• Sun. Mar 7th, 2021

[Music] the reason I win often is because I’m not concerned about the person in the I have it half Yes, I did not change for them changed for me because because I focused on you you have your prospect [Applause] I’m super excited to be here obviously you know it’s funny this is so literal to my world and it’s fun you know because yesterday I was in Boston and I spoke to 600 jewelry store owners and I felt very warm because their merchants had a individual shop and sell stuff and that’s obviously a lot where i come from of course I get behind him to have this event where many of the people in this room most of the farm are doing what I’m currently doing and yesterday it was fun to remember and challenge me to think about what I did when I had no money, which is really basically the frame of the talk is that you know a lot of people in this room who are familiar with me work I speak of a lot progressive things many things but reality is that I always remember when I kept trying to change the narrative in late 2014 15 16 what is it that I did not build wine library through social networks I made direct mail was search it was email marketing and i took it because I knew that many people in the room I had no marketing budget and made me remember something that is super fun for me, which is literally week one of the university with no marketing budget I printed 20% discount per box of wine in a photo I took in some kind of old school phone version not even Photoshop still don’t want to say that I I was so computer illiterate I wouldn’t even want to know what it was doing and i remember i had a crab literally a crab as if there is a default image of a crab on a beach and I like it was as if it was fine and I put that there and then they made dotted lines and said 20% off a case of wine at sale items I printed a hundred of them came to the store the next day parked my car ran and opened the store told one of have the children watch the store and drove to the short hills mall and literally put those flyers on windshield for an hour and a half the fun of that for me here now is day one boehner was super funny you know and the reality is that I did not know anything the advertising industry and I had to I learned and had to build and that’s how it is fun for me to be challenged to remember what I did knowing that there is a wide range of people here who are a woman’s shop to people trying to move from seven to eight figures very honestly I really want to move this to a very aggressive question and answer session because I believe do you know based on how many people hit me on linkedin and twitter in the last 24 hours on this you know the vast majority of this room at least has some level of context of what I am I’m going to speak or what I believe and I don’t think that brings you more value I think what brings you the most the value is probably ironically and is fun to see Maribelle here, whom I have worked very closely for quite a while a long time like he’s extremely proud of me operational capacity for all those amazing things I heard you know in the intro right now they are super elegant and really surreal for me to think about what I promise each of you when I think about business that I am prouder than 21 years ago I walked in my father’s store and decided because he was passionate renovate the house this is like family business shit and I was in charge now I have been in business since I was 14 years old.

every weekend every summer vacation my daddy knew i wasn’t a schlemiel and i was able and even the last two years from college I was almost coming home every weekend working but me entered and from that day to this second I have not raised capital I have I had a payroll to do what surprises me This is not true with Boehner due to the scale but didn’t even have a credit line for Wine Library and our invoices are due in 30 days or dealer would put you in King Co D cash on delivery that would stop you to be able to buy in any of the distributors discipline that they raised me to know how to pay with what you had the right and that’s why I discarded I’m more proud of you by 21 years in a row I have had to make payroll and I have operations building a real business so many other fancy things have come along the way but the connection point that I feel for this room is quite high I have many thoughts about offense and defense what is it playing in all your minds and so I would like to add as much value as possible, so there are two microphones that are lined up some I think it’s a good idea align well and and I believe and I think just to create a little more framework for quality control I know you want come and frame the quality control I love having you here that was so good introduction oh thanks you know you know can I say one thing, yeah he said you said this you know there was a disclaimer where someone was like hey you have to Get out here and tell people that Gary I like to say the F word a lot but then it was like the man you know swear is a Smart is a market intelligence so it was like you but you I bet we’re right you know Ryan Ryan told me backstage watch my mouth subs I have thrown a shit and I have kept it pretty clean I’m pretty pumped but I know someone is going to ask for a stupid question and i’m kidding because there is no stupid question about a very serious note and what I want to configure the tone and this is where I want inspire a couple of you are still sitting because they are more introvert or lazy or who the hell you know why I didn’t get up I really am passionate about operations and how build a real business and it’s very difficult to produce content for what can bring enough value and that is why I don’t go there I found how to listen I think many of you have a sense of me I spent a lot of time where I went nothing close to nothing motivational because I have zero point zero interest in being a motivational speaker even although I know that many people see me that way I am motivated, I am optimistic, I am deeply grateful and happy and i really do create that perspective it really really matters because yeah think you’ve lost before you start actually you already lost and that’s it real because that happens to me and things so I have that in me but I i promise please feel free to go very detailed I do not have a CO I have a thousand people I don’t have a CO Oh cuz I’m operating it, I’m making it tangible operational decisions behind the scenes right now I’ve been very very thoughtful about creating content in scale and post-produced contextual to platforms that matter but that does not take away the fact that I am spend 11 to 14 hours a day being the CEO and CIO of a thousand people worldwide agency so I have some thoughts i started from scratch so i like i can I remember and understand and know what has worked for me and others who look like me and what you’ve kept a lot of people in the 700 thousand dollars to year in the revenue business, so really I think I can help so please shoot and I am truly sincerely grateful to be here and I appreciate it, thank you my my name is robin wilson and i sat there all all day because I knew that this 55 one year old woman would only get one chance to get here if I was closer to the mic and front row so strategy pay piracy always works so I have a specific question so I just go social media marketing in our agency we only do social and email but social mainly in that avant-garde but we serve a very vertical particular brand we serve Automotive okay so we’re female owned do marketing business on your social media 55 year old leaders like any of that He doesn’t give a shit about anything well and we not only serves the automotive industry but really kind of niche with high risk dealerships which is a bit where our strength is that not in tender market yes, so my question has been because people ask me all the time you do digital too which means that know how to search and we do not because my the brain is so big and i don’t know if i need to partner with someone or just continue to let them find your outsource for that because everything digital is not a well I understand that and you do paid and creative or just paid or just creative paid and creative understood well I think the answer is extremely personal.

