• Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

Now, we are all very well aware that SEO content is king. And you also know the success or failure of your website hinges on the quality of your content and how it is crafted. You have a solid business idea, you have a stunning website created by top website designers of your choice, you have your product, and you know you need good, solid, SEO crafted content. Now here lies the problem; you are not a writer and neither are you a search engine expert. You do not like writing, and even if you have to, it would probably be just a single line description of your product. So, what do you do?


Hire A SEO Content Writer!

Yes, you got that answer perfectly answered. So, you head over to your favorite freelancer website, and post an ad for a content writer. In the ‘job description’ section , you draw a blank. You have absolutely no idea what kind of qualifications the writer should have!

Make Them Show You Past Results!

It is crucial for you to understand that you cannot just hire anyone to write SEO crafted content. The average writer has no idea what SEO is about, or how complicated these technical things can get. The normal writer will never make head or tail of it. So, when you are looking for a content writer, you must specify that you are looking for someone who knows search engine optimization and also practices it. Again, anyone can tell you they are experts, but not everyone can show you proof of their results. So, you must ask them to show you their past results and other work which they may have done. You judge based on solid evidence of results, and not just via mere admittance.

Once you are happy with the SEO content writers you have shortlisted, you will notice that they charge a significantly higher rate than the other normal writers. That is right, good things do not come cheap, and especially not when it is for something as crucial as your online business! Thinking cheap is extremely costly because it will cause you to lose millions of visitors in the future. In worst-case scenario, the search engines may even ban your website, causing you to lose thousands of dollars before you even begin making your first dollar.

Hiring a good SEO content writer is easier if you know what you are looking for. I strongly suggest you brush up on your own search engine optimization skills, create a few good articles yourself before you start hiring anyone. That way, you can properly judge and separate the good from the bad.

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