• Wed. Mar 3rd, 2021

Now we'll talk about Do's and Don't of Email Marketing First of all We have to keep the heading of our subject line short If after a certain limit, it won't show the text So we need to write our subject in 5-6 words In our mail After that Body of our mail Write descripting words the starting of your mail. Like when you opened Gmail. Gmail shows text from the body too and from that text we decide Whether we want to click on it or not. If text of the body is appealing then chances are high This is called preheaded text. So use preheaded text Don't use short font or add surplus links. Add buttons Call to action, what we talked about inverted triangle. Follow inverted triangle approach Can we use GIF? yes we can BUt thing is, the mail we are sending WHat's the aim of it? If we want create curiosity in the person that holidays are approaching Let's go on a vacation. That you can use GIF but If i am saying Join my Digital Marketing Course.

If i add a GIF like this, it doesn't make sense right? It won't change anyone's life If i am selling a burger and i added a GIF where Person is eating a burger and cheese is melting Here you can add GIF> But in videos, whatever you are using You can add video link of youtube Do not directly upload the video. Even short videos size is 200-250MB If you are thinking of uploading it All the mails will be bounced No clickbaiting. We are not after clicks only What will happen after clicks? Main role of email marketing is not clicks.

We want our subscribers to reach our website or buy a certain product. If we did clickbait and that person found your content fake He'll unsubcribe you Now not all the people are free Our content should be precise. What that person wants to know Tell them in minimum words. Let me tell you there's a new offer Where i am offering you 20%off For that info i told you everything from my childhood till today in that mail Makes no sense. Right. So be precise Don't try to convert the mail into a 1000 words blog. Doesn't make sense. Just directly write it that you are offering 20% off. See subject of your mail. and we can write anything in that mail. any emoji If you see a weird subject What will you do? Lines like Please don't open me. This will change your life. Join my team for free. Become a digital marketing wizard Explore new opportunities in your job.

Best way to grow your business. depends on your creativity Like i told you the way of writing blog headings. Same here If you follow my blog series, you can apply those strategies here too. And communicate with your audience Use You and I Don't be I , my company , MEE Consider the other person too. and help them solve their problems. Now don't make PREETY EMAILS Our website can be attractive but Your mail isn't supposed to prettier.

There Add call to action When a person open our mail, right after opening he should have a clear image of the your questions and what you are offering. use less images. Limited videos. No need of bulf text. Limited text only Color of the text shouldn't be orange, green Keep it simple Our main aim should reflect in our mail. That's it. Best time for mail? People say in the morning, afternoon, evening There is not fixed time. Let's say if you have 100 email id I'll divide them 10 groups I'll one mail to one group at 10am, other at 12am then at 2pm and so on I'll hit and try Now after that how we neeed to evaluate.

After evaluation We can check which one is better and we can fix a time. And will select top 4 groups. Then will send email to those top4 group at the fixed time. And will check which one is best. At the end we'll get a fixed time. Now on which day? Many people say you shouldn't send on monday Because they are busy on monday Many people say , send on thursday I agree but researches say If i send mail at saturday night. Person get free from the office work and he opens the mail Saw a call to action about some offer for a new restaurant He should come and try it.

Chances are He'll definitely ash his wife regarding this. If unmarried then he'll definitely ask his friends. For example Foodpanda I receive discount coupons from foodpanda frequently And chances are high of buying it. .

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