I think it’s you and everyone else here is not aware that when not provide a service creates a vulnerability that can lead to you lose your service just not super complicated that we’ve all been there I think it all comes down to and this is actually what are you waiting for thanks steal this is a great way to start Literally backstage I just made a video and for the people who follow me the more I’m in such post-production fill my way of life that five or six days Years ago when I went straight to the camera with a thought video is weird original programming for video only is weird for me these days but I’m so bound right now around this thought that people are not aware of what it does they happy when they run a business and everyone only thinks about growth unaware of the next employee or the next hundred dollars are beginning of the process of you no like your business and that’s it your answer your answer is based on you know it’s a vulnerability in a way It is also a fortress in another way you just have to ask yourself if you are happy with the level of business you are and if you are not you are in one place where you think you can get more deep narrow or do you think you need go wide correct partner to join is not correct right all associations are vulnerable from the beginning it is inconceivable that another business or human has the same exact interests as you do and something will happen eventually and Again, this is what makes this fun.

heads nod because you lived it I already thought about the shit you did that didn’t work and this is correct that’s why we never partner with nobody like my friend ever took one individual meeting to partner with someone because I knew that I would do everything because I’m building it for myself and I had without interest claiming that they are the one who told me to make video you know what I didn’t want to become vulnerable to someone claiming that in a meeting where they were trying to take me to associate with them that when i did what they did was a dick so no even take the meeting because I didn’t want the reputation vulnerability because I knew there was never is it going to be a stage or was it going to partner with someone who was going to do all perfect answer thanks no it’s a self-awareness response let me tell you something else because I know this will bring more value to everyone I am also a big fan when you want to do something else not to do yesterday thing to do tomorrow I would do it a lot rather many people here who are in social just don’t go and search and banner and programmatic but start the process of allowing the ability to do voice in four years nice because your business will grow much more thank you very fast and I excuse me, I’ll be back but the reason I say voices, I think the voice is dangerously close while if you come for me and tell Gary that’s exactly the the next guy was like Gary, that’s exactly ok i will be doing blockchain advertising to ensure you know I consume I am like that is more along what you think or am I building a The virtual reality store is not a person you know home and go and do virtual reality, which means we are far away my strength is not time I only see it well as if it were not talking about tick-tock a lot now because I only found out was one of the first users of musically I’m talking about it now because it’s in the cusp of getting old and that’s why talked about Snapchat even though I invested four years before I rate the things reach a different level of scale thatin more time consuming companies And I built the reason why Boehner got so great was invested in the things that I I thought it would be soon and I stayed alive with my ability to get there thanks you Hi Gary, how are you? I’m a great man like you do very well what is your name my name is Eric yang I’m from Paris very nice and actually build an online conference agency and we actually operate in Los Angels and I’ve actually been following your advice which is the contents of the crane and document the entire trip in progress our work throughout and has actually been working really great for us imagine what has been interesting is the it touches the people who follow us now or mainly as Asian entrepreneurs in the Ferdie it makes sense exactly who I am A.M Yes, and I actually moved to Asia to be closer with interesting demographics and my question for you is besides podcasting what advice are you going to give partners in Asia to build a personal brand well I think podcasting it will have great growth in that area I also think you know that Keo’s ELLs are disproportionately advanced in Asia especially in mainland China and other places so you know the ability to touch in the ecosystem of influence in that world is quite advanced I also think that there is a huge arbitration in all social media in the Southeast so we open Singapore because we think media costs on Instagram and Facebook and everyone and the platforms that play even the line when we go full time to Japan and South Korea are even more less expensive than they are in America our global expansion has been completely predicated on the low-priced nature of the media we believe in the most, so the answer is that my answer does not change it’s always the same as humans do and then bring them the highest value in that channel I mean again the people I know many of you are still home like the fact that smashing it just came out like 18 months ago like a book and spoke nothing on LinkedIn and LinkedIn is the The most important thing I’m talking about is wild Here’s why it’s wild, it’s not new What has just been expensive there a very dark possibility of horse that I will talk a lot about printing and direct mail radio and television one day because market collapses so much that the price a deal I want to buy becomes reality outdoor when they are permanent and could buy them for two months for two thousand instead of 34,000 I am emotionless I I can’t wait to be at a