• Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

Building a list of subscribers is hard work, but even after people sign up, that work is far from done. Today, marketers are having a difficult time keeping their audience interested as more report to noticing an alarming decline in engagement. This happens for a number of reasons, but whatever the cause, a high level of inactivity is never a good thing. So how do you reengage the people on your list and pull them back in? There are several strategies and tactics you can employ, and below we have listed a few tips that should work wonders for your email marketing program.

Reestablish the Connection

Email marketers can experience a significant drop in response rates in as little as 30 days of the initial sign up. Unfortunately, it can get even worse as time goes on. Subscribers just lose interest sometimes, but it is up to you to re-engage them and get them back in tune with your marketing message. This is often as easy as reintroducing yourself through a simple welcome message. Let customers know that you have noticed they have not purchased anything in a while. Explain to your subscribers that you miss their interaction and look forward to connecting with them again. Little things like this will show that your business has a pulse and genuine care for the people who support it.

Adopt a Shopping Cart Abandonment Program

A shopping cart abandonment program is the perfect strategy for re-engaging potential customers who start the purchasing process but scurry away for whatever reason. Research conducted by Cheetah Mail shows that email is the key to communicating with website visitors who abandon shopping carts. However, that same study revealed that the trick is to avoid trying to sell them something when you follow up. It may sound counterintuitive, but according to the Cheetah study, it actually makes a lot of sense.

The research shows that visitors who abandoned a shopping cart and received a follow-up email that contained no offer resulted in a 12% click-through rate, while those who did receive offers only clicked through at a rate of 7%. Instead of trying to make an immediate sale, email marketers are encouraged to re-engage potential customers by simply sending an email with information pertaining to the item that was abandoned. If you feel the need to pitch them an offer, make sure it is something that truly benefits the customer and encourages them to return to your site.

Find Out What They Want

If you are having a tough time keeping your audience engaged, you just may need to reach out to them and find the answer. A simple email survey could be the solution to the problem. Do not hesitate to ask whether your message or email frequency is living up to their expectations. Do not shy away from issues that could help you figure out whether your content is truly relevant to their preferences. The feedback you get could help you re-engage your audience by making improvements to your current marketing content, or developing something new that is better suited to their needs.

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