• Wed. Feb 24th, 2021

Are you an affiliate marketer? By which is meant, do you sell other people’s products rather than your own? If the answer is yes, then you will also want to make some form of income from it and hopefully a comfortable living from it too!

In order for you to be a successful referrer of suitable clients to a particular product, you will need to build lists. Several Lists!

To accomplish this goal you will need an auto responder, there are several very good ones on the market, but it must be able to cope with Bulk emailing, housing several lists at once and unlimited subscribers on each list.

Creating your lists and building them properly will be the best investment in your online business ever. Hungry prospects keen to see what You are offering! The time and effort spent building these lists will be well worth it in the end.

When you then look to creating a Joint Venture with someone or with a business, you will have a list, which is ‘suited’ to that product and will not have to go out and start from scratch trying to find buyers.

More than 90% of affiliate marketers make no money at all from their efforts and this is generally because their efforts are being focused on the least effective methods. Advertise once, collect a few names, advertise a second time, collect more names.

Your lists will build gradually, they should be grouped into ‘topics’.

List building is not the only way to market effectively online. Many people make a great living without any list at all, just very good advertising. (Usually paid) However, with a decent sized, targeted list, you can generate sales in minutes, let alone days.

As you become better known in the internet marketing circles, you will be seen by those that know you as someone who sells ‘good stuff’ and thus they will stay in your list, they will watch for your updates and eventually You will be the beneficiary of their faith in You.

If you have a big list of followers, a very targeted list, then You will be the one who succeeds. In this case, size matters!

Have fun online

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