conference like this in seven years and completely shit on social media because you have to I understand that you have that I was not doing content and you weren’t following when I built all my companies in Google guys I posted ads on google the day came out I bought Google AdWords for five cents a click that day went for terms of wine that was one of the biggest reasons why the wine library grew I did email marketing in 1997 heavy was my religion was 90 percent fucking open rates like it was unheard of but it was again the same rate at the moment I am getting a million I’m getting hundreds and yes not thousands of emails a day or DMS of people who thank me telling them to go dial is just arbitration but people delve into it What they know and are not willing to kill what took him there that is what is happening in this room you are not willing to kill what got you to the dance when he is no longer him thing and so you start to justify and you start shitting on the new what makes you deeper in the hole then you feel even further back, that’s the game that’s the game thanks you got on coke just to take a picture of this I’m about to launch a podcast yes six the guests line up you’ll be open be my 70 for 50 minutes 2 minutes 15 no good what about two just two minutes a question you made a critical mistake but then I’ll explain if you had reserved for guests who would have I definitely did oh it’s line 64 that I have already there prerecorded I understand it but if i could have been the fifth guest I would be in but now I will wait to be the hundredth guest so when i have 100 when you get 99 in the bag you send me this clip and I will thank you Gary, it’s always good to see me I want to thank you again I always do send you emails regularly to thank you I know something that I know that I and I I appreciate that you answered at 6:30 on a Saturday morning and I love it you therefore following your advice have helped me how he knows how to grow my company in two and a half years from scratch to say one billionaire business well me I have to tell you that you know that I am not nervous talking to Gary I’m so moved because this guy is so real and so genuine and really cares like really shit matters because why because does not come out of mine the second that understand how much abundance there is in the world you will change your behavior I’m absolutely keeping all the best free tips at scale I mean people here he literally made money parrot directly and I like that is what I want you to do of course I could have all those customers I just won’t get to her you know well this is listen admiration Trump finances every day of the week well so at dinner two years ago you asked me a question and the question was are you building this company to buy tip tube to build it and hold it or to build and sell it I I remember and now I want to get to next level to reach a hundred one hundred and fifty million good for a succeed trying to figure out what our next move is is that I need more context to understand that plan to build all these companies here it’s actually building a hundred million dollar agency that have to be in the HR business for sure like only for all those who want to reach The starting point is that I am I pass everything my time in human resources that is the answer we sell the people, yes, and I don’t understand how you don’t understand you know how we do teasing Rachel probably covered it somehow but I’m not sure if she was there when we examine the VC community businesses that are very good in CAC but it sucks in LTV they lose you could acquire all the customers of a company all day but if you need to hold on to them for four months to make it worth it and they fall off after two and a half months you’re out of business and then when the price of Instagram and Facebook Ads are coming out and your CAC is going up you’re really in deep shit but we don’t talk about LTV remember how many years have you been athena i mean these are real when i got into business people people this is super fun because now I’m thinking that I forgot many people came to give me advice and I know I’m a good boy so i was friendly but in my brain i’m like motherfucker 36 months and i don’t even know what i’m doing yet so your advice is great but how they are all like your people stay for 18 to 24 months I am like no no your people are going to stay for 18 to 24 months my people will stay for 5 10 and 15 years because I really give a fuck over them the only way you can build a hundred million dollar business It’s the reason the New York Jets are big problems right now is their offense the line has no cohesion because ever played together at any level agencies are like offensive lines that needs cohesion you know quick you can go when everyone feels safe and knows what everyone else is good, but people are afraid that it will dilute you know remember one of the things I set early if we lose an account no one is fired because I remember knowing I had to set that shit like that all these things that nobody talking about people like people are it’s always better to fast for me, I’m a enigma I do unusual things that I talked about usual thing but everyone wants to focus on other things because what I do is tough people and I just one final follow up don’t listen to what he says run on what he does see what he it does and I have built my company doing following his advice and doing exactly what he does and he gives far his best shit I owe you directly like there’s not enough Wine Library empathy wine texts as I subscribe to all of them I know that you know it too I do it because there is not enough Thank you, what can I give you for it? Courage you need to blame every bitch person down to earth and great job thank you thank you Gary hello Gary my name is trevor unlike the gentleman for you i I’m pretty nervous so I have a stress ball the reason you wanted to come here say thanks I came across your content a couple of years ago.

