• Sun. Feb 28th, 2021

Are you tired of being rejected in your network marketing business? How many no’s have you received in the last week? Do you love people that dash your dreams of success in a one-second response? Yes, they can, and the way they do it by saying No. You can be all excited about your new business, or that new product, and when you leave your company meeting, it just takes minutes to get enough no’s to waste your dreams.

Here is why rejection can kill your dreams. What most companies tell you is that you can market in your warm market and your cold market. Now, the cold market is cruel because they do not know you and may not trust you, so their answer is easy. Now, the reason they tell you to go talk to family and friends, is that they generally support you in what you do. However, for many of the people, if we followed each of the dreams of all of our family and friends, we would not have enough time in the day or money to support all of them. Now, how can a family or friend say no to an incredible product? Easy! They do not have a need, want or desire for what the product has to offer. I am not saying that they would not benefit from your product, I am saying, the person feels they do not have the need, want, or desire for it. Now, to prove this case, we all know the epidemic in the world is obesity. The number of people overweight, you see them every day. There are thousands of products on the market, but say you were marketing it. Say the company made it like chocolate and tasted like a chocolate bar that you love. Now, yes you would be seeing Euro signs in your eyes for all of these people they see every day. But you still would get the rejection. Some people do not realize how bad their problems are, and some do not care. They are addicts to food. Could you get all of them on your product? No! Even some of your family and friends may not believe they need it either.

Now, let me show you how you can build your networking business, that will get or reduce rejection. Let us continue on the weight loss scenario, but this can be all changed to be based upon your products. Now, what would happen if you targeted people who committed to a gym membership that also had a program in the gym for weight loss? These people are prime candidates. They want to lose weight and they are willing to take steps to do so. Now, what about people that have bought like products from other companies, and maybe you do not talk to them in 2 months, but maybe in 6 months, to see how they are doing? If they did not have success, maybe they want something that can help them. Now, this is where I will also talk about belief in the product and it only comes to you because you had the benefits. Either the company or you need to set an agreement with the customer to guarantee some success. When you take the pressure off them financially, they will generally try it out. Now, once you have customers succeeding with your products, here is where you know they are coachable, and you can talk to them about an added benefit to the product. The benefit of getting paid to use the product and be the billboard for it. This will grow your business immediately and in the future.

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