• Sun. Feb 28th, 2021

Whether it’s just a note, an email to friends, or a long epistle on some philosophical subject, you can identify the traits of a serial writer quickly…they have something to say about most everything…and in writing.

How do I know? Because I am one. I make notes all the time…sometimes it’s a header topic that pops into my brain. Sometimes it’s just 140 characters for a ‘tweet.” Sometimes it’s a brainstorm of ideas that I know I have to get down on paper because I want to share my thoughts on them or figure out how to use them to help someone else improve their business…or their life.

Some of the stuff I write down is really worthwhile. Ideas that can help generate income. Information shared in a different way helps increase understanding of a concept. Sometimes it’s about connections from old marketing ideas that can and should be used with today’s new social media tools to increase knowledge, awareness, and business.

And…some of the stuff I write down…is totally worthless. Throw-away thoughts and ideas that either, upon reflection really don’t make much sense, or aren’t in any way new, novel, or helpful.

The point is, though, when you’re a serial writer, the pencil or pen is never far from your hand. Articles you read, old or new movies, television programs and news….you look for and see connections that relate to how the world works, and how to communicate those connections in meaningful ways. When you sit down to write, your fingers fly over the keyboard as the ideas spill out, and then get refined…over and over…until they’re ready to publish.

I have another confession to make. Several months ago I was diagnosed with cancer. This pronouncement has been life-changing. The last few months have been at best what I would describe as a rocky road. My life schedule…my work schedule…is different. My writing is…different.

What isn’t different, though, is my compulsion to write. I am still writing ideas, thoughts, and notes here and there…on a napkin, on a scrap of paper, or the laptop notepad. I haven’t had much opportunity to refine and reflect on how some of the recorded thoughts might be useful for others. Or at least I haven’t had an opportunity to make the cogent connections that others might gain an “aha” insight from.

It will, however, come. I know. I can feel it. There are already lessons I’ve learned, strengths I’ve gained, and friendships I’ve made since detouring onto this rocky road that I can…and will…find words to describe. Those words will help me to help others build relationships…and to understand the importance of caring…24 x 7…whether it’s customers, friends or family.

What about you? Are you, in the grand scheme of things, or as a part of your internet business, a serial writer? Serial writers can’t help themselves. They write. All the time…compulsively. Whether it’s really good material or ends up in the garbage can, notes collect everywhere. Words have meaning. They express their feelings. It’s how we connect and how we make a living…helping others.

I confess…for me it’s much more than a profession…it’s a work of love…and now more than ever I am glad it’s what I do, and who I am. It remains for me a way to express what I think and what I feel. It provides for me an approach to life that I can use and share with others.



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