyone who's interested,
or new to the channel. Maybe you don't even know that,
what my garage looks like. So let's just talk cars for a little bit.

I am a car guy, a car nut myself. So I'd love to talk more cars and have more content on that. It just didn't seem to be
getting that many views. So I didn't really want to make direct car videos anymore, but basically here we
have the daily driver. I just want to show you guys this. This is my custom Porsche 911 Turbo. It's a 997.2. My car has about 600 horsepower. I have a couple mods. They're basically just build-ons. I have an exhaust. I have a tune. I also have a IPD Plenum. You guys can see, this
color's kind of like a chalk, it's one of the newer Porsche colors. This is my daily driver, I love it. 600 horsepower. All wheel drive. Twin turbo. I mean I drive it every day. It's super dirty. I just want to show you guys, look how many flies are on this bumper. I mean I absolutely abuse this car, but it is so reliable and
it has held up beautifully. So there's that. Then let me show you guys
the creme de la creme.

This right here is my
personal dream car, my grail. This is a twin turbo Lamborghini
Gallardo Superlaggera. Pretty custom. I've had some custom
accents done right here. I have custom wheels, Strasse
forged wheels right there. You can see I got acid green accents, these are after market that I did and it is twin turbo
by Underground Racing. Shout out to Underground Racing. We got basically 1000 horsepower, wheel and pump gas under
the hood right there. We can see this little decal we have.

This was custom after market, but the carbon fiber all of
that is pretty much stock, came stock on Superlaggeras. I actually don't have
my key on me right now, but basically I want to
show you guys the interior. It has carbon fiber everywhere. We got carbon fiber
side mirrors right here. Carbon fiber diffuser, I mean side skirts, but we do have a carbon
fiber diffuser back there. Then we have a carbon fiber on the front, right here this little front splitter. You guys can check that out. Look at that, I love carbon fiber, guys. What do you guys think? So basically that's it. I actually did a sick
photo shoot/video filming, with my boy Brian at this parking garage and I can actually show
some clips from that, because I think that
actually shows off the car way more than just sitting
in my boring garage.

But I do have some cool
little decorations here Lamborghini sign. I also have a picture
of my first Lamborghini. This was an orange Superlaggera. This was my first exact car, this orange Superlaggera right there and I keep pictures
because I really do miss this Arancio Borealis paint, but the Grigio Telesto looks
amazing, amazing in the sun. I mean, it looks more like an auto gray when you actually get some sunshine on it. Being able to have my dream garage and just being able to walk in here. Sometimes I come in late
night, like midnight. I just walk in and just look at the cars and just look at the decorations and just kind of pinch myself. Because it's just crazy Like 600 horsepower Porsche,
1000 horsepower Lamborghini and being able to just
drive them any day I want, is just insane. It's funny, because once
you get these things, right, before you get them,
you think that's going to make your life, like it's
going to transform everything.

That you're going to be completely happy. The truth is, these days, I'm much happier just working on my business,
working with my team members. Working on new things and new ideas, because that's what's really the goal here is you want to be building new
things and innovating, right? You don't just want to be driving around Lamborghinis, Ferraris. All right, so basically
that wraps up the video. I hope I was able to
provide some inspiration, some motivation for you guys.
I hope you guys enjoyed it. If you guys have any comments
and you want to talk cars, make sure you drop a comment below. I'd love to talk about that with you. Make sure you hit the thumbs up button, before you leave on the way out. So I'll catch you guys on the next video..

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