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hey this is OLA coming to your live
from myEmpirePRO Studios on today's topic is 7 traits of the top social
media marketing companies stay tuned hey what's going on I have this equalent
video to show if you have a question that came in from one of the viewers and
I thought it's a great way for me to share another edition of with you to
help you when it comes to bringing your business to the internet when it comes
to using social media in your business and that's what I want to share with you
on today's episode now I have the question that came in and I'm gonna read
it right now okay my hair goes here a lot so I am convinced that I need my
business to be present heavily on social media absolutely I mean there's no such
thing as media without social media even some of the traditional media are
stealing but maybe not stealing yeah curating their news material everything
pop culture corrector fears they're picking all those things are
from the social media show and it's still very much in its infantry in my
opinion and you should be taking advantage of it so he says my problem is
time so I would need to hide higher okay my problem is time so I would need to
hire someone or a company to help me do this you know the good news is that this
person is not giving time as an excuse they just realizing that time is an
obstacle is a challenge you know and in time or any other resources being a
challenge it's not a new you know we have had challenges in life that should
never stop us from going after our goals right so having no time at all actually
that's the more reason why you should make sure you taken advantage of all the
technologies at your disposal right all right so he goes but I have a concern
what's my ROI alright stands for return on investment
and what are the top social media marketing companies to help facilitate
long term success all right so a couple of things
I want to pick out here ROI return on investment when you approach social
media you don't want to be in all about ROI okay yes you can calculate ROI but
the truth of the matter sometimes ROI may may be infinity in
other words it's not a number it's just with your numbers right sometimes is in
terms of how you're building your brand right it's kind of like asking what's
the ROI on a billboard right somebody will be able to calculate the traffic
coming on that highway and say hey this is the exposure but typically you're
getting that exposure because you know that your brand all over the place means
money maybe not number maybe something uncountable right maybe it's infinity
right that's how you want to look at social media their time to look at
numbers and their time to not look at numbers okay and a lot of time that
you're not looking at numbers you're making way more money then you can even
find them right and when you start off there are ways to look at time and money
so it's still like I always say it's a battle between time and money which one
do you have the most off clearly this person has more money it sounds like you
were gonna get there in a second has probably has more money right I know
because I already read the email has more money than they have time right so
that's a good thing all right so our I it's going to be infinity okay and if
you want to attract some ROI you would trap decent amount of ROI that's gonna
be a lot more than 100 percent because you'll be doubling your money because
I'm assuming you have a business that's already successful right sure all right
so he says I have a $45,000 monthly marketing budget some of which are on
traditional media right now traditional media like radio TV magazines yellow
books right things like that right and those things I have ROI that's literally
zero right now because no one and I would be no okay maybe a few people is a
few dinosaurs right but most people are not they're not picking up their yellow
books on the door anymore most people would listen to radio or
YouTube or maybe on apps right and you know things are
changing I disconnected my Comcast account the other day because there's
something called something called fire fire stick the fire stick now Amazon
fire stick which is a TV platform that you just plug into your TV you know
things are changing right so so he says but truth be told
see like I was saying to be told everything I do today from personal to
business from research to execution it's not behind the internet and social media
everything is on social media by the way there's no such thing as internet
without social media anymore it's not like ten years ago when everybody was
making noise about web 2.0 well there's no such thing as internet without social
media today anymore right kind of like there's no such thing as media without
social media right so there's no such thing as belly-to-belly marketing
without social media the only belly-to-belly is like what can
really be disclosed from me to you right now
no you knew you tell me what can really be disclosed from me to you right now
even belly-to-belly are probably gonna tell you to back off like you know okay
but you can't tell me that right now at least you've chosen not to tell me that
because you're listening to this right now right good the best way to market
your business is hello it's right in front of you right alright so he says I
even listened to radio through the internet any advice on how I should
migrate my marketing budget to the digital world
great question okay so the first question he had was what's my ROI and
what are the top social media marketing companies to help facilitate the ROI
I already answered social media marketing to help you facet it and lo
you can reach out right but best way to reach out to me is all obviously through
the through the link I still want you to be a student of the game and then you
can find my phone number inside and we can talk and I'm going to talk about
that but there are several things you really want to look at when you're
looking at our social media marketing company and I want to share that with
you right now okay and it's very very simple the
number one thing is right that's probably the fact that
that's gonna you know that that you you're probably considering because once
somebody is saying ROI they're already looking at pricing and with this
expensive is it too expensive your question of ROI is is it too expensive
is it worth it right that's what the question comes in
you know pricing it's really really gonna be dependent on how much involved
you want to be in the process and also how much is your average customer value
or lifetime customer value how much is that right that's what it's dependent on
okay so pricing is one things you want to look at now if somebody is
approaching you with a one-time pricing and then you're saying fifteen twenty
five thousand dollars you'd be careful you know you want to be careful with
that make sure that it's broken down into what that becomes in your pocket
you wanna make sure it's broken down into how does this come back to your
business right and that's how you want to look apprising
right you wanna make sure you're clear on your path to where you are right now
hiring that company to where it becomes profitable or profitable campaign for
you okay because I did a social media yes I may say it's infinity you can't
count it but it's the campaign so you must make sure that the money is gonna
come out come back somehow somewhere at least break even and if you have if
you're building a list right which you should be the primary things you'll be
doing on internet is building a list then you can obviously find other ways
to monetize your list once you own the list because at the end of the day it's
