• Mon. Mar 1st, 2021

Hello everyone here John from the Wealthy Affiliate and today I want to explain to you the whole process of making money to help you understand what is most important in this type of marketing since many people do not understand how it works most of you probably think this is too complicated but in fact it is not It's very simple and doesn't take much time to start your business online I will touch on a couple of topics in this video and explain the whole process of making money online of course, I will not be able to cover all the ways in this video since there are too many ways to make money but I will tell you the essence, the simplest way a website is the foundation of your success the best way to illustrate the earning process for you is this diagram you see I will explain to you how that process works The first thing I want to point out to you is that a website is the most important thing for online earnings these days without a website you have no foundation for you success and you have no chance to make money here’s an example, if you don’t have a foundation for a house, it doesn’t even make sense to start building it the website will be that foundation.

With us you will be able to host up to 50 different websites so you don't have to worry about that and as for making a website, you will use our program with which it is extremely easy, but I will tell you about it in the next lesson it is only important to remember that the website is your foundation, the core of everything on it you can sell other people's products, your own products, to charge for advertisements you can do anything as long as you have your own website in the following lessons we will help you choose your target group and create your own website in that target group The process of making money let us now go through the process from the beginning to slowly become acquainted with the matter we have your audience here, your online audience is huge, there are over three billion people on the internet and you can attract anyone from anywhere in the world to your site the internet is full of opportunities, imagine if you could manage to earn a single dinar from every person on the internet that would be huge money if you have ever run a store locally you lived in a city with say 20,000 inhabitants it was your audience you have over 3 billion people on the internet, do you already recognize the huge potential of affiliate marketing we will teach you various techniques with which you will attract people to your website but slowly, all in good time to return to the essence you have an audience, they search for something on google, they find your site, they go to it, they buy a product, and you get the money here I will give you an example quickly ukucacu ways to avoid scams online it means in English how to avoid fraud hundreds of thousands of people type it online every day because they are afraid of scams see this first website that popped up, it's my website so if someone ticks into google how to avoid scam, it will refer them to my website there you will get a lot of information about online scams there is also information on how to make money online and everything else on this page I promote Wealthy Affiliate as well as Jaaxy and many other products that bring me money this is my target group, you can choose whatever target group you want be it golf clubs, dog training or anything else all that matters is that you are interested in it and that you enjoy the job so to repeat the process, it goes like this: someone searches for something on google, goes to my website, let's say read this text and click on the link in that text here is an example of what it looks like if they click on this link, it will take them to the description of the product I am promoting If they buy that product, I get some money even though that product is not mine I get the money because I brought someone there there are millions of different products that you can advertise it may seem like too much to you now, but let's just say on amazon you can find millions of items and "resell" them if you’ve ever been to amazon you’ve seen them have a huge number of different products so let’s say you can promote a blender, a book, a camera, an ice cream machine literally anything and you can make money from any product I hope you already notice how great this opportunity is and how literally anything can bring you profit here we repeat the process one more time to remember it forever this is the most common sequence your audience is looking for something on google and find your site there are more ways to find you but we will learn that later they see some product you are promoting on your website let's say Amazon click on it, buy it and you automatically get 10% of the product price it's one way to make money online and that will be your start and you will learn it in your first few courses of course there are many more ways but for a start we will stick to this most dreamy one I hope this video has helped you at least a little with understanding affiliate marketing earnings basically, to get started you just need an idea of ​​what you are going to promote and you need a website in the next few lessons, we will help you create your first website and thus create a foundation for your future success as time goes on you will earn more and more and it is very likely that this will be the only job in your life when it develops a little

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