Monday ranted video that you run all the time yes and all four one hundred billion to a true guy I have myself because just when that video came I lost my mother to like two years multi battle cancer and I realized no reason to do shit that you ate I wanted should I expect 25 to 50% of this the room hates what they’re doing now that was me who was sincerely man you really changed my life so what i did I got into I’m like I’m a ninja with SEO I will go how to give my services away for free cause there’s no way for me be like entering a business as if as if I had not done anything but I am I’m going to make you money so I like it reverse engineering that due to you said and I ended up doing a lot business for companies and raising a lot of money and people like how much I owe you, I’m like, I don’t know how I am only here to make a mark but i’ve done it a bad job like building my own brand and that’s mainly my question because now I’m ready to start climbing because my the goal is to return form 501 C 3 a non-profit started chancer charity on behalf of my mother who grew up with literally nothing and gave all i had so i really inspired I really like your content but now I’m ready to do a kind of me to do that and some work you did build your mark you ran i did you’re actually in a much better place that many people who have done a good job I work accumulating followers but in reality don’t do shit like I don’t have much followers but the companies that I have it’s like they trust me like they will give me your left kidney and a lie shattered and you should probably take and sell it on the black market, so I think what you need to hear what it is old is always new I think testimonials are powerful, right? I don’t think they should be boring like We saw in the 90s but I think I think you have built your brand to like every time the big agency maintains companies try to make fun of me and play the game card how are we all Gary and his relationships I’m like GE and Pepsi How Chase and ABI are so in love with there are seven and six and eight-year-old clients of us are them guys with us because they got results well because we execute you know Yeah maybe I’ve been more away from home about how I’ve approached it but you’ve built your brand you just haven’t manifested now the fairness with which you sit and that’s why I would tell you why everyone here who is looking for new businesses right now on LinkedIn many of you felt the good effects of many of you regretted not jumping aboard the golden age of Facebook’s organic reach on nice pages we can all agree on that you know it one way or another or you benefited him or kind of wish that you took advantage of when I was yelling about it and most people weren’t doing it I’m going to give you another chance right now is happening now it’s called LinkedIn, you know LinkedIn is Facebook 2011 at this time may have without followers no one on earth knows you you make a video a photo a writing write a deck of something you post and many more people than you think I see it at all thanks Gary means world testimonials on LinkedIn by the way not everyone is remarkable handsome and charismatic maybe they are not everyone finds out how communicate one of the reasons why I started making cartoons that I think some of you have seen in LinkedIn or Instagram is because I keep trying to find ways to show you that there are a million ways to communicate you don’t have to have a gift for gab one take the ability to improvise to go could you write incredibly well and you are seven years old paragraphs about the current state of long tail SEO post instantly and get go and see three incoming tracks is real and will disappear because I am yelling half loud will some will do it one will dissuaded him and then attention will saturate will be matched by the amount of content Ads will go to the ecosystem that I understand how many times you have to see this happen, see how many sometimes you need how you think I dominated socially I lived it with search and with email and then I’m like ok now i get it I am not making the same mistake when I see it you know the people here are struggling to get leads and win RFP and get new business and literally the the answer is LinkedIn now and now I set it up and I’m still 74% of you week won’t, that’s how I got into insecurity and parenting and perspective right because I couldn’t logically understand how this is happening well now and I know 74% of you are not going to do it next week I’m like oh right they are afraid of judgment oh right they I don’t want your uncle to say what they are stupid or when sinister person summon says they are ugly that kills them right they didn’t get the luxury of circumstance and paternity that had so now let me give it to you I just want to be the collective shield to blame it I’m not serious brother let’s do it in this moment once and for all when what is there what did you do just blame me when someone leaves a comment and it says you’re stupid i told him post it tag me i will Get in there and tear that motherfucker apart hi gary seriously i’m just fantastic I am, I just have to tell you that I spoke a little before just before you and i’m so glad i don’t have to speak later but I really enjoy who you are doing and I have to say one of the things that defied my question so I work with experts, I help them to become more than one authority and I help them become an influence in space so a Much of what we do is actually Gary Vee write things and really confession number two I actually spoke digital marketing managers who teach a content strategy that looks a bit like yours that you talked about that is free cover I took out has done a lot people a lot of money, yeah yeah no kidding guys how the how to take advantage video and turn it into stock images and social media posts and all that yy square platform so you can put it on Instagram Facebook LinkedIn everything and get the most out of it take advantage of your content my question for you it is one of the problems that I do I have because the experts that I work they are managing business with them mainly are the founders of CEOs yes or agency successful owners the problem that I it’s like pulling teeth them to create this content to invest your own personal rights documenting don’t believe so many more than they should film your day well so I totally understand that people are busy, yeah they are busy and then o mmm-hmm have to start a podcast that becomes the top of the funnel for post-production creativity across the board with none you can’t just let everyone know unless you’re vlogging or doing a podcast or decide to become a guest in people one of my best ARB is to be a guest in the people you think i love talk to Paris to put in the episode 100 But here’s why it works, I can win twice i know and it makes me feel good that when you have me in your guests episode 101 in is going to be better because he will take advantage that I was a guest that makes me feel good number two when I do that interview that I’m going to film you are going to ask me a question which is will lead me in a direction that maybe It would not have gone any other way than the answer becomes a piece of content that gets a million views on Instagram perfect, so the follow-up question is any customer who is reluctant to create that content I’m going to send you this