not just social media you not become a media company and if the person or the
company you're hiring does not understand that you need to be running
the second thing you want you want to pay attention to with a when considering
any of the stops we should media marketing companies its existing clients
do they have happy existing clients I mean that's an obvious one right
they don't have happy existing clients that means it should reflect on their
price the first thing right because chances
are somebody is starting for the first time as a media company and it's okay to
patronize such people that are starting for the first time as a media company
it's absolutely okay but if you reflect in the price because now it's almost
seem you're doing them favor they're using you as an experiment
and but you should make sure that that is more result driven they should be
sure a resort early enough for you to justify to keep doing business with them
okay if they don't have existing clients okay number three thing you want to look
at this if they do have existing clients what are the retention rate are they
still doing business with them he did not do business with them anymore
why not right if they have a good amount you want to have at least 50% of the
existing clients to doing business with them sometimes clients drop off because
they have they've trained somebody in-house to be helping them with their
social media stuff and sometimes they drop off because they don't get it and
maybe they're a bit too anal about ROI but you just wanna make sure at least 50
percent of their clients are retained and they keep helping their client if
they do have existing clients and they are charging you price accordingly right
the fourth thing you want to look at is years of experience that's also attached
to that if they've been in the business for a while you want to know right if
they haven't been in business ever before
– you reflect on the price and yeah now your partner nicing them you're doing
them a favor you should still pay them because if you
don't pay them they won't be motivated to do the right thing but the pricing
should be should be more like it should be resort driven okay should be resolved
driven and issue as soon as possible you be seen returns okay you should be sure
result at least in terms of impression because how you measure your success on
the internet its impressions traffic to your website clicks to your website how
many at least how many leads are you generating and how much are you paying
for lead right that's how you should be showing okay the fifth thing is an
unconventional way okay unconventional thing you will see is God filling make
sure it feels right okay where you're hiring a social media company make sure
it feels right make sure it feels right if it doesn't feel right it's not it's
not as no offense it's not personal you know if it doesn't feel right don't
do it right because if it doesn't feel right it's gonna come back and bite you
you both are but it's not bite you and the person you're hiring a bot because
eventually eventually it's gonna show up no one is gonna be happy so make sure
that it feels right gut feeling okay the Guru of gut feeling
right oh there's the sixth thing you want to look at consider when you're
hiring a top when you're hiring social media marketing companies right it's
versatility right are they just an SEO or the a social media or if they're they
have to be versatile but they have to be versatile in terms of how they deliver
the goods how to deliver the bag how to deliver the social media experience for
you right they have to be they have to be able to adapt to what's going on on
the Internet okay because the Internet is a it's an ever evolving platform okay
and if Google changes something or they change the look you want someone that
will be able to adjust someone that's always telling you they know what
happened they know the history of what happened with social media in the past
ten years they know the evolution of social media from web 2.0 from the plain
old good old black-and-white Internet to now which is everything is interactive
you want someone that knows the East Street don't know what they're doing
right and that's what I mean versatility both horizontal and vertically speaking
right you want so on that that knows what they're talking about okay even if
they're starting fresh as a media company you want them to kind of have
some experience maybe as an experience that's an affiliate marketer they've
marketed other people's product and meet some Commission's before they know how
to market you want them to be able to show you their own website show you
their own YouTube channel I'm able to tell you that hey this guy is actually
doing what I'm hiring him to do for his own business if it's not doing that
chances are they're not gonna be doing it for your business at least not on a
level of quality that you're looking for okay last but not least if a company
calls on social media and they're not talking about search engine optimization
and helping you leverage search engine optimization to offset the cost of your
marketing when I say offset I mean lower the cost of your marketing the one
single where there are two things that's evergreen on the internet okay two
different marketing strategies that's evergreen that really has not changed a
lot like little almost has not changed in the past I've been online for I've
been online for constantly full time for about since
2009 eight years now and I've been online literally since the beginning
1995 alright and I'm not saying a lot of things come
and go one of them two of them that has now come and go it's such engine
optimization and email marketing if somebody is not talking about search
engine optimization and email marketing in the endeavour they're gonna help you
with and how important it is you should run okay because chances are
they don't know what they're talking about it did you know yeah it's just
it's just PPP thing is this other thing you can just buy views for me they're
saying things like that you should run because they don't know what they're
talking about okay organic traffic organic traffic and
building your own media in-house which is building your own list is the one is
the those are the two things that are evergreen in this business they will
never change I don't know that honestly but they
haven't changed you know in God knows how long have been using the internet
since 1995 okay so I've been using internet since 1995 well it's been 22
years I mean it hasn't changed okay I've been doing this I mean I seen
like operating professionally on the internet for eight years full time and
it hasn't changed either search engine optimization and email marketing it's a
big part of this old thing okay when I say email marketing that means you're
building your own list you're building your company now as a media company okay
in other words you're collecting information collecting information data
of people that are visiting your website in multiple different ways these are the
ways then you're gonna be profitable in the business because if you don't do
that that means every time you reach out you have to pay money it shouldn't have
to be that way okay so again make sure that the company
you're hiring is concerned about how you're gonna save money okay now save
money not necessarily in terms of how much you're paying them but in terms of
how much you're paying for your campaigns how much you're paying to the
marketplace I'm not your pain on an average customer value lifetime customer
value level right so that's what I have for you today if you want to know more
about how I use this for the contacts you want me to help you with your
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