• Sun. Mar 7th, 2021

[Youn's Kitchen] (A group of girls arrives) Hi (Come around) (Who are they waiting for?) (Who did the girls fall in love with?) (Of the?) (Or his?) Is the reservation for four? Three people! (Is being good looking a tiring job?) (The person the girls wait for) (It's me) (Still they wait) (I'm sorry) (They walk away) (The girls sadly leave) (And they hardly leave) (the popular boy appears) (There were days like this) (Interestingly, the girls stood at the entrance) (Just with a smile) (Keep calm love) (Young fans are cute wherever they go) (They walk all over town) (And they see it again!) (He greeted me again!) (The heartthrob of the area) (He goes out to set the table) Thank you Speak English? Yes a little bit This is so beautiful It's pretty, I like it – Korean style – Korean style! Yes i like it! Are you sure we'll use the chopsticks? Yes of course We will not be able to use them (Seo Jun's chopstick seminar begins) This finger – Fixed – Yes, good Well i will try This here and this here – No, be here – Yes – And this one with this – Yes So My God! I have to go to Korea This is the korean style (The auditor is also very happy) – Try it – Yes, I'll try

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