• Sun. Mar 7th, 2021
Email Marketing

When you’re first starting a new project for a client, it’s important to have a long-range vision and some strategic planning. You want to know what the product or service is, who the target audience is, and why this particular product or service is something they should purchase.

Questions typically asked by marketers of their clients at this juncture include: “When do you need this project completed…or What is my deadline?” along with “When will I receive your overall marketing strategy,” and “What would you like me to focus on as major selling points?”

While all of these questions may be valid, there are three things to do before lunch at your first meeting that will secure this client, and get your project launched successfully.

“Thing #1: Start with the most important question first: “What solution does your product or service provider for existing or potential customers that cannot…or is not…provided by any other like product or service?” Let’s say their product is a publishing service. What niche do they want to focus their publishing efforts on? Who is most likely to read the material that is to be published? What is most important to the prospective reader? Is it the size of the print…or the quality of the book or publication? Or…is it price per copy…or how quickly it can get to market? Once you’ve honed in on what will be perceived by the prospective reader as the most important one or two factors, begin the process of comparison to competitors…no holds barred. You must set this product or service apart…make it stand out.

Thing #2: How can you creatively reach your client’s prospects? Where do they ‘live?” Nearly everyone…but not everyone…uses social media or email to connect with prospective customers. It’s important to know the ‘language’ of the prospect…what age group are they most likely in…what economic status…and what communication are they most likely to be receptive to? For some prospects, it may be the old fashioned “reach out and touch” of telephone solicitation that turns out to be exactly what’s needed to make the right contact. Or…it could be a newspaper ad, or a flyer that delivers the message most appropriately. Most likely, you will use all, or a combination or communication mediums to deliver the message. Determining how to get the ‘most bang for your buck’ to creatively reach the prospect, will help ensure a quick and successful launch.

Thing #3: What can and must…the communication do to help ensure the prospect makes a decision? You could have the most creative, well-delivered advertisement in the world, but if there is no incentive for the prospect to make a prompt buying decision, the launch will never get off the ground. The communication must convey a sense of urgency; a compelling reason for the prospect to act promptly. I’m not talking about high pressures sales techniques. I am talking about the necessity for you to emphasize the huge benefits for the prospect to take prompt action. Benefit statements might sound something like this: “Act now to set the stage to earn $1,000 or more in the first week.” Or… “Christmas is only a few more paydays away. If you, like most of us, would like to be able to put a few more presents under the tree this year, you’ll want to jump on this earnings opportunity today.”

When you start with a quick look at the “big picture” then dive immediately into what needs to be done by capturing these three things immediately, everyone…especially you….will be well on the way to project completion…and very enjoyable lunch.


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