• Sat. Feb 27th, 2021

hi today we're gonna talk about the seven steps of how to build your own marketing plan be beastly means what we have talked about the first three steps which are the situational analysis the strategic planning and objectives in this video we come look forward and complete the other four steps step four is the marketing strategy and this stop and go deeper with the seventh piece or even the four piece of marketing mix but product what is the product what are you offering the price what is the value of this product the place we are distributing this product and promotion how are you getting out about this product and of course we need to talk about the customer relationship management techniques step 5 we go for the fermentation plan in this implement implementation plan we go deeper with the tactics specifically in the communication part where we design exactly the messages of how we're going to talk about our product what is exactly the offer what is it exactly the value of this product as well snap sticks is the budget it's a quality how much are we allocating are we expecting actual revenues we allocate the budget step seven is the Federation stuff in this evaluation stuff we go with the pub and scoreboard sheet which evaluates the customer perspective the internal business perspective they're learning and those perspective and financial perspective so there you go these are the seven steps of marketing now situation analysis strategic planning objectives marketing plan implementation plan the budget and the evaluations

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