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so he sounds gonna work so I'm gonna share with you seven how many profit maximizers you can use to explode your business seven of them seven of them and I'll go through each one of them in detail then we also do some exercises and and do some discussion as well so profit Maximizer number one is this and that is strategic thinking versus tactical thinking strategic thinking versus tactical thinking most entrepreneurs they are very very tactical not first to teach it very tactical and I'll explain in a moment what that actually means so my question first question is what's the difference between a strategy and a tactic what's the difference between a strategy and a tactic so y'all the answer long-term versus short-term very good okay proactive versus reactive good yes yes okay a leader versus a machine good I like that yes okay master versus amateur okay yes oh very good very well said so you say that good either yeah strategy's a whole bunch of tactics to get to a certain goal very nice very nice now think in terms of strategy and and tactic most entrepreneurs are tactical they when they seek information they're looking for tactics is what I mean how do I do Facebook advertising how do I do webinars how do I do Google AdWords how do I do SEO those are the tactics okay those are tactics but strategy could be they say okay how do I want to do Facebook how to run the air and how they write the ad how do I get click that's tactic but strategy okay exactly what is the offer for my Facebook ad where do I Drive them to when I when I go to my landing page do I sell them something or do I try to capture the email what would the email sequence look like and what if they buy and what if they don't buy where do I take them and if they exit do I have another pop-up that's a strategy does that make sense cost believed cost per cell vacuum that's the big picture umbrella strategy and most entrepreneurs are tactical and they look for more like a bending approach to get a cut I'm not getting customers I'm not going to get enough money okay give me a quick fix and usually that does not work because they are not strategic they don't think in terms of okay but why didn't it work why didn't it produce the results I was looking for I wasn't sure but so they don't take enough time you think I am a strategist I get paid a big bucks by being strategic looking at the big picture looking at business from 30,000 square feet above what do we need and they're often what you think you need is not what you need right is down very often what you think you need to take your business to the next level it's not actually what you need because most entrepreneurs they have what I call a tunnel vision in fact do this with me do this with me go ahead everybody do this with me but most people look most entrepreneurs look at the business this way look at it's a tunnel vision there's just take it down it's like wow okay you could actually think outside the box and look at all this stuff look at the decoration look at the lights look at it looking at through this way and they did they try to solve the problem with this understanding with what they know with with the existing understanding of whatever the competitors are doing versus hey you know what there's so much more we could do does that make sense yeah so tactical versus for teaching so strategy versus tactics strategy is done above the sole shoulders it's done wash shoulders above the shoulders and tactics are done below the shoulders tactical are below the shoulders below the shoulders strategy now that's how I use it what DNA is saying there are just these strategies and I don't need tactics is that what I'm saying no you need both you need both so a strategy is nothing more nothing more than a plan that overcomes an obstacle a what obstacle a planet overcomes an obstacle so our jobs an entrepreneur first is to understand what the hell are the obstacles what are the problems we are trying to solve and sometimes it may not be so obvious it may not be so obvious what are the obstacles what exactly is holding me back from going to the next level so you might think well you know I'm talking to a lot of people I'm prospecting all the time but I'm not closing enough cells you might think it's a sales problem but if you look closely it may not be a sales problem it may be a marketing problem that you're not getting enough leads you don't have a full pipeline and when you don't have a full pipeline human nature you'll be more desperate and when you go into a sales conversation when you're desperate the prospects can sense that and that's why they don't buy so you're looking at sales and they look at my sales ability nobody you need to work on your marketing ability maybe work on your lead generation instead how many follow what I'm saying yes hello yeah sensu strategy without tactics is the slowest slowest route to victory tactics without strategy is the noise before the defeat tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat the art of war how many rep you out of war yeah if you haven't read it doesn't have to be mine in any one of them the art of war the art of war written thousands and thousands of years ago still very applicable I believe actually people think is a military strategy book I believe is one of the best business books ever written if you actually understand what sensor is talking about which is very deeply this is quite you know even as a Chinese it's it's it's difficult understand but if you you kind of force yourself a bit and you try to understand and try to think it through a lot of wisdom within that book a lot of wisdom with network so the difference between strategic and tactical and that's a good comparison chart