• Sun. Feb 28th, 2021

When you’re looking for a date, what are some of the first things you do? Do you, for example, visualize your “perfect” match, decide where you might find him, and then head out the door looking? Or…do you just kind of hope…that somehow…magically…he’ll just show up at your front door? Then, when you open it, he’ll say, “Hi, I’m SuperHeroBob, your perfect date.”

OK, probably not. You’re probably…somewhat…more realistic than that.

But what about your email campaign? Have you really thought about who your ideal target is? Not just who might be interested enough in your product or service to sign up to get your email, but who might be able and willing to take the action steps of buying and using what you have to offer?

If you have a large email list now, and you’re not satisfied with your conversion rate, you may want to consider some ways to determine if your prospect is actually a good match. If not, are you ready to make some changes to attract your perfect prospect? Here are some places in your campaign to review:

Is your prospect qualified? Has he ever bought from you, or one of your competitors before? If so, maybe now’s not the right moment for another sale. Don’t drive him away. Try different techniques.
Are you married (to your email campaign) and he’s not? Maybe you’re just not presenting yourself in a way that makes sense to him. Have you created more than one way for him to receive the information or communication…video, audio, PDF, HTML or text? Everyone likes to receive information in different ways…and it can change the response.

Are you presenting too many options? If he’s confused, he’s likely to do nothing. Focus on each segment of the campaign separately. One item that comes in 6 colors probably works fine, but 20 different, unrelated items in 20 different colors, sizes, and styles is just too confusing to make a choice.

Did you provide directions? This may sound a little bit simple, but it’s easy to get so busy communicating and providing information, you forget to tell him what to do. You know, the part where you say “This is what my product is. Here’s what it can do for you. Here’s what you need to do to get it.”

Was your call to action well-defined, and easy to execute? Once again, while this may seem a simple answer, making your call to action stand out, is often overlooked. A different color, a clear command, “Click Here” or “Get Your Free Report Download Here” in a highlighted text box, or arrows pointing out the call to action, all create an imperative to move forward.

Is he just a browser? Some of your subscribers may never buy. They don’t need or want your product or service. Keep your opt-out information visible and easily accessible as well, so that when he finally determines he really never was interested, he’ll quickly unsubscribe. And…if after 6 months or so, you can tell that he’s not even opening your emails, it’s probably time to send him an email and let him know you’re taking him off your list. If he doesn’t even open the email, he’s unlikely to notice that you no longer consider him a fan.

The perfect email marketing prospect, like the perfect date, is interested in what you have to say, and you’re interested in what he has to say. He’s qualified for your consideration. You visualized, described, and created all of the right details to build an email and landing page to attract him. You’re building trust by providing the right communication and education to build a long-term relationship.

And…your call to action is sure to get him in the game…and keep him there. Aren’t relationships fun?

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