video what would you say if tell me Jeff I don’t have super time complicated that’s great I don’t have time to go to the gym you are fucking fat the time you are not here has no time for you know how to spend many hours with your children and give them wisdom and love could you have a challenge relationship when they are older they don’t have time not get results of what you would tell them is that they are making decisions and valuing something that is less valuable than this for the growth of your business thanks what’s up happening Gary Mike is good, I’m Dre Harris from Arizona, I’ve been a lizard Yes I’ve been dreaming of asking you a question i’ve seen like six hundred of his video problems oh yeah I’m a fan but I would consider myself as a retrieving trader bro if you want Right I was like a total whore for every marketing tactic hack of the day all that shit yeah so you content has largely actually been the catalyst that really fast cuz yes great value II always love that story because what that boy did to you when deployed against something else meaningful will create results that I see all the time you know yeah it’s just a discipline changes absolutely so that you content has largely been the catalyst for me and my business partner really changing the way it’s been building the for the past 18 months and just so you know well going well, we’re giving away a a lot of free shit so talk to me in a year or something and then you speak well giving away your best things for free yeah I think one of your recent dates was fuck your 7 day trial and so you leave me explain let me explain I think it will help I am not against 7 day trials, I am against the fact that the seed of intention that seven day trial was getting someone in giving them nothing to pay we are incredibly incapable of not thinking of ourselves first and so on when someone comes who thinks about it another way she or he can interrupt that december I put that a many people making money took money of people selling $ 1,800 Dex who makes me happy without a doubt, so if that deck It is valuable Mazel Tov but the reality is we have entered a place on the internet marketing where that is not the case 98 percent of the time and that’s something what i think you know should be interrupted is no different than taxis or bookstores if it does not add value to the end consumer must be interrupted well yeah so you talked a lot recently in some of your videos about likes who can hold their breath more time will win and you can too I guess I like to elaborate that little feeds his customers and your business instead of extracting so they can buy dumb shit for impress people they don’t even like tends to build better wealth and business done Thank you just no I understand that there are so many people here running smaller the reason why so many the people’s stores here are smaller than them they think they are taking too much money outside the of course you cannot climb you are not hiring someone because you are buying things there is no me personally included use every room in the houses they own I think a lot about that shit I’m like fuck we don’t use any of these rooms I I wish I had the money back so you know that’s how i got to that whole house What everyone got mad at me for ahead I live in a studio I use all my space Let’s go minimalist minimalist fan that’s screwed see how you doing man, my dog ​​doesn’t like it so much but i did so i quit my fucking love my dog ​​could go out he doesn’t talking to you about that is also true, I mean you I could analyze the barking eyes but people are confused by me all time as i think about that a bit by the way i mean i just build on it re-liking by producing content like there are so many people that for me the first time they see me by the way i say something not what i am saying they misunderstand the conviction or the more energy I am very different here on stage where you know I have the microphone of what I am when I enter I want to say that I am Sure Mayor Bell had to say that a million times the way I interact in a level one to one is so different that it is just the nature of the context of you I know there is a part of me that only I saw too much of Randy the Macho Man Savage and Richard Pryor who now has manifested in a shitty version of those two in one you know and I believe I think your dog will love it thanks man a lot to know, let me know Gary B says go ahead, yeah so I quit my job like three years ago so that I like to jump in entrepreneurship full time fell flat like two times and then LinkedIn released video well and since I was one of the the first creators and my company left I’ve literally gone from being okay negative nine hundred dollars in my bank tell my company about the past seven figures for what i wanted to say thanks to this it is a rare question you said this as if someone asked something fucking strange this is what I can a hug I’ll try to get your before back to hell yeah come on [Applause] [Applause] now still Hi Gary, this is Rafael from Mexico I I thought you launched your YouTube in Spanish what opportunities was I seeing to start developing content in Spanish to American companies, so there are a lot of the people you know speak and I understand Spanish, but what it does you take the next step that made me do yes the fact that i’m building enough of a business I can afford more employees so I can get people in the next initiative well I want remind everyone who uses the excuse that Gary has a team that did it all only for nine years without one employee and for all og how many people here were active on Twitter in 2007 eight nine ten eleven raise it you all know who was turning off the most of the answers and content for them to read What did I see? I always wanted to do it I simply went systematically to each initiative that is my main priority and finally had enough scale on my team enter scale transcription that I needed for you to believe that it is a good opportunity to start producing content you as a US company to the Spanish market Yes, I think someone who is confused for the growth of the Latin flavor in our it’s funny when i hear about people have a split and it’s a lot of fun Do you have maribo because we had a lot of these conversations remember has incredible passion for his heritage and your community as many would I always tell him that I am as if we were not building a division this is this this is America I think it’s a great opportunity and when you start digging and looking at the quantitative and qualitative metrics I also think Spanglish is an amazing place where part of the content is half Spanish half English as if they were amazing chances I’m so fucking mad I grew up I was born in Russia if I could being born into a Spanish speaker country would be fucking dominant like this thought that Coral Sea hello how are you you love your content by the way other one for the people who are really in me content you know how much I love to show my report card you know i got real ds and F in languages ​​I failed German won twice in a row about this and greek literally freshmen and sophomores And in New Jersey at the time you had to spend two years of language arts to graduate high school I failed a German one horribly freshmen and sophomores I am the thesis that German was like Russian and then I eat thank goodness big shout ma’am.