so Rita allow with me okay so strategic is direct what technical its implementation is what your teaching is strategy statement is what tactical is one annual plans strategic at the board vision in what technically specific details what strategic is unstructured is what tactical a structure is what structure now both strategic and technical they are problem-solving there what but different types of problems ok different types of problems strategic is creativity so teaching SWOT tactical is analytical analytical ok strategic is external focus is what technical internal focus internal focus strategic irregular what is it are you working with technical is regular strategic is long-term and tactical is shorter very good and strategic is difficult to evaluate technically is easy to evaluate you can see Facebook I do Facebook ad BAM I can see how many clicks so again how much traffic I'm getting you know instantly but sir strategy takes a little bit more time and sometimes you can't pinpoint what it is is it exactly working so so teacher who focus on it Steve senior management who focus on it tactical middle level management the implementation aspect of it ok so that's a pretty good chart the difference strategic and tactical the question I have for you is within your business how much time you spend you invest in your day to day being a strategic entrepreneur thinker versus a tactical entrepreneur strategic this is tactical you'll have to answer that question of a thing for yourself or you know how much time I spend every day or every week being strategic for most entrepreneur is what very very little very little and that's why they are struggling and they don't understand why they're struggling they don't know they do not know so before going to profit Maximizer number two let's take two minutes how long just discuss among you table strategic versus tactical strategic versus teach each other okay two minutes go okay stop give your neighbor a high five and say thank you for sharing okay so share with me just y'all the answer any what what is what does that mean for you so T chick versus tactical what have you discussed just yes yeah okay be strategic as a leader and delegate the tactics very good very good yes sure yes strategic is working on your business working in your business very nice yes it is yes yes yes yes it has a lot to deal with personality but also believe it's also a question a habit that of course I tend to be I'm a minimum idea guy I'm a big picture person that's my personality but the same time I know there's a lot of tactics were thinking there's a business or marketing or management example would be I know SEO I could delegate SEO I could do a CEO I just don't at the time but they're often how many of you hire some people they say outsource some of these work and you found the results not so not so satisfactory yeah very often what happens is I say if you don't understand that topic how could you delegate it somebody and how do you know if they're doing a good job or not so if I know SEO one second if I know SEO if I'm talking to an SEO firm then I'm gonna outsource my SEO too I ask them a few questions and they would say well you know Dan how we do SEO is we you know we spam Google man as we know use these techniques and and you know the text at the bottom and then we turn it into white so Google won't see it all this okay that's bullshitting me right so that doesn't work so I'm because I know SEO versus if I talked them you know you know how we do it is we do we build links for you and make good content and make sure your pages optimize your title tag okay that's exactly how you would do it it makes sense to me so then I would all sorts to them does that make sense so they're only as good as how much you understand your subject so it's like Stephen was talking about cooperating last time if you don't need to I'm not trying to turn into a copywriter but you at least as an entrepreneur you have the basic understanding of you recognize good copy when you see it so then when you hire a copywriter okay you can give them feedback know the headline what's the benefit here what's in it for me I don't quite get this the offer WestEd what's the call to action there's no urgency with this offer so at least you know what to look for that that makes sense it's the same thing so if you're getting people outsourcing they're not performing the way you want look within am i being ignorant what what what am I missing here is there something I need to know that will make me a better leader yes okay one more thing yes Andre yes every time Andre expects to bring someone in and create a miracle it never happens it never happens it's like you expect someone to to go in there and go in your business and and do what they do and everything would be great it's not how it works because at unity as an entrepreneur the buck stops with you you it's you it's you so but you can have people helping you supporting you that's okay but don't expect them to do a miracle it's not it just doesn't work it's like you hire a personal trainer suddenly you expect that you're gonna be like you know mr.

universe at the end of that your personal trainer can lift a dumbbell for you right you got to go you got to lift that dumbbell you got to go on that treadmill he could show you he could hold you accountable he could show you techniques and and help you would plan your diet but yeah you're gonna get on the thing you gotta get on the thing it's the same thing with business because nobody cares about your business more than you do nobody period make sense okay ten times your finances ten times your business ten times your marketing ten times your life hit the subscribe button now.

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