• Mon. Mar 1st, 2021

One of my favorite hors d’oeuvres is a wrap-up… a delectable bit of seafood or spicy beef, or vegetable… all in cream cheese or pate that is spread on a tortilla or bread wrap, topped with chopped greens, rolled, and cut into small slices… called a wrap-up.

Email marketing messages are like wrap-ups. Delectable tidbits of information wrapped in your brand, and delivered in bite-size chunks.

Like the wrap-up, you begin by making sure you have all the right ingredients. Let’s say your company’s just starting out with a new product launch, and the Marketing Department…your team…has been asked to write a series of email messages to get the launch going. The Vice President of Product Research and Development has scheduled a 30-minute meeting with you this morning. Here are the “ingredients” of what that meeting will consist of to make it productive:

  • 90% listening and taking notes.
  • 10% asking questions.
  • Carefully crafted suggestions

From this meeting, you will acquire the main ingredient for your email marketing message so you and your team can create the entire “wrap-up.” The rest of the ingredients you’ll be working on will include:

Anticipation. Set the timeline for launch delivery. You want enough time to build anticipation, but not such a long period your prospects lose interest. Normally, four to six weeks is about right. In this time period, you’ll be sending emails that tell a little bit in each one… about the benefits the prospect can expect from the new product.
Obligation. About 2 weeks before its actual launch, send an email that includes either an invitation to a webinar demonstration of the product…totally free and no obligation to purchase…or a test of the product that expires in 2 weeks. Get your prospect to commit…register for the webinar or sign up today (only open for a brief period, a small number) to test the product for 2 weeks. This creates a sense of obligation.

Reminder and Newsletter. Two days before the webinar, or before the test period expires, send a reminder email. On the same day, a newsletter that describes the product, with no sales pitch, goes out to all subscribers…whether they signed up for the webinar or product test…or not.

First purchase opportunity. The event occurs. If it’s a 1-hour webinar, remember to keep the majority of it content-filled with good information that can be used with or without product purchase, and to offer the product in the last 10-15 minutes, with a discount for anyone who purchases it immediately following the call.

Follow-up. For anyone who did not take advantage of the first purchase opportunity, send emails describing the benefits that are available to them…and their continuing opportunity…for a very short period…generally one week, to be eligible for the discount because they expressed such a strong interest and signed up…for the webinar or the test. No hard sell for the product, just a description of the benefits they’ll receive…and how crazy they are not to try it…while it’s still available to them for less.

More follow-up. Once the product launch has passed its “first available” purchase point, remove the discount opportunity (keep your promise). Continue to provide information that is of value…even if the prospect did not purchase…yet. Remember, you’re building a relationship. Continue to describe new and different benefits that may allow the recipient to justify the purchase at a later date, even at a higher price.

Small tidbits of information put together in just the right wrap to deliver a product that your prospect can expect..and will get…benefit from.

That’s an email marketing wrap-up.

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