Kennedy my Spanish teacher I literally know three words in Spanish called my mother like four days before i graduate and say mr. bennet I know we never talk and I just want so you know that your son is going to pass and graduate from high school but need to know he don’t know a damn word first of I love you all your content I started watching you originally when i walked in kosher wine and wine but by Wine Library with Daniel rogue horrible all those wines very good comments on behalf of me community I am orthodox everyone wants know when we are going to get a kosher for sign I’m 50 wines which is great big question the truth is that I don’t know the answer to that but I get inspired things like this and I’ll make applications if email me Gary at vaynermedia I will put a folder in my MP and when I go and have those meetings that’s what I look at and I’ll ask the ask how we are thinking and things of that nature because Nate and trout really drive a lot that ship but the answer is that we are talking a lot about empathy right now from sparkling seltzer to cans to kosher to much different conversation so it’s a great time to ask the question ok awesome Another thing I noticed on LinkedIn and with all your means you like it a lot being yourself that’s what i am etc.

And it was the last six months maybe a little more on LinkedIn the the curse words sounded why me I want a managed community when people are pushing back and LinkedIn community over a long period of time it was really getting pretty loud at scale about the curse and the reality is that I believe equally in being yourself and always never be bigger than him hearing itself so the beep is because I really believed it was becoming detrimental to the message and I didn’t have the time like I did it back in the day to every time I went out to enter and manage and respond to the community 44 people and excuse me that’s throwing them out but telling them why was important to me so you know that I feel like I’m still myself rang you know what I’m saying You know so that’s where I am ok amazing just for the last question I know I have an advertising agency and I manage clients as a couple thousand dollars a month many times if a client comes to me I am managing your social networks are paying me $ 3,000 a month hey by the way could you design this brochure for us and for nature I’m just a generous person that I like say yes and no problem i will for you free of charge does not charge anything extra but on the other hand I understand that people don’t pay for that they don’t value it so where do you draw the line whatever your stomach is right now there is no correct answer to this question the number of times I’ve done things for free that ended up being extremely correct it’s huge and the number of times I’ve done free things that ended up being a way of being overused of that he finally had negative repercussions including burned personnel and many other things have often been so Well, I tend to be like, I tend to You don’t know that people are spoken experience about you know you know how to give and everything these things but I’m taking Advantage that I am like you are choosing being taking advantage of the fact that they are all great girl and boy here you are more than welcome to say no and we’re about to go through a great transformation in vaynermedia we are creating a very cumbersome minimum fee for one year retainer or we won’t talk to you that’s right where we are now that’s what i think is the right thing to do so I think it’s a personal question and I I think you should try both I always say people ask for a little more money in the scope of the neck as evidence mechanism because many of you have subjectively decided on your roof or one person said no and you’re like shit the market doesn’t want it no, nobody doesn’t want it amazing thanks, yeah, but hey how? making man my name is Salvador first of all when I say thank you man not only for be here for all you’re sure I moved from Cuba two years ago and I learn english by listening to your man podcast How did I learn to say son of a bitch that’s amazing yeah thank you so much for that honor so my question what are we using are we using an influencer to promote our brand and you know people who interact with our ads and only interact with our publication with the influencer, yeah we know that divide how we like videos photos that know but people continue to interact with Influenced by what we could do – yes thank you very much man let me leave you never want someone else have more leverage than the leverage if you feel it has been achieved out of control need to shoot the man of influence get a different influencer, I believe a lot of people should create influencers whether in themselves a great thing that I loved it if you have any animation skills on yourself or within your organization many more people need to enter the Mickey Mouse’s business is your influencer It can be a cartoon and you can have the car the cartoon does not get drunk the cartoon does not have sexual harassment in the cartoons don’t become a prima donna and want more money the cartoon is something you own Lil V that I turned off and there only one of them that was not for kicks and giggles I do nothing for kissing goes like animation is something consider or understand that it is 2019 and it is not about putting production value your head into a stick figure literally drawing a stick figure and putting your head on and then have post-production animation skills and doing voiceovers so you can do tons of things visually but no has to be doing them there really is another free good idea that I’m loaded with ideas that this is running shit thank you so much so in 2009 i ran through this video where a boy shot me the best wine to have a fruit runs through you I know so I’m roasting a redhead laboratories we are an e-commerce development company mainly shopify bigcommerce um my main question right now is who are we trying to convince the brands to tick tock it’s real yep and a good location how Are you really convincing the brands? the one you’re working with but that’s where the money should be spent counting them and not waste a second on it when they say no the reason I took the dramatic break it’s because i love you for asking this asks because in the macro is the greater vulnerability in the room The greatest vulnerability in this room is trying to convince the unconvincing that I’ve made new business meetings that are scheduled for one hour in 16 minutes because as soon as I felt like it was all over I wanted the 45 minutes back thank you very much many of you and our industry have an 18th meeting with that person I don’t convince me to put shit on the record and then some people benefit and others figure it out later thank you welcome hey gary first big fan thanks for being here thanks you so just for context my name is Marcell I run a