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1.10 Structure of an Advertising Agency


Dec 6, 2020

[MUSIC] Advertising agencies initially began when
newspapers first started producing ads of companies and products. After seeing how customers trust these
ads, the artists who created the ads for the newspapers decided to be
independent of the newspapers and created their own companies. Advertisements at the beginning
had very simple structures. However with time, they became more and more complex to give the customers
all possible communication. The main role of an advertising
agency is to develop strategic and creative ideas to communicate a product,
a service, or a brand. Today communication agency has
basically three main departments. The account department handles the contact
and relationship with the clients. The creative department that creates and
produce the communication pieces and the traffic department that plans
the creative process in a timely manner. Structures of account in
creative departments are similar to restaurants structure. The maid and the waiters who had in contact with
the clients will be the account people. And the chef and the cooks who create
the websites are the creators.

The success of any agency
depends on understanding and collaboration between
these two departments. Account planners are the bridge between
the account and credit departments. The job is to understand
the consumers of our clients and defend the consumer's point of
view when the agency's debating which approach is the right one for
the campaign. Inside the account department
there is a hierarchical structure divided in account director,
account supervisor and account secretary. The credit department is managed
by the executive credit director. This department is composed of
different teams of copywriters and a director who work
together to create ideas. Ideas have to be validated by the creative
director, and the account director.

Copywriters are responsible for
the text and art directors manage everything
related with an image. Design of the graphic layout, pictures, composition, story board,
when we make a TV commercial. Within the credit department,
we actually have audiovisual producers and graphic producers. Audiovisual producers is in charge of
the technical production of videos, TV commercials, radio commercial. And the graphic producer prepares
the final arts to publish print ads, billboards, brochures and posters.

Because artists always work with
strict deadlines for it's campaign, especially due to the increase
the miasma of the market. Family planning of the creative
process is very critical. There is a responsibility of the traffic
department to plan all the steps of the process, to improve the use of
the time and profitability of their work. Account planners, creatives, producers
are all coordinated by traffic department. So far, I have been explaining the classic
structure of a big advertising agency. However, recently with
the economic crisis, fees paid to agencies have
decreased drastically. So this kind of classical structure
can no longer be maintained. Rather than having an organization
within the company, I just start working with other companies. For example, we work with
strategic marketing consultants, creative freelance, digital and
social network specialists, and so on.

There are doubts whether advertising
agencies will survive in the long run. Type the phrase, the ad as you see it, is there in Google and
you will get more than 47 million results. Book titled My Son Slaughter, written by Michael Former that explains
the process that [INAUDIBLE] led to questions regarding the future
of both advertising agencies. Anyway, we, the people who are working
in agencies are optimistic. It's a fundamental condition
to work in advertising. And we know that form of
advertising may change. The need for
advertising agencies will remain. There will always be clients
buying talent in one way or another to develop that communication. [MUSIC].

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