business that helps digital agencies operate more profitably without wasting time on spreadsheets, so we’re about to launch b2b SAS you know 3k a are our price if you are in me shoes what is the strategy you are doubling to start with give it away for free to most influencers and then take advantage of the fact that they use it successfully alright alright I guess you gon ‘get a free copy of our Maribelle software eh and LinkedIn brother, yes LinkedIn and maybe you I like it when you go up to a show maybe a podcast on efficiency got it maybe a podcast called look at hidden costs If I identify myself I would say brother start a podcast called hidden costs the amount of money that people make decisions in the funniest ways to make decisions not realizing there are hidden costs you know why i love culture because rehiring someone has a lot hidden it costs people that I’m not going to give you an increase you know for $ 3,000 and then the person leaves and then they spend 6,000 to replace someone who has no context that’s fucking dumb, yeah so yeah You start a show called Hidden Costs and different human resources people from acquisition to different things but the underlining is the innuendo with even the title is that your product is cousin they will know who you are, no It should even be mentioned that the company is that your company is removing and creating Efficiencies and eliminates hidden costs this is how i think world level upload your thesis from a schedule point of view that adds even more value because we’ll all listen if it’s 53 different hidden cost issues but yes it’s just SAS, you won’t understand Well the show right now is called the agency earnings podcast is a bit more literal but shit not next because well keep fucking thanks man now post produce and fucking quadruple on LinkedIn thank you man you got it hi gary how are you good I’m Michael Pavlov, I come from New York creative and marketing house association, so my question is to imagine that you have nothing except you mindset and you’re starting a marketing agency today in which direction are you going what strategy are you going to apply, so one of the things you have to do when someone pays you is that you have to provide value against that payment, so if you are from scratch you need to sell what you think you are better at no matter what I am so for me what I am it is best to observe human behavior and Understand new ways of getting people know something mmm-hmm that’s why social it worked for me so if i were starting today right now if this was a strange world and today was the first day everything is the same for me I’m just going out of business I would I’ll probably call my company voice Vayner Here’s why I am capable enough to sell some areas of consultation on where the voice it’s gonna keep me close for eventually be the best development store in Alexa skills and Google home because I really think that the voice device is the only potential I don’t think is guaranteed because I still don’t see the scale but it is and this is what i see about tick tock I don’t think tick tock is that I saw that I saw someone mentioned i say instagram is dead it’s not what i say i say tick-tock is the first platform that I see you have the potential to become the The following is what I thought Socialcam that’s what i thought vid that’s what i thought about snap it’s also what i thought about instagram and Facebook because myspace was fucking killing him so that’s what i would do but i have a pretty amazing skill amazing enough sales spirit and sufficient ability to be right often short enough period of time to bet benefit from that what I would recommend is that people do what are they better at and by the way is what i did with boehner yeah so everyone knows the first two years of vaynermedia first two years of vaynermedia all we did was community management on Twitter and Facebook that it was all our business nothing else cousin that’s what it was better than it wasn’t better than creative on Twitter in 2009 I It wasn’t me it was a great community cool management one more question I I made them beds with my friend who I am I’m going to shake hands to go but I want to half the fucking money thanks Hi guys, I’m Guara from India so I know I’ve been, you see me, so I’ve been in the voice of the first world for about year and a half I’m in the voice first world voice first you know how to build Alexis punishes you Learn about the Google Actions you know for year and a half and largely you know what is the challenge that the discovery is a big pain in the ass and you know the Google do not share any the data does not share any correct data, so if are you looking to say that someone going to build a platform on a product we are seeing are building products now or going to build products now you know in that phase right now in this space you know if our discovery to solve discovery problem but you’re going to solve it for that the app store was built was impossible to find apps at the beginning for they will build it when they want it’s time to find out it’s a piece of cake is at the mercy of the platform although in the end so if so if someone is someone look at the voice someone looks at a voiceless platform, so I’m a discovery point of see that you will be totally at the mercy from google and amazing the world more or less ish okay now you can I understand why I built a creativity and media store because it resolves that our ability to create discovery due to our ability to create content at scale that’s contextual for each platform and arbitration against media costs is greater than all the others on earth so it gives me the opportunity to have a point of influence against anyone who is building Alexa apps right now because I they can create the part that they can’t become the merchandise that I have to take advantage of agreed so if anyone looks building a product in this very fast and I apologize I only have the leverage until Amazon flips the switch and turns on amazon.com or every Amazon package or on the Google home page there is discovery for each application that we live this was called Apple applications it was not difficult first year and a half there was no discovery got it and then there was so someone is looking to build a product in this space that you know for a for a discovery or a in the blank what do you want I suggest it would be like an app for the consumer, yeah, like you’re not being a development agency and store you are building you or consumer yep be cool to discover that a hit I’ll let you know what I mean you got so I have to add that ability, yeah but otherwise you just built a great app tree in the forest tree in the forest nobody knows you built the best app someone is going to build a better app in a prime year the capacities are going to be better yeah fucked up and that’s what happens all the time Hi Gary, my name is Avram González.

I am from Mexico sir, am I going to be able to extend this a little good good Aaron Gonzalez from New Mexico right now I am the only person who is customer oriented. at my agency, so I know the next hire is it’s going to be something like an account Manager my question for you I do a lot from local networks, this is how I get everything my clients my question for you is how you transition gracefully so that you like to give them an account manager when they are really obsessed with you for not selling that I, how, how, how frame that from the start with your agency because I imagine a lot people come to think and it’s good Gary Yes, and then I’m like not true here Mirabel yeah you can make me a spine yeah pay enough you know I’m just unbelievably upfront you know just huh back to that gentleman who spoke about me always saying yes I’m counting you are the greatest vocabulary addition of all is knowing how to bless you and it was a lot of fun and some of you if you are very deep in my content, you may you know what i am going to say next in Russian superstition when someone sneeze right after a statement that means it’s true so i appreciate that sneeze because it came after a very important point that could have been overlooked the biggest word of all in this the room need to add is no and it was difficult at first because I had no other leverage now it’s easier real veiners but in first it was me and this is Pepsi and GE this is not how you know and i am how no I don’t like what and I’m like Yeah I’m like the CEO I’m building company I’m here just telling you really thank you welcome hello guys sorry to interrupt your video I’m just giving you this call for my number for let you know that you have to join me text community to one two nine three one five seven three one two hit me with a text hello Gary my name is good for meet you, I’m a brand, I’m not sure if remind us Gary about six weeks ago back in chicago we gave you one of these boxes one, make sure you have fresh breath thanks for the last seven weeks We have sent one each week to each of the office that’s fucking awesome we won so gary about twenty floors from here before arriving before arriving there could have jason goldy sammy and odda defend me so gary we go out here this week and instead of listening all sessions we decided to say fuck let’s talk to strangers and meet some new people and we said let’s start a podcast while we’re on it, why not so these are ours first four guests you will be the number five yes so good so fucking good thank you so much a lot of nothing good hi gary my name is quinn goss rochester New York game I’m a – I played in the NFL for two years I’m a correct free agent now i’m my own visual iron you do what I see you like it’s so much fun good because one of the biggest excavations I get is currently interrupting guests in the podcast that atrocious but but it’s funny because that’s is and I’ve started to do better at the last week or two explaining why it’s so people don’t completely hate I do but the level of listening I do is much older than a conversation that I do and that’s very confusing because you see me talking all the time but i’m fucking listening brother That question I have is that you have yourself ever at the time you had a high ticket customer get to you last minute and this is more in the video kingdom and they wanted to get some work done in my situation was a trip agency wanted me to go to Cartagena Colombia to go to the cinema for six days on the client did not respect my prices they were trying to like me lowball they they we weren’t really done working together what do you have made in that situation to try to get the client to actually work with you and actually well you know it’s a mix of a many things we have heard today like me I just put my line in the sand and I’m empathetic, I try to explain Why do I think the value is there, but do they know very comfortably you know understand if they want to enter a different direction you know how to negotiate is very interesting game you know it’s people thinking about who is going to blink first or tactics like people have you know only professional people have a have a price for something you know I am always empaths can have NLP problem that can value me much more than I’m even asking but they can’t for some another reason but for your credit I didn’t think that was an exchange On the other hand, when your company very early I think you eat crow to scale because you need a unique case you need context you know um just it didn’t work for you and that’s fine too there is no correct answer, I appreciate it Kimball says what’s up by the way hey Gary what’s going on man I just want to say thank you, it’s been just amazing hanging here by the way this is amazing so i’m so sad now and happy I literally wanted to extend this aggressively in the queue here it says last question you need to call your daughter so i gotta go but go quick i’m fine sorry for everyone hit me and i clearly use that to make you sad works like a CEO taking a business that know how to work with clients who are bringing like 50 to a hundred thousand what was the change of mentality you had to work with the greats like him Fortune 500’s nothing nothing nothing I let them come to me being historically correct with what your the client was going to do the reason why winning is often because I’m not worried about the person in the middle got it Yes, I did not change for them changed for me why because I concentrated on you the end customer is leverage not the relationship with the person write the check if you are playing a lot perfect Thank you get your daughter I love it thank you Thank you very much 1494 thank you

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